960 Avios points for £10 via a new Clubcard book deal

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Tesco Direct has launched another attractive pre-order deal for a ‘soon to be released’ entertainment product.

This time, it is for John Whaite’s new cookbook, “John Whaite Bakes”. John won the Great British Bake Off in 2012 …. apparently.

Anyway, I’m sure he’s a great bloke, whoever he is. Tesco loves him enough to be offering his new book for just £10, a 50% discount. You also receive 400 bonus Clubcard points!

John Whaite

400 Clubcard points are worth 960 Avios or 1,000 Virgin Flying Club miles, which makes the book a good deal even if you give it to Oxfam. Although your Mum would probably like it.

(EDIT: Ignore what I have written below. It seems you need to enter a specific code to get the bonus points to show up, which you will find in the comments.)

Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with the Tesco website at the time of writing.

As per this link you can clearly see the book advertised with 400 bonus Clubcard points. However, on the order page, it is not mentioned. You would expect to see the 400 bonus points showing when you click ‘pre-order’, but it only shows the 10 base points.

Keep an eye on this page, though, because Tesco will presumably fix the glitch soon. Alternatively, order now and keep a screen shot showing the 400 Clubcard points offer so you can ring up to claim them if / when they do not post automatically.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Come off it Raffles I bet you’ve got them all recorded on your Sky HD box ;0)

  2. Nadeshka says:

    In order to get the bonus clubcard points you have to enter the voucher code TD-JHNW at checkout, then they appear below the normal 10 points.

    • You’re a star, thanks!

      • James67 says:

        Hi Raffles, slightly off topic here but I’m curious to understand why you appear to be very partial to indirectly buying avios via clubcard (even for small amounts of points at a time) while you rarely show much interest in participating in, or recommending, purchase miles/points offers provided directly by the airlines? I understand potential benefits of large conversion bonus and also of having BA 242 vouchers but to my mind these are largely offset by higher fees on BA, UK APD, and sector-by-sector pricing on BA redemptions. Perhaps it would be useful if in a future post you could consider these issues and the question ‘To buy or not to buy’ both generally, and in relation to BA in particular. Thx

        • It is purely about price. Clubcard deals I mention offer Avios far cheaper than you would ever get them from BA, even in a BA miles sale.

          This is my logic on valuing Avios – http://www.headforpoints.com/2012/12/17/what-are-avios-airmiles-worth/ – so if you can buy them via Clubcard for less than their value TO YOU then it is a decent deal.

          APD and taxes can be offset with airberlin and Aer Lingus, to some extent. Other partners often have departures from Paris, Amsterdam etc which let you reduce taxes. My recent airberlin business class redemption from New York only had £1 of tax, and obviously European redemptions have capped tax.

    • Thanks. Book ordered. For others, do make sure you click “Add” once you’ve entered the code before clicking “Submit”.

  3. The_Pope says:

    I’m much more reluctant about this following the Dan Brown fiasco. I pre ordered two copies of Inferno, one for the wife and one for me. Everything tracked and the 1000 points hit my Clubcard account. Then weeks later, with no explanation, I got an email saying the order was cancelled. Money refunded and 1000 Clubcard points removed from my account. Bit miffed tbh

    • Sir Stamford says:

      Sorry to hear about your problem with Tesco.

      I have a different experience with Tesco. My Dan Brown order and bonus was processed correctly and, to this date, not reversed. So, you may just be unlucky.

      Sir Stamford

    • Mr Bridge says:

      you should have been str8 on to cust serv, I have had many points added by them when they failed to appear, especially with the old tesco entertainment site.

  4. Keep getting a not in stock error (even though it’s obviously not in stock, as a pre-order). Any ideas?

  5. Jens Moller says:

    Speaking of clubcard points:

    There seem to a working code Tesco Wine. 750 points for a £60 order. (sorry, if already mentioned on theblog)

    Found on flyer talk (it works at checkout, but I haven’t proceeded with the order)


  6. Tesco just cancelled my order! I assume its because i ordered 2 copies. Now website wont allow me to use the code again. Perhaps Tesco are getting wise! So i’ll only order 1 copy in future.

