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  • Mark 35 posts

    Anyone else had this for their BA Amex.

    Dear Mr M

    Re: Account ending

    To continue to protect your Account and meet new regulatory commitments, payments to your American Express® Card must now come from a bank account in your name.

    Please note the following with immediate effect:

    Payments must be made from a personal bank account in the name of the main Cardmember.

    Payments can continue to be made from joint bank accounts as long as the main Cardmember is one of the signatories.

    We will not allow payments made from any unrecognised persons/companies/ entities going forward. Any such payments might result in disruption to your Account. All payments are subject to additional checks, and we may contact you for further information.

    Mick S 276 posts

    I’ll be paying off my wife’s card in the next day or two, with my Curve metal – both are in different names. I’ll report back here how it goes?

    what is defined as an unrecognised person?

    kiley 139 posts

    Yep, had one of those about 2 yrs ago and pretty much ignored it.

    I’m a supplementary card holder for my partner, and always used to clear balance from my bank (just in my name) account as it was easier. These days, most of the balance is paid from my partners account, but interim payments are still made from my account.

    Whenever I call amex though they do keep reminding me, but never sounded that convincing…like they were trying to enforce a rule that was difficult to have as a policy for.

    I still make occassional payments from my bank and I’ve never had a payment rejected.

    Maybe this policy sits in the same bucket as “having to keep your BAPP card to use 2 4 1 voucher” rule.

    zapato1060 557 posts

    I dont know if im flouting their law but I always pay me or mrs zapato AMEX via my bank with sort code/account number and 15 digit card as ref number.

    NorthernLass 6,764 posts

    My experience (still current as of this morning) is that if you have a debit card linked to the Amex account, you can still pay with it.

    HfP Staff
    2,174 posts

    I’ve been paying off my wife’s cards for years – in fact she has never made an Amex payment from her account!

    Mark 35 posts

    I think they don’t like me making two payemtns a month. One from my personal account and one from my business but it’s been that way for 10 years or so so why be bothered now!

    Ash 611 posts

    I’ve been paying off my wife’s cards for years – in fact she has never made an Amex payment from her account!

    Wife has the holy grail of all credit cards, standing ovation to Mrs HfP : )

    Dan loves Christmas 17 posts

    I had previously ignored this but following a missed call and an email this week, pulled the plug on using my Marriott card for business – I couldn’t be bothered to find out what the procedure would be for ‘unrecognised’ payments from my business.

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