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  • Owain


    I called the BA Gold line to book a flight I was unable to book online (using an Amex 2-4-1 on an open jaws ticket).

    I had already priced this online as 180,000 Avios and ~£900, however the agent told me it would be 125,000 Avios and £1,500. I said that sounded wrong, and she then told me it was the “best value”. I explained that getting a marginal 1p per Avios was acceptable value for me (especially as I have quite a large stash), so I would go with the £900 option.

    I did not receive an a-ticket/receipt email, although I have since found out that it was sent to my mother (my travelling companion) as the agent put the wrong name in as the lead traveller.

    This morning, I noticed that 125,000 Avios have been debited from my account, and my Amex account has a pending charge for £1,500 from BA.

    I phoned BA this morning and they are unable to change pricing options now. As it is less than 24 hours, she suggested cancelling and rebooking. However, she warned that there are no more business class redemption seats available, and so there is a risk that these will not be made available again – especially as they were ‘extra’ redemption seats only available to beek with a companion voucher.

    Does anyone have any experience of whether the seats are likely to be released back if I cancel and rebook, or indeed if there is any other options to amend this – such as any sort of complaint?

    In the grand scheme of things, it’s not the end of the world – I can afford the extra cash element but it’s quite annoying given that I planned to run down my Avios balance a bit, and spend as little as possible in cash.



    It is definitely not a given that the seats will be released back into award inventory so since you can afford the extra £600 in cash I’d just stick with what you’ve been charged.

    The difference overall between the two options in overall cost is marginal anyway.


    There can be quite a lot of extra availability with the new voucher – post your date and destination and I’ll check with my voucher and you can then decide if you want to cancel and rebook.

    You should be able to see the booking in your account but might have to cancel from your mum’s if she is the lead traveller.


    Thank you very much, NorthernLass.

    The details are:
    Outbound 07/02/24 16:10 LHR – BOM BA0135
    Return 29/02/24 03:20 DEL – LHR BA0142


    BOM – 2 CW seats available on each of the other 2 flights departing 7/2.

    No availability showing CW inbound from DEL, but there are 2 PE seats.

    You might be better booking the outbound online, if you do decide to cancel and rebook, then when you call to add the inbound the agent will have to select the same payment option you chose. Or book separately and request 50% avios refund.


    They should be able to replay the phone logs.

    I believe the call centre can only book redemptions at the highest Avios option, however there’s nothing in the T&Cs to limit this.

    But if that is what was discussed then that is legally binding and they will need to rectify – presumably via back office ticketing or customer relations.

    If they admit the error but won’t fix you can probably reclaim the additional cost via MCOL.


    If you can return 2/3/24 there are 2 CW seats available from DEL, should your cancelled seats not reappear for 29/2.

    , that can’t be the case as the call centre booked a different option for @Owain, who actually wanted the highest avios option.

    Cancelling and rebooking would be a lot less painful than trying to get recordings, going to MCOL, etc.

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer

    You could call – when things are calmer for the lines – and ask to speak to a supervisor and get them to review the tape of the call.

    Not sure agents should be commenting on the value of avios. Giving the various combinations yes but that’s it.

    If I were an agent and someone was very specific about what they wanted then I’d assume they’d know what they were taking about and a polite “are you aware of the other pricing options?” would be my limit.


    Or perhaps they’ve been told to push the higher-cash options? Although can’t see BA being this organised and the instruction actually flowing down to individual agents successfully…


    Thanks everyone for your help.

    Unfortunately coming back later isn’t an option due to work commitments, and my elderly (and rather arthritic) mother struggles with a long flight without a lie-flat bed, so PE probably wouldn’t work either.

    On balance, I’m going to stick with what I’ve got – and try calling again (when things are a bit more back to normal) and asking to have a manager review the recording.

    As @AJA pointed out I haven’t really lost out, and I would rather not risk losing the flights.


    Hope you get this sorted @Owain, just be aware if you’re fairly new to this that it can be very difficult getting a resolution from BA. Even if they acknowledge that the agent was in error they may well tell you that the only option is to cancel the initial booking and rebook at the alternative price, and this will still be dependent on the award seats that you want being available.

    Lady London

    I would keep what’s been booked, in any conversation make sure you make clear it’s “under protest”, obtain the recording of the call under Data Subject Access Rights, do the trip and ask to reprice it as originally requested.

    Obvs if BA found that not possible I’d want the cash difference back as you’d made it clear what your preference was and as you’ve mentioned you are avios rich.

    Agent mistake should not leave you any worse off, and in your terms you were left worse off.


    HUACA a few times, I’ve seen a few can’t do it, until you get someone nice, they do it

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