  7. Mine just got cancelled too. I only ordered 1 copy.

  8. Jens Moller says:


  9. John Mun says:

    Mine was cancelled too.
    I only ordered one copy

  10. Could it be that Tesco realised that they’ve accepted too many orders on this item and are therefore deleting orders in a reverse chronological order?

    • i dont know how there can be a stock issue on a pre-order, or that as a collective Raffles readers could make a dent in their stock.

      But my order was made at 1153 this morning, so would be interesting to work out what Tesco are doing, perhaps they are targeting those who already have a lot of clubcard points?

      • Agreed – would be interesting to know Tesco’s approach here. My order was around 11:30am and has so far not been cancelled. There has been similar issues regarding seemingly random cancellations for the Dan Brown Inferno pre-order as well.

  11. I just tried again and it seems to be working… Let’s see if they cancel it later!

    • My order for one copy has been cancelled too.
      Tesco have since sent me an email with an evoucher giving £13 off a £90 grocery shop. Don’t think I’ll bother.

  12. Order now failing with the following. I only asked for 1.

    Sorry, we don’t have enough John Whaite Bakes items in stock right now. This item (s) has been added to your save for later basket. You can try to purchase this item again by reducing its quantity.

  13. My order just went through ok…we will see! Did any one see the pre-order of the Anchorman/Oldschool boxset for £3 with 100 bonus points?

    • I think the release date for this was Monday 15th April so the pre-order option would have been removed?

      • I ordered on Sat so it was a pre-order at that point. I posted a comment on the main dvd/blu ray discussion post to try and tip people off..

  14. I called Tesco Direct. The reason they give is that the release date changed, so they cancelled order! Hmm. The release date has disappeared off website.

    They advise to place order again, if they ecoupon doesnt work then call them and they will add the points.

    So will try and order one book.

  15. I ordered one copy yesterday. This morning it showed up in my account as “cancelled”. I contacted Tesco to enquire why and said it was “supplier issues” – even though it is still advertised on the website. Very annoying – not least because I didn’t receive any email from them telling me it had been cancelled; it was only by logging into my account that I had found it out.

    Tesco does seem to be a bit of a joke – I won’t bother ordering from them in the future.

    • Sir Stamford says:

      I might be tempting fate but my orders for four John Whaite books are still pending and not cancelled. So, you may just been unlucky on this occasion.

      Sir Stamford

  16. Just ordered again – the voucher was not valid. Rang Tesco and they said they will add the points manually and they should appear in 24-48 hours.

    • Sir Stamford says:

      Well done, I think you have been quick lucky to be able to get Tesco to manually add the points.

      The voucher appears to have expired –
      “Sorry, this eCoupon had a limited number of uses and is no longer valid.”

      Sir Stamford

  17. Does anyone know how long it would take the clubcard points to appear in your account for a deal like this? Would they be credited on ordering, or when the book is dispatched at its a pre-order?

    I’m looking for some extra clubcard points to qualify for the clubcard to avios auto-convert promotion before the May 3rd, and thought this might be the best way.

    • The points for this promotion are showing now in my CC account, i placed my order on the 16th.

  18. I got my points too! Order was placed on the 16th for 1 book and points are already showing! :) Yaay! Thanks for the tip! :)

  19. Jens Moller says:

    I ordered without the code – as it didnt work (but the offer was still showing on Tesco’s websites).

    Called Tesco and they added them manually. Great service (but off course it would have been a bit easier if it just worked in the first place)

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  20. Washing Up says:

    Dan Brown offers 500 points for pre-order at the mo too.
    TD-MNRW until the 5th May 2013.
    £9.00 each plus £1.74 postage.