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What a joke – easyJet Adventure Calendar

  • Kebablover

    In November last year (2021) Easyjet launched a limited edition promotion called Advent-ure. At a cost of £695 it basically entitled the purchaser to 4 return flights for 2 people and a 12 month Easyjet Plus pass. It also included a few throw away extras. I was very excited at the prospect. Surprisingly, they weren’t available to buy online. I had to wait for an hour on the phone to order mine. It then took a further 15 minutes for the representative to complete the order. The thought of not having to book flights as soon as they were released was very appealing.

    However, this week I have tried to book 2 returns to Menorca at the end of this month. What a farce. The voucher I received contains instructions. I have to email Easyjet and they will then contact me to arrange the flights. Having had no response, I emailed a further two addresses in some hope of making contact. I then resorted to trying to phone. After an hour on hold, I spoke to a representative who had no idea what I was talking about. I was put on hold and eventually disconnected 10 minutes later. Cue groundhog day to 3 different numbers. No one had a clue about the promotion.

    I have wasted approximately 5 hours talking to Easyjet employees who were no use whatsoever. In some instances they just said the first thing that came into their head. Others implied I was the one who was confused.

    This is such an ill conceived concept. Why can it not be all processed online by entering the voucher code at checkout? The flights are for two people but only one Easyjet Plus pass is included. This means the second passenger has to purchase a seat, fast pass and overhead baggage if they want to accompany the lead passenger.

    Has anyone successfully redeemed any of the vouchers? If so, please can you provide details how you managed to book your flights.


    People on here have definitely posted about successfully booking these flights, so hopefully someone will come along soon and be able to help!

    David D

    Check out this thread for details:

    I’ve successfully managed to book two sets of flights albeit it takes up to 10 days for them to come back via email (with one chaser). Have my first flight this coming Sat to Greece.


    I had no problem booking two pairs of return flights. My email was answered within a few hours.

    We also bought a second easyJet plus membership which probably makes sense if you do four return flights within a year.

    David D

    We also purchased a 2nd easyJet plus membership as it just made sense. You then provide your membership numbers at the booking stage and they can book your seats.


    I also had success with the advent calendar via the email suggested. Took about 5 days to reply though.


    Although I’ve never had cause to contact Eazyjet, I find Twitter is always very effective in these sort of situations – it usually results in a very quick response.


    Think you got unlucky. I booked 3 pairs very easily. Emailed at 6pm and had booked flights the next day – reply was from


    Thank you everyone for your support. It gives me hope.My wife has resorted to hitting the media with our tales of woe in order to get some response. She ran a PR company before retiring and has used her contacts. In all fairness, it is ‘only’ 3 days since we emailed the booking request.

    Deffo a great idea to buy a second EasyJet plus membership. Although, I still think its a poorly thought concept to only include one.

    David D

    You should come right but it does take up to 10 days and it seems to help if you send a chaser after a few days. Bit dramatic going to the media after only 3 days of not hearing back. Unfortunately this promotion was niche (small volume of calendars issued) and for various reaosns the vouchers can’t be redemmeed online, so it’s just an extra step of having to email customer services to book.

    Rui N.

    When I read the first post I thought the OP was undergoing the ordeal for a few weeks. Apparently it had been for the whole of 2 days.


    I have also had success – booked 2 pairs of tickets (£600 and £300 value so far) and used bistro and ‘get your guide’ vouchers. Both my flights were booked fairly last minute but I stressed this in my email and was successful.
    I emailed the advent calendar address and copied in the pr bookings email address.
    Good luck!


    Hi, We still have some advent vouchers remaining. Does anyone know if they can be used for flights next year? struggling to get hold of easyjet and the terms are about use by/book by on the vouchers are conflicting. Would be grateful if anyone has experience.


    Hi, We still have some advent vouchers remaining. Does anyone know if they can be used for flights next year? struggling to get hold of easyjet and the terms are about use by/book by on the vouchers are conflicting. Would be grateful if anyone has experience.

    i would be happy to purchase one voucher from you, to use for half term flight, if you willing to do so, please PM me with the asking price


    just realise there the no PM or i could not find it, anyway if OP or anyone else willing to sell one advent calendar flight voucher please drop me a line to oleksandr.dudko at

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