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  • charlie27 7 posts

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to get some advice/second opinion about this.

    We travelled CW earlier this year with our 5-year-old (he thought he was on a throne, not worried about him) and not-yet-1-year-old. We shared holding him, although my wife will insist that ‘share’ probably isn’t accurate…

    Our big concern looking to next year is that the younger one will be 2 and therefore needs to have his own seat booked, and putting him alone in a big CW seat doesn’t feel the safest/most ideal scenario. Obviously we could hold him for parts of the flight, but then that feels a waste of a pricey seat.

    Would going for premium maybe be the better setup here? Or are we overthinking this?

    Thanks for any advice or prior experience!

    Benilyn 156 posts

    I am in this (first world) predicament too. I have moved towards premium economy, but the downside with that is the arm rests do not move up so the kid / parent aren’t the most comfortable if kid sleeps on parent. The problem with new club world seat, is the privacy, and so the if your kid is clingy, they won’t see you all the time which could cause issues… good luck

    Froggee 1,001 posts

    If you can guarantee the old style seats then no biggy. Four across the middle or two by two at the window and all is well. We happily travelled with ours at these ages in (old) club.

    If there is more than a remote chance of Club Suites then I wouldn’t do it.

    Which then begs the question, which is the best option. Depending where you are going it may well be another airline. I was super excited about flying Qatar with the quad Q-suite but Covid nixed that.

    NorthernLass 8,533 posts

    As noted, four in a row in old CW is ideal as it’s basically a self-contained area where you can all happily eat, play and sleep for the duration of the flight.

    The middle bulkhead row in PE would be my next best option (even with the rigid armrests), however I don’t know if you can pre-select these if you child is past bassinet age.

    TicknBash 55 posts

    As others have mentioned, CW is preferred as you can easily monitor and reaching over when they’re seated facing opposite you.

    Our next preference are actually the window pair on 380 upper deck economy – time to pick your favourite child.

    Didn’t find PE was better enough to warrant the additional Avios / cash.

    Am actually quite apprehensive travelling in CS next year when our youngest turn 3.

    Roberto 307 posts

    Durring take off/landing and when the seat belts are on for turbulence you won’t be able to comfort or even possibly touch the child in a CS seat even if it’s next to you.

    This is the issue , if they will sit there and scream its bad enough but much better than wriggling out of the seat and running around the cabin in a blind panic, I have seen both and the latter is really rather scary.

    You know your child and as others have said the old club seats work better but PE or Economy might be the way forward for the next 24 months.

    aq.1988 493 posts

    @Roberto, something similar happened with my then 3 year old last year in CS. She climbed out of her seat just before take off, and joined my wife in her seat. Obviously, not the safest, but at least the crew didn’t notice, as I’m sure she would have got a telling off.

    Since then she’s flown a couple times in CW, and on Saudia J. She was much better then, but we’ve also been able to distract her better for take off (she’s usually asleep for landing); just that time in CS, she accidentally locked her tablet screen. Btw, my daughter doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but sometimes it’s necessary!

    In terms of seat choice in CS, we were seated as window for my daughter and aisle on same row for my wife, and myself one row ahead in another aisle seat, so we both could see our daughter. Before take off, my wife and daughter had a middle pair, but we moved around as it was impossible for my wife to help her from the other side.

    Mouse 197 posts

    Sounds like your wife does most of the work normally. Why don’t you and the kids sit in economy and treat her to First?

    SamG 1,739 posts

    Personally unless I could guarantee old CW (so only really the 787-9 or A380 now, most Gatwick flights are but still risk of a swap and CS 787-8 are coming into service now) I’d just go in economy – ideally a row of 4 or 2 x 2 depending on aircraft type. I couldn’t have my 2 yr olds in their own CS and I don’t think WT+ is worth it as it’s a fixed seat design and they’d sleep better laying sideways into my lap

    I’ve mentioned this before but I Was on a flight a while back and a toddler escaped from a CS and ran down to economy as we were taxiing out. They had to sit in economy for take off and landing in the end and the child & his mum were very upset

    Personally we’re sticking with shorthaul and ferry to France for a few years and save the family long haul for when they’re a bit more self sufficient!

    Rui N. 888 posts

    I faced the same dilemna for a trip to the US East Coast next year. Ended up deciding on travelling on Economy. CW would be too risky. Premium are 2-4-2 on the 777s, would have to go onto the middle with someone next to us, so would negate the extra space. So better to have the 3 seats by the window on Economy.

    The Savage Squirrel 612 posts

    I’m 100% with Roberto here. Mine are old enough not to worry, but have seen issues with small children a few times in Club Suite. The story of the 3 yr old climbing out is kinda cute but (as Singapore Airlines will tell you) there are times that it is absolutely essential that each person can sit – and remain belted – in their seat. The potential issues this might cause during takeoff/landing are far worse than just a telling off by cabin crew…

    The more expensive product is not always the better one for everyone. My personal view is that age 2 or 3, Club Suite is simply the wrong product for young traveleers. Either Economy or Premium Economy are far better for their needs. Sucks for the parents who may have wanted the nice seats, but in the grand scheme of sacrifices-we-make-for-our-kids it’s really one of the most trivial.

    Or, yeah, take one for the team and wish your wife a pleasant flight in 1st. Definitely a brownie-point investment 🙂

    charlie27 7 posts

    Thanks all for confirming my problems are first world ones 😅 and for confirming what we thought. Normally we’d try to avoid long haul with the kids this young, but friends’ weddings in Asia feel once-in-a-lifetime.

    As for wishing my wife a pleasant flight in first, the 2-4-1 vouchers mean we’re stuck together. And that’s the excuse I’m sticking to 😉

    yorkshireRich 231 posts

    Ah but with the new 2-4-1 voucher…

    Ok, ok, yeah stick with that excuse.

    I echo SS, Roberto and Sam G on this one. We are flying in J in September and Feb With a 13 month and then she will be 18 Month. It will predominantly be A380 on BA and Qatar which suits us fine.
    We are flying back from KL on BA and have opted for premium economy. As SS said, in the grand scheme of things it’s really nothing and we know the
    Slight sacrifices we are making when we
    Opt to have children.

    Lastly, I’m actually looking forward to the days of economy where there are just 3 seats and I know exactly who will be sat next to me.

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