$10 of free credit for every HFP reader from LoungeBuddy

With half-term here, I thought it was worth reminding readers of the free $10 sign-up credit that HFP readers get with airport lounge app LoungeBuddy.

LoungeBuddy is the leading global authority on airport lounges. It is a FREE app which is available for both iOS and Android phones.

If you are reading this on your phone and click here, you will be automatically taken to the relevant download page for your device.

At its simplest, it shows you a comprehensive list of airport lounges at the airport where you currently are (it will bring up relevant results automatically if it senses you are in an airport) or you can pick one which you intend to visit. Listings include ratings, reviews, photos and access requirements.

It can do more than that, however.

You can store details of your airline status cards with LoungeBuddy. You can also upload details of your forthcoming flights. The app will use this information to highlight which lounges you are allowed to use based on your status or your travel class.  It also integrates with TripIt.

LoungeBuddy also sells day passes to pay-as-you-go airport lounges.

You can use LoungeBuddy on iOS or Android to buy access to a large number of UK airport lounges and a handful in the US.

When you look at LoungeBuddy listings for a particular airport, lounges where you can use the app to purchase a day pass are highlighted with a large ‘Buy’ button. You can then use a pre-stored credit card number to buy an entrance pass for yourself and any number of guests. You simply show your LoungeBuddy confirmation code at the lounge entrance and you will be allowed in.


23 UK lounges currently participating

LoungeBuddy substantially expanded its UK coverage last year by adding the No 1 Traveller network.

Here are the 23 UK airport lounges which allow you to buy a day pass via the LoungeBuddy app:

  • Aberdeen – Servisair
  • Birmingham – Aspire, No 1 Traveller
  • Bristol – Aspire, AspirePlus
  • Durham Tees Valley – Servisair
  • Edinburgh – Aspire, No 1 Traveller
  • Humberside – Servisair
  • Inverness – Servisair
  • Gatwick North – Aspire, My Lounge, No 1 Traveller
  • Gatwick South – No 1 Traveller
  • Heathrow T2 – Plaza Premium (photo below)
  • Heathrow T2 Arrivals – Plaza Premium
  • Heathrow T3 – Swissport, No 1 Traveller
  • Liverpool – Aspire
  • Luton – Aspire
  • Manchester T1 – Aspire
  • Manchester T2 – Swissport
  • Newcastle – Aspire, AspirePlus

These are all Priority Pass lounges so if you have an American Express Platinum card with its two free Priority Pass cards then this offer will not be of interest.

LoungeBuddy is offering a special discount to Head for Points readers who give the app a try.

Plaza Premium Heathrow 2

If you download the LoungeBuddy app for your iOS or Android device and enter the code headfp you will receive a $10 credit against your first lounge visit. There is a box to enter the code on the ‘Payment’ tab on the menu. The $10 will be converted into £ when you make a purchase.

If you want to find out more about LoungeBuddy, visit their website here. Clicking here (if you are reading this on a smartphone) will take you to the download page for your device. Don’t forget to add the code headfp when registering.

PS.  Don’t forget that the No 1 Traveller lounge network is still offering Avios points if you book with them directly, so you should compare the LoungeBuddy price with the $10 discount vs the No 1 Traveller price with a few Avios thrown in.

£50 off a £120+ British Airways ticket if you are under 25!
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  1. On a 15:35 flight out of Gatwick North later. There are 4 of us and we have Priority passes from our Amex. I’ll report back later on the state of the lounges….

    • Aspire was the only lounge we could access. Not great but okay, we bought back sandwiches from Pret as very little food on offer. If all you want is a seat, wifi and a view of the rugby, like my husband and daughter’s boyfriend it fits the bill.

  2. Completely off topic has anyone had their child study in the USA for a semester / year. My daughter is off to The University of South Carolina in August. As someone who usually has travel booked 355 days out its really frustrating not being able to get a firm date that she needs to arrive. We would like to spend a couple of weeks visiting her over Xmas is there decent snow then (for skiing) without going as far as California or Canada? Any advise on any aspect really welcome.

    • I’ve seen pics from a friend who lives in DC skiing at somewhere called Snowshoe, West Virginia. Not a million miles from South Carolina?

    • I have just completed four years in American at Uni and know exactly how you feel. I was actually pretty close to USC (GO Gamecocks!). I always knew when term started and I always came home at Thanksgiving as I find america just shuts down and being invited to a friends house as nice as it is is very awkward. Think invading another families Xmas! would also usually come home sometime in March. The trouble I had was when to book flights coming home in Summer and Xmas. You can know when term will end but its not until classes start that you know when your exact exams will finish as it may be well before the end of exams. There was times when I had the last exam at the Uni or was done 10 days before everyone. I would just have some kind of ticket that is changeable as the last thing you want to happen is your daughter just sitting around for 10 days when she knows she could be coming home. I had this once and it was horrible. She will know her exam schedule fairly early on so you can change flight with plenty of time to spare so it might just be change fee. Hope this helped but I probably rambled!

      • Also hope your daughter has a great time. Its a different system but an awesome experience.

      • Thanks Scott, she is very excited! She has godparents that she can spend thanksgiving with and we plan to spend time with her and them over Xmas. I would just rather get her a redemption flight booked for August asap.

  3. Should the title of this be changed to free $10 sign up credit for HFP readers that haven’t used a sign up promotion before?

  4. Hi flying out from Manchester T1 any advice on which lounge to use. I have a15 year old.

  5. Anyone hoping to use priority pass at gatwick south terminal : the no1 lounge is closed until 20th Feb :(

  6. At Bristol, AspirePlus does not appear to be a Priority Pass lounge, despite what the article suggests. Out of interest can anyone offer comment on the difference between the two lounges?