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Compensation options for BA cancelled flight after boarding

  • londonhdl

    Hi all,

    We boarded a LHR BA flight 1.5hrs late. We sat on the tarmac and then another 1.5hrs later, Pilot said the flight was cancelled and to visit MMB or request refund. No hotels etc would be provided.

    MMB showed no flights options for 3 days. Which would have lost 50% of our holiday. We cancelled and rebooked easyJet LGW for the next day.

    Can someone help with our compensation/claim options please:
    -can I claim EC621 compensation from BA in addition to the refund?
    -can I claim additional expenses like extra parking, food that was caused by the disruption?
    -can I claim 1 night lost airbnb, car hire etc?

    Thank you.

    Lady London

    Hum. Suggest you look at the very extensive category of threads on this site titled Flight Cancellations and Changes.

    Sadly I simply cannot believe British Airways has the brass neck to state publicly that it is nofifying flight cancellations im good time. Which for legal reasons, practically means BA’s flight cancellations are being notified at least two weeks ahead.

    This is clearly not the case as we’re having postings on late cancelled flights by BA here every day. The good news foe you is this means your question has been answered multiple, multiple times in detail for you in the above category heading of this site.

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    It isn’t entirely clear what you have done when you say you have “cancelled”. Have you asked for a refund? I hope not as you may then have given up many of your rights to the expenses you mention. The EC261 text in this regard says:-

    However, where an air carrier can demonstrate that when the passenger has accepted to give his or her personal contact details, it has contacted a passenger and sought to provide the assistance required by Article 8, but the passenger has nonetheless made his or her own assistance or re-routing arrangements, then the air carrier may conclude that it is not responsible for any additional costs the passenger has incurred and may decide not to reimburse them.”

    As @LadyLondon says, there are lots of threads on this, albeit these are best read before taking any precipitate action.

    In respect of the lost Airbnb night, car hire etc. the airline will not cover those (lost) expenses which may be covered by your travel insurance.

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    If you accepted a refund, as it sounds like you did, then the answers are:
    – Yes, probably, assuming not an exceptional circumstance
    – No
    – No

    If you did not accepted a refund you would get the same compensation, and additional ‘duty-of-care’ costs such as hotel and food, as well as the cost of your easyjet flight replacement. Expenses from holiday would have to still be covered by travel insurance.


    Thanks, yes we accepted a refund from BA as the EasyJet flight next day was similar price to the BA refund. But was 2 days earlier.
    And we were told by the pilot to us MMB which he no options for 2 days.

    It sounds like we should try to claim EC261 from BA. And the additional loss from Travel insurance.

    Thank you


    Remember Article 15! If there was no-read out/explanation of full rights from the airline, you can go back and request compensation at the later date.

    Article 15 reads out:

    Exclusion of waiver

    1. Obligations vis-à-vis passengers pursuant to this Regulation may not be limited or waived, notably by a derogation or restrictive clause in the contract of carriage.

    2. If, nevertheless, such a derogation or restrictive clause is applied in respect of a passenger, or if the passenger is not correctly informed of his rights and for that reason has accepted compensation which is inferior to that provided for in this Regulation, the passenger shall still be entitled to take the necessary proceedings before the competent courts or bodies in order to obtain additional compensation.


    @Londonhdl Also you can of course claim for cancellation compensation. You didn’t specify the route so we can’t tell you how much.

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