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  • jintycat 40 posts

    I have just spent 20 minutes on the phone to BA to see if they could book me perth to auckland via sydney. When I search BA the individual flights are there but I do not want to book them seprately as not wanting to pick up luggage in sydney and want it on 1 booking. The agent tells me the direct flight from sydney to auckland is not his system and he has no direct quantas flight from sydney to auckland and it routes via briabane therefore he could not book the whole journey for me…Is this bizarre that I can log in and see and book the flight separately but he cannot find the flight????

    Lady London 2,181 posts

    Cash or avios?

    Standalone or as part of a ticket with more legs?

    Why do you care which airport a Perth-AKL would route by if you want it all on one ticket and don’t want to pick up luggage? Which is more important : getting there on one ticket, and on one [presumably married] segment with a fare PER-AKL with a connection in your own preferred connecting airport having been published as a fare by BA (doubtful), or just getting there any way you can that’s got a seat?

    If avios are you certain there’s an award seat available on each flight you want?

    jintycat 40 posts

    The flights using avios. I do not want to fly Perth to Sydney to brisbane to auckland in 1 day when there is a perth to sydney and Sydney to auckland flight on the same.
    My question was not about my choice of route but about why the avios flight shows on the ba Web page but not on the agents Web page. Thanks

    Richie 1,079 posts

    My guess is there’s something in the fare rules created by QF.

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer 2,388 posts

    Sounds like married segments and how QF have allocated them.

    They are willing to sell the flights as individual flights but nit as part of a single trip

    I really don’t think HUACA will work because this is a fare rule issue not an agent training issue.

    Lady London 2,181 posts

    Yes, if BA doesn’t publish a fare for the route then they are a taker of what Qantas is offering.

    To see if it’s that sort of problem you could see if you can get the flights on any other date I guess.

    btw if all/both flights are on one ticket and same day I’m not seeing why you’d be forced to pick up and recheck luggage in Sydney?

    knows about this stuff…

    louie 138 posts

    btw if all/both flights are on one ticket and same day I’m not seeing why you’d be forced to pick up and recheck luggage in Sydney?

    Because she would be on two separate tickets if the BA agent doesn’t combine them? Do Qantas through check on separate tickets?

    louie 138 posts

    Do Qantas through check on separate tickets?

    I think that’s a no, looking at Qantas’ website.

    Lady London 2,181 posts

    Yes, the issue mentioned was redo-ing luggage in Sydney – yet the OP was looking at a ticket from Perth (presumably as far as they’ve been able to get on a BA ticket so far?).

    So Perth not Sydney is where the luggage issue would arise presumably, if OP is forced to take a QF ticket from Perth. Having said that, even if airline ticketing rules make it necessary to do that, using avios is exceptional value on internal flights in Australia as they can get very, very expensive.

    I hope the OP will let us know what they do in the end.

    louie 138 posts

    The original post is referring to PER – SYD – AKL v PER – SYD / SYD – AKL, so originating in Perth. On one ticket no baggage pick up issues; on two tickets, collect and redeposit baggage in Sydney.

    OP, I don’t think we’ve been much help. Try calling again, it might work.

    jintycat 40 posts

    thanks. could not face phoning BA again as 2 previous calls have got me no where. I have booked it now on 2 seprate bookings. I now have a 6hr lay over in sydney between flights so plenty to pick up and check in again (unless I get a sensible agent in Perth who uses their discretion to book to Auckland)

    SamG 1,735 posts

    Agree – it’ll be how Qantas is restricting these tickets for sale in this way so nothing BA can do

    It’s not a major issue to have to collect bags and recheck, unless it’s changed there is a free landside bus or you can take the train for a few dollars

    Qantas officially won’t check through unless it’s an award to cash or vv ticket situation but always worth asking!

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