150 Clubcard points (360 Avios points) with 6 new CD’s at Tesco

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Tesco has launched another promotion offering a generous slug of bonus Clubcard points (convertible into Avios points or Virgin Flying Club miles) when you buy a pre-order CD for delivery in the next few weeks.

There are six titles available.

Four are outlined in this link:

Susan Boyle – Hope (£10)

Coldplay – Ghost Stories Live (£10)

Now 89 (£12)

Olly Murs – Never Been Better (Deluxe Version) (£12)

One Direction Four

The other two CD’s do not appear on the deal home page but can be found here:

One Direction – Four (£9)

Take That – III (£10)

None of these are worth buying purely for the Avios points but if you can offload them as Christmas gifts then the points are a decent kickback!

You may also have received some personalised discount codes in the post in recent weeks offering extra points on CDs.  I got one for 100 points on any CD costing £10 or more which would almost certainly double up with the deal above.  I also received a coupon with my Clubcard vouchers yesterday for 300 bonus points on ANY purchase at Tesco Direct which is very attractive!

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. I used the 300 points voucher to get some fuses (catalogue code 612-3217) for £1. I was surprised there was no minimum sale.
    I also had a 300 points for 2 NOW albums, but this doesnt seem to work at the moment, any NOW album including the above is not recognised as a NOW album.

  2. flyforfun says:

    I bought Susan Boyle’s CD when there was a 500 point bonus. I couldn’t bear the shame of buying another for just 150 points!!

  3. yep definetly worth logging into your clubcard account. i hadn’t realised i have a few coupons in there for points and money off including a free 75 points for being an Amex customer

  4. I got the 300 bonus points on any purchase at Tesco Direct as well, think I’ll buy a wooden spoon!

    I also got the 300 points for 2 NOW albums but the same as Michael it isn’t working for me at the moment.

  5. If I buy the Take That album, I’m not wasting it on anyone else! But I might buy the 1D and Olly Murs for the Adorable Nieces ™.

  6. O/T I guess Raffles will run the Amex offers tomorrow. Don’t know about you but the only one that floats my boat is £10 off £50 @ Debs – here’s the link to get extra CARDS ONTO IT

  7. chrisking66 says:

    since i cant be bothered to make another hukd right now (tho would be fun)

    and atless some people might benefit from reading it here and its very loosely has to do with points


    blu-ray players for £49 on tescos groceries so £15 off new customers would work, and you also get 98 points, looking on hukd they have a local goose hunt for this model BRP for £27, well counting £49 – £15 – almost £4 worth of points £30 , getting this if you want one and saving the hunt if worth posting,

  8. 20% off giftcards @ Tesco, buy 2 to get 150 Clubbies = 360 Avs 😉

  9. Do you have to increase your giftcard purchase spend prior to 20% off for the 150 cc points on purchases of £50 gc or do the cc points still kick in if you buy £50 before 20% off?

  10. Can someone please post on here the 300 clubcard points code for use on tesco direct.

  11. red/black/wink/red/black/wink/red/black/wink

  12. also didnt add

    even if you do take a play thu bonus, slots and other so called instants count 100% toward the play tho bouns, tho i still wouldnt take it

  13. There’s a BP offer coming soon too, probably in the next tranche of offers. (I think once the Esso offer ends)

  14. Hah, i tried this once with willhill. At £300 up I hit something like a 13 streak of black. At that point I’d rode out streaks of up to 6 – 7, so stuck to my guns and kept doubling up on red. I lost the lot and learned a valuable lesson!

  15. Oh your idiosyncratic style threw me, you mean use a £15 off on Groceries code

  16. Idiosyncratic = unique to you, btw.

    I know you’re not an idiot etc etc.

    I love your posts over on HUKD and they’d be welcome here when on-message/ on-focus. You generally spot the TESCO DEAL a million light years ahead!

    Morons over there keep banning you for not tolerating silly fools and getting a bit arsy – you won’t get silly fools here (apart from me!) so no need to explode, chrisking66.