Sign up your SME to Star’s PartnerPlusBenefit and get a FREE upgrade to business class

I posted back in January about the forthcoming relaunch of Star Alliance Company Plus.  This is the Star Alliance equivalent of the British Airways On Business scheme, aimed at companies in the UK and Ireland.

It has now been relaunched as PartnerPlusBenefit (website here) which was already the ‘trading name’ of the scheme.


The biggest difference between PartnerPlusBenefit and the old Star Alliance Company Plus is that you now earn points for ALL flights you take. 

Historically, Star Alliance Company Plus did not award points on discounted tickets.  With more and more companies now making their staff travel on the cheapest possible fare – even at the loss of flexibility – the scheme was becoming irrelevant.  PartnerPlusBenefit should change that.

What makes PartnerPlusBenefit more powerful than BA’s On Business is that flights from 10 airlines earn points.  The participating airlines are Air Canada, LOT, Lufthansa, germanwings, Austrian, ANA, Swiss, Brussels Airlines, United and TAP Portugal.

There is also a wider range of redemption options than On Business offers.  As well as flight redemptions and upgrades, you can also redeem for good old fashioned cash, Orbitz giftcards for hotel bookings and Heathrow Express tickets.

Claim your sign-up bonus and get a free flight upgrade

When I originally wrote about PartnerPlusBenefit, I said that it was not clear how the sign-up bonus works.  I have now got to the bottom of this.

As part of the relaunch promotion, you will receive 1,000 PartnerPlusBenefit points simply for signing up your company.

You will receive a further 500 points when you register a credit card.  (The scheme uses registered payment cards as one way of tracking flights to credit to your account, and will work whether you book direct or via a travel agent.)   Until at least the end of February, this payment card registration bonus is doubled to 1,000 points, giving a total sign-up bonus of 2,000 points.

The 2,000 bonus points for signing up are enough for a one-way upgrade to business class within Europe.

PartnerPlusBenefit is part of AwardWallet, so you can keep track of your points easily via their app or website.

And an Air Canada bonus ….

PartnerPlusBenefit has just launched a promotion in association with Air Canada.  From February until July 31st, it is offering double points on all Air Canada flights in Business or Premium Economy credited to your PPB account.  You need to register for this offer on the PPB website.

If you run a small company, it is worth signing up to PartnerPlusBenefitThe sign-up page is here.  Your travellers will still receive their standard miles in their personal accounts when they fly, so it is a genuine extra benefit on top.

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  1. RogerWilco says:

    Agree, absolutely no reason NOT to sign up. Have snatched a few C->F upgrades on LX longhaul with these points. Sometimes the upgrade was even booked into a revenue bucket, so the M&M miles came in 3x

    One thing to note – the participating partner airlines vary country by country (based on the home country of the enterprise signing up) The core LH group seem to be the same but participating other airlines vary.

  2. Maybe you should make a new heading for SME promos on the top bar.

    I wonder if it’s worthwhile to set up a company to rent out my (two) properties. There may or may not be tax benefits for one thing. Are these schemes only open to UK companies or can they be based anywhere?

    • On Business is global, not sure what countries PPB is in.

      • OB is not quite global sadly – quite a few countries BA fly to are sadly and frustratingly not served, and some they do not fly to are.

        PPB has a good list countries, and an even better list on the registration page. Not sure whether they are all accepted though.

  3. shadowfixer says:

    One question i have is that i run my own limited company, so should (and will sign up), but my flights are mostly booked through the travel agent of my customer (FcM travel in this case), whilst i choose the flights, and request the flights, i dont pay for the flights. Is there anyway that i can link these flights to PPB?


    • Wonderful. I shall be signing up.

      OT: my brother in law makes regular trips from trinidad to London.can I credit his flights to my BA On business or does the journey have to originate in uk?

  4. Shame SQ & TG (and A3) aren’t on the list, the participating airlines I barely, if ever use.

  5. I could only find a call back form on the page linked to above, and when scrolling down the ‘Go To Registration’ link just jumps up to the same form. However at the very bottom of the page I found a link to ‘self-registration’ at – all a bit confusing! I see you can also spend 500pts on a HEX journey.

    I couldn’t see anything on the website re. the double-bonus for registering a payment card though.

    • OK signed up now – 1,000 bonus posted immediately but no sign of 1,000 (or 500) for adding the payment card as of yet, does this update overnight?

      • Any luck with the extra bonus? How long do they take to post? so far I only have the first 1000

        • Yep – it posted within 24h. Looks like they added 500pts manually as part of the current promo and this seemed to trigger the other 500pts for adding a card (or they both just happened to post overnight)

  6. I have about 9000 points from a trip i made last summer that now finally posted
    In the past i always took the cashback but i noticed there is also the option to take a hotel gift/ voucher through Global Hotel Card (by Orbitz). Anyone any experience with this? The cashback is 150£ while the voucher is worth 250£ so it could be more attractive but i dont find any info on how you can redeem these vouchers.

    • I received an email about the hotel option too – I think you need to call them to redeem down that route but agree it looks potentially quite a good way to redeem!

    • Guessing it would require a booking via orbitz website but presumably any hotel ok.

      • From the FAQs on the site you need to book via the GHC website at rather than Orbitz. They seem to list most of the usual properties although when I tried a test booking it seemed to bomb out with an error which put me off a little bit! Presumably would count as a 3rd party booking with the hotel though.