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What is a reasonable time frame to get a reply from BA customer service?

  • chrishors

    Can anyone tell me what is a reasonable time frame to get a reply from BA customer service about 2 issues concerning a flight I took to Miami and back?
    I have been waiting 6 weeks now, put in several update requests asking for some updates, and have had nothing back apart from the original acknowledgement and case number.
    The first case is a simple claim for a 6 hour delay on my flight to Miami.
    The second case (separate case not linked to the first, but the same flight) is for the inflight entertainment system being faulty for the whole 9 hour flight.

    How long do I wait for an answer, and when should I take it further, and then how would I do that?


    Six weeks is already an excessive time. It is poor that BA doesn’t provide either a copy of what you send, nor any acknowledgment beyond the first filing, but hopefully you will have a record of each interaction. At this point I would write a final time asking for resolution, within 14 days. It is very important to set out clearly, precisely and concisely the problem, why BA is liable and the resolution you seek, together with listing each of your attempts to get this resolved. This chaser can then effectively form your ‘letter before action’ so you don’t build in yet further delay beyond the eight weeks you need to wait for non response. If they don’t respond satisfactorily, then you need to decide whether to pursue at CEDR or MCOL.

    Re the 6 hour delay, have you ascertained the reason for that delay?

    In respect of the malfunctioning IFE, I’m not sure if CEDR can consider this, nor whether MCOL would be appropriate/successful.

    Paul B

    I’ve found their response time varies wildly depending on the issue or your tier.


    It took them eight weeks to get back to me for a cancelled flight compensation and re-routing reimbursement request which finally arrived yesterday. For what it’s worth, I’m Gold and I sent a letter by tracked post. But once it’s in their system it shouldn’t make any difference.

    I don’t think this is reasonable by any means.

    If it were me I would do nothing for several more weeks.

    One of the best pieces of life I have had is “if you can’t change it, accept it”. BA’s customer service is woeful but you or I cannot change this. The reply will come when it comes. Repeatedly chasing will probably just raise your blood pressure and make no difference.


    Thank you for your replies. 8 weeks then.
    My wife, who applied the day after me for the same issues got a reply in less than 2 weeks. She was on a separate booking reference as we both used companion tickets for our 2 grandchildren who accompanied us.
    She is laughing at me!!!!


    If you have grandchildren then you have had a long and successful marriage. Don’t underestimate the importance of being laughed at on a daily basis by your wife!

    Yours is just laughing about BA not getting back to you. I’d take that in the blink of an eye.


    As I mentioned in another post, write direct to Mr Doyle’s office…..I’ve found that speeds up matters considerably….YMMV


    Thanks Kwab. However, I am more concerned about confirming they are dealing with it than getting a reply a week or so earlier. Others have said I should wait 8 weeks before being worried they are not going to answer, so I will wait another couple of weeks. Then, If I do not hear from them, follow your advice. Do you have a link to your other post? Or how to contact Mr Doyles Office?


    I’ve been waiting about six weeks for a delay compensation request. I get occasional emails from them about how they’re sorry it’s taking so long.


    I have had NOTHING! An email will at least reassure me they have it.


    If you have a case number then they have it.

    Recommend using direct messaging on Twitter…I got an almost immediate response last week.


    Chrishors……My other post was in the thread about BA quibbling over expenses. My lesson with many consumer issues is that the CEO’s office is often the quickest way to get a solution, especially with BA. With one claim, the agent was only offering to compensate half my expenses. An email to Sean Doyle’s office sorted that out. On another claim I hadn’t heard anything for a few weeks, again an email sorted that out.


    Six months and four months respectively on my claims for TPs.


    Two days ago I finally got a response to a complaint I made in May, so that was 4 months. Wasn’t too serious so length of wait not a problem, I’d be really cross if it was for things like compensation or reimbursement.


    It has now been over 8 weeks. Can anyone let me know what Sean Doyle’s office email address is?

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