Bits: Priority Pass relaunch, Cathay devalues, using to top up Amazon accounts

News in brief:

Priority Pass relaunch

Priority Pass, the membership scheme which gives you global airline lounge access, relaunched yesterday with a new website and a new logo.  The new logo was certainly overdue!

The new site seems to feature more, and larger, lounge photographs to give you a better idea of the space you will be visiting.  The search feature has changed from a drop down list to a box where you type in the name of the airport you are visiting.

Pricing remains unchanged.  For UK residents, it is either:

£69 plus a £15 fee per lounge visit (£15 per guest)

£159, to include your first 10 visits, and then £15 thereafter (£15 per guest)

£259 for unlimited visits (£15 per guest)

Interestingly, you still cannot buy the version of Priority Pass which is given away free with American Express Platinum.  This offers unlimited visits and one free guest per visit – and you get a second Priority Pass, which also admits a free second guest, for your main supplementary cardholder.  This gets a family of four into a lounge for free.

Priority Pass logo

Cathay Pacific unveils major changes to Marco Polo Club

Cathay Pacific has announced major changes to its Marco Polo Club loyalty scheme.  Many HFP readers will be a member of Marco Polo Club because American Express was, until early 2014, giving away free Gold status (which got you into British Airways lounges) with the Platinum card.

The changes are similar to those put in place by British Airways in April.  People who fly on flexible business and first class tickets will earn status more quickly and earn more miles.  Those who fly on discounted economy tickets will earn less – far less.

In some ways, the changes make BA look angelic.  You will earn 5 tier points for a discount economy flight of up to 3,700 miles.  To put this into context, you could fly the equivalent of London to New York a ludicrous 119 times one-way in economy and still not qualify for a Silver card at 600 points.

These changes will be in place from 15th April.  Full details are on the Cathay website here.

Cathay Pacific 350

How to use gift cards to top up your Amazon account

If you are buying cards at Tesco to generate free Clubcard points (and free Avios), one of the most popular ways of cashing them out is to buy Amazon gift cards.  I wrote more about here if you are not familiar with it.

You can email these to yourself and add the balance to your existing Amazon account.  It is used up automatically when you make a purchase.

This is a little fiddly, however.  There is now an easier way.  By using this link, you can now top up your Amazon account directly using a £25 card.   No need to fiddle about with redeeming a gift card.

Using the ‘top up’ link above generates a tiny commission for HFP which helps to support the site.  Thank you.

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  1. OT sorry, can anyone guide me ? My hubby and I both have amex gold cards, we get 2 x free lounge passes a year. We have never used them before, in December we will use them at Antigua airport, do we need to book or do anything or just turn up ? Last year we didn’t need them as we flew UC. Thanks for any help !

    • No, just go in. hopefully the lounge dragon knows what the lounge club card is.

    • I don’t think the lounge in Antigua is part of Lounge Club

      • Damn ! you are right, I just called them they no longer use that lounge .. grrrr ! Now ….which LGW north lounge is best with kids ?

        • No 1 Traveller – has a little cinema and a small kids playroom. To guarantee entry – and they are jammed solid and refuse PP / Lounge Club customers on a regular basis – you can pay £5 per person via this link to reserve a spot :

          If you are going to be at the airport a couple of hours before departure, paying the £5 is not a bad deal.

          Alternatively, they will let you use MyLounge next door which is ‘Shoreditch industrial chic’ and not kid friendly unless they are old enough to use the table football table! (It isn’t ‘kid unfriendly’ either – just not much for them to do.)

        • Number 1 is good. I don’t have kids, but there are often quite a few in there. Number 1 lounges do have a habit of turning people away because they are full, so don’t take it personally if they turn you away! You can book in advance for £5 per person which guarantees entry and gives you fast track security too. Personally I wouldn’t bother paying for that, but you might feel that it’s worth it.

        • Failing that, there is an Aspire lounge downstairs too. It’s fine.

  2. Lee Thornton says:

    Off topic, but Iberia have launched a great new bonus Avios promotion:

    • I have been waiting for the BA version of this to launch (there is also an AA version running) but it looks like it won’t happen, which is odd.

      • Lee Thornton says:

        There is a BA version but only for residents of North America which is cheeky!

  3. Any news on what happens to Airport Angel?

  4. Colin JE says:

    Tried to use my Amazon Local vouchercode to register for a Priority Pass yesterday and the registration page has gone! Priority Pass customer services just said try in an hour or so, but a day later it’s still not there. Amazon just said “you need to contact Priority Pass or we can refund you”! Not what I was hoping to hear. I’ve got two more days to register before my offer expires.

    Has anyone else got this problem, or found a solution?

  5. Can we buy Visa cards at Argos?

    • Not as far as I know, alas. Marks & Spencer are probably the most versatile ones that Argos sells.

  6. The amazon link is outstanding. Got a slew of cards to add and was putting it off because it is rather painstaking – delighted it is now improved. Thanks!

  7. gutted the amex loophole to use cards is dead 🙁
    i’ve got a wedge of cards still to use up – any suggestions where I can use? household / utility bills etc.

  8. Maybe they’ll finally update their terrible app.

  9. Re Morrisons petrol

    Just bought £900 of pay.coms to get 90p off a litre, filled up with more than 60 litres – so a £54 saving + 1800 Avios to the good.

    Unsurprisingly, the petrol girls wanted to check that using 90p off a litre was OK and the Duty Mgr in store said no so I stood my ground and got him called over.

    He was quite obstinate but I was obstinater 🙂

    I know the rules. Funny how people can’t understand English (this was a 40 YO Brit).

    Anyway he gave in after making me wait 20 mins. I suggest you take a copy of the FAQ that expressly permits multiple money-off coupons on fuel if you are going to do the same.

    • 5000 M&M points for my trouble 🙂

      Worth making a call.

      Tesco have also had instructions to be nice, say yes to everything etc in terms of complaints – the nice chap in CS at my local store had quite a long chat with me about it.

  10. Bad news.

    Tesco sent you a Direct Message.
    Hi Mark, unfortunately we no longer stock this gift card 🙁 If there’s anything else we can help you with please just let us know! Thanks…

    • there are going to be a few available, my nearest Tesco restocked in the last few days

      so there is hope

      who actually replied to you? and where?

      if it was on twitter or Facebook, I’d ignore it

  11. Is it possible to transfer money out of Amazon once you used your card to buy Amazon credit?

    • no

    • You can sell your amazon account on gumtree/ebay, cash only, meet in person in a public place.

      • Massive risks involved…

        • …for negligible gain. You’re not a gangster laundering drug money (ie the money is inherently worthless without being legitimised.

          You’re a points collector looking for somewhere to park pay.coms. Nobody would buy your a/c except at a discount, making the exercise effectively pointless.

          The risks (to personal safety; being robbed of the lot; and getting a lifetime ban from Amazon) are also unsupportable.

  12. O/T Uber – I can’t understand why Boris is giving in on Uber

    Raffles – any comment?

  13. They’ve updated their app now too – looks much nicer and has a QR code digital membership card – could be handy!

    Also interestingly correctly shows the Amex plan with the free guest.


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