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Sheraton Grand London Park Lane experiences?

  • shilly

    Hi due to go in 2 weeks time on the Intern rate has anyone any useful information that might help. How is the lounge, do you get afternoon tea and are there any drinks etc in the room provided etc any tips appreciated thanks

    George K

    Hey – did you book the Grand Suite? If so, this will be undoubtedly the highlight of your stay! It’s a proper apartment with anything you’d ever want.

    Lounge was underwhelming when we went there, compared to pre-pandemic. It’s a big space, that’s for sure, but the afternoon tea offering was the only food provided in the lounge, really (we took breakfast at the main restaurant). Scones, clotted cream and jam and some cake are available in the lounge. That’s it. There’s a fridge with cokes, water and beer and you can take those to your room.

    I remember pre-pandemic there were canape-style savoury offerings in the evening, but those were not forthcoming when we were there three months ago.


    Hi George, what about in the room itself were there any freebies ie drinks etc did you visit the lounge early evening what were the times? Thanks again

    George K

    We had a big cake sent up as it was my wife’s birthday and the stay was indeed a treat for her – they also had balloons and a card which was a nice touch. I generally steer clear of whatever food offering is in the minibar/fridge as I can’t tell what’s complimentary and what’s not most of the time. There is a well stocked rotating spirits bar in the room, but certainly not free as far as I could tell. We went to the lounge twice for the afternoon tea offering, which was as described above. No savoury offerings.

    This lounge compared very poorly with the one of the JW Grosvenor House, which appears to offer hot meals pretty much throughout the day (and an extensive selection of drinks). I was very impressed with it last month!


    The lounge F&B was poor when we were there six months ago.

    The suite itself is fabulous. Loved the bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room. The communal hotel areas also hold some gems — the Art Deco lift indicators for instance. Tempting though it is try not spend all your time in the suite!


    We stayed there late November for a couple of nights, booked an Art Deco Suite, no upgrade (only Gold), the hotel was clearly not full.

    Only freebies in the room were a couple of bottles of still water and the coffee/tea tray, there was not enough space in the minibar-fridge to chill the water without tripping the sensors, but they just cancelled the charges on checkout without a quibble.

    The room was let down by the peeling tape that had been used to in an unsuccessful attempt to seal the gaps in the bathroom windows, and the temperature, brrrr, it took a full day for the room to warm up, even with the temperature set as high as it would go.

    The bathroom never warmed up, though turning on the shower at scalding temperature and leaving it a while with the door shut made it temporarily comfy to shower in, though the condensation on cold walls and ceiling was pouring off.

    The bar to the right of the Piccadilly entrance seemed bit dowdy compared to the decor of the central area which was lovely.

    We had to make repeated requests to get a proper wine list to see what bubbly they had, the same issue at the central bar, and once again at the restaurant. Three occasions over the two days, which was every time we tried. It was also clear that the menus had several pages removed.

    A Mayfair hotel unable to produce a wine list!

    Food in the central dining area was just about average, not much choice either, again far from what you’d expect from the decor/location. We didn’t try the Italian restaurant.

    Breakfast was another let down, poor choice and mediocre quality, on the second day we walked up to 45 Jermyn Street where we had an excellent breakfast with a bottle or bubbly (they had no difficulty producing the wine list first time of asking.)

    The lounge was ok-ish, with some nice nooks to sit in, but marred by annoying background music, only basic nibbles at the early evening drinks slot, seemed a poor offering for such a hotel.

    Staff were all good, I put the issues solely down to the management.

    I’m easy going and generally don’t bother about the odd issue, but there were so many ways that the hotel failed to meet reasonable expectations, there’s no way I’d book it again.

    I rate the JWM on Park Lane far higher, it lacks the art deco style of the suite, but by every other measure it wins hands down.

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