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  • sun7 14 posts

    I booked for a EDI-LHR-MAA, 2 for 1 redemption on economy. Since I have a baby whose birthday is in between the trip(turns 2), I was forced to contact the call centre. I booked using the call centre and I noticed I have been charged extra £££ (about 90). It has been 24 hours since the booking. How do I flag this additional charge?

    Expected – 6k Avios + 14 GBP
    I have been charged 6K avios + 101.5 GBP

    I had assumed it was because baby has been charged a seat for return flight but I can see that is not the case. How do I complaint or claim refund from BA? Please advise.

    PS – I checked the forum for such scenarios but my search skills did not get me reference to this being discussed earlier.


    NorthernLass 5,842 posts

    There might be some pointers in this article. I’m not sure where you got the two sets of figures from as I thought BA gives the baby a free seat if he/she turns 2 mid-trip.

    The real Swiss Tony 537 posts

    I wonder if this is something odd with the taxes. I recall years back that award tickets starting in India attracted very high levels of an actual tax as it was levied as a % of the base fare. For award tickets it was calculated using the full fare for the sector.

    A quick look shows that on a Y ticket MAA-LHR there’s a GST of INR8700 payable. On a Club fare (D class) it’s a whopping INR35,000

    But as NorthernLass points out, infants should travel for 0 avios even if turning 2 mid way through the trip.

    In the past when I’ve had a discrepancy like this, BA have proactively picked it up after a day or so. All you can do however is call up and ask that someone in the fares department reviews it and provides an explanation of the charges. You’ve accepted the transaction so if they can explain why the charges are where they are, you’re a bit stuck.

    Just to add, the taxes on a full Y fare for a child MAA-LHR-EDI excluding the made up carrier surcharge come in at INR9257, which is £90, so I suspect that explains it. Not sure why you had to pay 6,000 Avios though???

    sun7 14 posts

    Thanks. When I will give a call to BA later over the weekend to ask about this higher price.

    BA reps – if you reading this, happy to get a refund without me spending time with your call centre colleagues.

    The real Swiss Tony 537 posts

    I’m not sure why you think you are owed a refund though. If BA is having to pay that GST on the ticket to a third party then it only seems reasonable that they pass it back to you.

    The way the Indian government decide to levy that tax is immaterial and you accepted the contract. Short of now accepting the cancellation fee and getting the miles plus cash back, I don’t know what else you can do.

    sun7 14 posts

    The real Swiss Tony – If you do a 2 for 1 transaction and follow through you would get
    Expected – 6k Avios + 14 GBP

    After this post on this forum, I received an email(4 days later) with a ticket for my kid as seperate ticket with seat(new PNR for return) and now the rates quoted by yourself make sense as the child now has a seat.

    Now I can not choose a seat for her with us(but have to pay for seats since I do not have status). Travelling with infant, seat choice is free in the basinet area hence I booked onwards and return seats. Now due to new ticket issusance for child return I will have to book seat during check in and pray the person in the counter takes our case favourably or I decide to pay for seats now.

    Sam 87 posts

    If it was me travelling with my young one, I’d take the phone call at a time (or times) which suit me rather than dealing with it at the airport, the beginning of a long trip

    Safe travels

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