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  • swordfish147 1 post

    I’ve been trying to use some Avios for several days on various computers and browsers. Every time I do a search for a flight booking using Avios on, I get the same error “ There was a problem with your request, please try again later”. I don’t get any issues when I book cash tickets.

    Anyone else experienced the same issue and found a way around it? It’s extremely frustrating to have the ability to buy cash tickets but not be able to use our hard-earned air miles.

    Froggee 888 posts

    This seems particularly bad just now given the various reports but it has been no worse than normal for me.

    In the last couple of days I have booked a reward booking using 2x Amex 241 vouchers and cancelled a booking it replaced. I got a failure message for the cancellation but the points were returned immediately so I’m guessing it went through. I’ve also done lots of searching.

    My best success has been using an incognito browser as a new session as seems very sensitive to cookies.

    If that doesn’t work, try calling although I’m not sure if wait times are back down yet post disruptive

    NorthernLass 7,472 posts

    I’ve been trying to price up a couple of BA holidays for next summer and just getting error messages that there are no seats available, even though there definitely are. I’ve tried 2 different browsers on my laptop, next move might be to brave my teenager’s room and try on his gaming PC! Can’t face doing it on a tablet, it’s fiddly enough with a keyboard.

    Unbelievable IT given that people are trying to give BA money here!

    ChrisBCN 233 posts

    Clearing your cookies or going incognito is always good advice in this situation. Or use the app.

    memesweeper 1,244 posts

    I’ve been getting 4xx errors and “forbiddens” of various flavours all week. New browsers, no cookies, etc not helping. Often the first page after login is a 403 forbidden. This week is far worse than I’ve ever experienced before.

    mikey0 5 posts

    This is so frustrating. Been trying to get a domestic avios flight booked for January and I’m receiving similar error messages. “There was a problem with your request, please try again later” I’ve done everything I can think of including, clear cookies, tried incognito mode, VPN, and a desk top as I was convinced safari was the issue. Nope, still the same problem. Also tried the BA app and the BA rewards app. It shows the availability but it then transfers you to the main BA page whereupon the same problem occurs. Has anyone managed to overcome this issue ?

    MrSJ 34 posts

    I’ve had this when trying to book reward flights. In the end I’ve just ended up calling to book. I explain the error that I’m seeing online and in both instances that it has happened they’ve waived the offline booking fee

    SteveCroydon 66 posts

    The amateurish BA IT people have really stuffed-up the past few weeks. I was getting the error message on 8 out of 10 clicks. It took an hour to book a J return to the USA a couple of weeks ago.
    It’s blindingly obvious that changes are just being loaded to the live system with little or no testing or coordination.
    As I’ve said before: a clear-out is needed from the IT director downwards
    Due to the cr@p service from BA, I’ve now stopped boosting Avios, etc. I’ve just triggered a 2-4-1 on my BAPP, which I upgraded to only a month ago for a big ticket item. I’m now dropping back to the free BA Amex.
    Also, due to the equally cr@p AMEX service I’m thinking of dropping my Platinum down to the ARCC blue card and having a refund on that also. I’ve had to chase a missing dining credit from June 2023 several times, which has finally just been manually posted – more bad IT systems. I’m fed up with the UK Platinum line routing to Manila after a battle with the moronic voice-bot.
    I’ve got a couple of J/F trips booked and a BC and a 241 voucher to use. I’m done with these cynical companies.
    After I’ve used the vouchers and cleared the Avios pot I’ll be using cash bookings in the future, which won’t be on BA/IAG or charged to my AMEX cards. My stash or MR points will be used elsewhere as needed.

    Olly 242 posts

    It’s a complete farce. I can’t book a flight via the website or the app. Breaks down at various points including at the final booking page (after entering card security code).

    It’s crazy that a company of BA’s size can operate like this and not lose a shed ton of cash

    NorthernLass 7,472 posts

    I had a short spell of having issues on the payment page – it seemed to scroll back up to the top every time I tried to input my CVV and lost the numbers. IIRC I did manage to complete the booking on an iPad and the issue has rectified itself since then.

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