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  • Internet179 8 posts

    I have had a search through the form and can’t seem to find out if the following is possible.

    I understand that you can downgrade your Barclaycard once hitting the £10k spend, spend another £20k on the free card and receive another upgrade voucher.

    However, will you then be able to upgrade again back to the paid version? Even if not for another upgrade voucher but for the 1.5 avios per £.

    Appreciate if anyone has any knowledge on this.

    Reney 796 posts

    When the 100k offer came on, I seem to recall many people who have downgraded recently not given the option to upgrade again…maybe look up that thread.

    JDB 4,800 posts

    I don’t believe BC has a specific published policy on this. They say that the option to upgrade or downgrade is only available via the app and it’s either there or not there with no override via telephone or chat. Obviously this is a bit different, but they do require a six month gap after cancellation before you can apply for any other Barclaycard (and a two year gap to be eligible for another Avios SUB). Realistically, I wouldn’t count on being able to do this repeatedly and they certainly won’t give you any ‘pre-clearance’.

    SamG 1,727 posts

    I don’t have the option to upgrade – haven’t ever downgraded

    Luca M 391 posts

    I don’t have the option to upgrade – haven’t ever downgraded

    When you go into your card menu, what does it show after you tap the option “Change to another card”? Does it show you other cards but not the Plus version or it says you do not have other cards options available?

    Some people have reported that trying at different time of the day resulted in seeing options first thing in ten morning, and no options later in the same day.

    HfP Staff
    2,385 posts

    It seems that up/downgrades do reset the spend counter for the voucher and you can get multiple ones in a year if you spend is high enough to do so.

    SandsofEss 38 posts

    Hi Rob,

    A search of the forum brought up this recent thread.

    I triggered my voucher very early on a Barclays Plus card last spring, then downgraded to the free version. I’ve racked up just under £10k of spend on the free version, and hoped to upgrade to Plus once I’m over the threshold to earn another voucher. But it sounds as though upgrading will reset the spend counter. Is that right?

    harley 114 posts

    If you change card you are at the mercy of the database if it will let you change again. I dowmgraded and wanted to upgrade for the premier offer last year but whilst the premier team were happy to open an account for me nobody could manually upgrade my credit card again amd relied soley on the app showing the option which hasnt happened since i tried 7 months ago. Its not like amex where you can ask to change card easily. Can also confirm if you do swap then any spend progress resets, again opposite to amex

    Aston100 1,494 posts

    I spent 10k on the plus card and received a voucher.
    I downgraded through the app, and received a new card with new card number.
    I recently received another upgrade voucher for apparently spending a further £20k, though I’m not convinced I actually spent that much.
    I *currently* do not have the ability to upgrade to the plus card, or indeed any other card. However, in the past, I had the option to switch to a couple of other Barclaycards (but never back to the Avios Plus).

    Aston100 1,494 posts

    Well, turns out I actually did spend that £20k afterall.

    MichaelR 41 posts

    Have there been any reports of people being allowed to upgrade again after downgrading from the Plus card? I’ve only ever been offered a switch to the Platinum Visa or the Barclaycard Rewards Visa after taking the downgrade. So far as I can see from other people’s reported experiences, it seems to be a one way street when you request a downgrade from Plus (at least for the time being).

    Ash 620 posts

    Mine just shows option to open Platinum Visa or BC Rewards. neither attractive offerings.

    It does say its almost pre-approved, no impact on credit score. Once you click you get the card by end of next statement date.

    SandsofEss 38 posts

    Yes I have the same (Platinum Visa & BC Rewards only). Very interested to hear if anyone has been offered the chance to re-upgrade to Plus.

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