12,000 Avios points with E.ON Energy Fixed 18 Month Reward gas and electricity tariff

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We originally ran this deal on Shopper Points yesterday.  We are giving it an outing here as well for people who do not normally bother with Tesco promotions but could be tempted when the Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles involved reach five figures!

You can earn Avios indirectly as an E.ON customer.  Very indirectly!

E.ON has its own reward scheme called E.ON Reward Points

You can transfer those points at a 1:1 rate into Tesco Clubcard or for Bonusbond shopping vouchers at 1p per point

The Tesco Clubcard vouchers can be transferred into Avios at 1:2.4 or Virgin Flying Club miles at 1:2.5

The standard rate is 1500 E.ON Rewards Points per year if you are a dual fuel customer, which would get you 1500 Clubcard points and so 3600 Avios.

For the first time, a special sign-up deal

Currently E.ON is offering an 18 month fixed tariff and giving customers 5000 extra E.ON Rewards Points when choosing this tariff for gas and electricity (2500 for electricity only).

It is the first time, as far as we can remember, that E.ON has offered a sign-up bonus like this.

It would convert into 5000 Clubcard points (12000 Avios, 12500 Virgin miles) – not a bad extra incentive.  This is on top of the 1500 E.ON Rewards Points you would earn each year.

This offer runs until 26th April.


This is what you need to know if you are interested:

  • this tariff protects you from price changes for 18 months, which may be a good or bad thing!
  • the tariff is cheaper than E.ON’s standard price tariff
  • you can either get dual fuel or electricity only
  • the bonus points are rewarded within 28 days of being on supply
  • you will receive your standard E.ON Rewards points – which is another 1500 Rewards Points per year (remember to sign up for E.ON Rewards as you must opt-in).  These can be converted into 1500 Clubcard points (3600 Avios).
  • if you leave before the end date you need to pay £30 per fuel to break your contract
  • you save an additional £20 per year if you choose dual fuel
  • you save an additional £10 per year if you choose paperless billing

This offer IS open to existing E.ON customers who want to switch over.

Obviously you should get quotes from various energy suppliers before signing up as well as checking any break costs in your current deal.  Your fuel bill is a major expense and your primary focus should be on getting the best price without being swayed by any rewards.

To be honest, the feedback I have seen on this deal to date is not great with many people finding it noticeably higher than their existing tariff.  It depends on who is currently supplying your fuel and your view on whether locking into an 18 month fixed price deal is a good one or not.

It also depends on your property of course.  If you have a small flat or a second home with very modest fuel use, the 12000 Avios points may be worth having even if this tariff is not as cheap as the competition.

This offer runs until 26th April with the possibility of it being withdrawn sooner if demand is high.

Full details can be found on the E.ON website here.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. tariff is much higher than E.ON’s own previous fixed rate tariff (v 19 in Jan/ 16) – about £40/ month higher in my case

    • Same for me Harry -£46 per month more – it is closer to the V20 rate for anyone who is on that one.

  2. Same for me – £47 pm more than present provider – an expensive 12,000 Avios!

  3. Second home, minimal elec use, cheap Avios

  4. James67 says:

    I had a similar pfoblem in the past too. Energy company told me it is not unusual with new builds as the developers often send them wrong or confusing informstion on plot numbers and addresses.

    • Ours was the house number and an “a” on a more recent one.

      One was 1940s, the other was 1980s !!!

  5. This particular E-On Tariff would cost us very nearly 20% more a year (£150) for Electricity alone over our current provider (which I didn’t think was particularly cheap). Clearly not worth it for 2,500 CC points.
    I suspect only those currently paying full tariff for their gas and electric would benefit from this offer – and they’d benefit far more by switching to a much more competitive rate anyway.

  6. I am already on Eon its abut £3 a month cheaper, I switched yesterday, I also switched Mums.If you are a Eon customer you can normally switch tariffs without penalty at any time anyway.

    • Exactly. The penalty typically applies if you were to leave Eon rather than switch tariff. So you could be sure of keeping their cheapest.

  7. If you can be bothered with a bit of work, there is likely to be a good deal here. The maths will vary person to person but if you sign up to get the 12,000 avios then pay £60 exit fees after 28 days, you’ll be paying a little over .5p per avios. This assumes that you don’t have any exit fees from current provider. For instance if this package is £120pa more expensive then what your paying and you cancel on 28 days you’ll pay ~£70 for 12,000 avios.

    • you may be on to something here

      combine it with EON’s willingness to let you change – free of charge – onto about 3 alternative deals (ie EON deals) – some of which then don’t impose exit penalties…

      you might get away with about 8-10,000 free Avios

      • If you change now, ie after the winter, then you’ll only be using the gas/ elec to heat water, cook & power computers! Most of the money goes on winter heating.

        So the extra cost of a rubbish tariff is somewhat mitigated.

        Then you switch away.

  8. Tilly71 says:

    Goes up by over £200 a year if I were to switch to this deal, already with eon.

    • But …. assuming there are no penalties for switching between E.ON products as is implied by others here, you could switch and then, after a couple of months, switch again to a cheaper E.ON deal. 5k Clubcard for £30 of extra cost over your current deal based on your £200.

      • If that works it’s clearly a deal but other suppliers have got wise to switching short term tarrifs penalty-free and only allow them to longer term deals. I would be surprised if e-on is any different.

      • Can see your point if you can freely switch tariffs. Does anyone know if you can switch back to a cheaper tariff as I can’t see anything to say yes or no.

        • EON would let me switch from my fixed rate deal (with exit penalties) to E.ON EnergyPlan, which is about £500 more a year but has no exit penalties.

          So if I wanted to switch, I could do the quick EON—> EON switch online, then a few days later switch out of EON completely.

          But as it happens, E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year v19 which some of us here have, is one of the cheaper deals to be in.

      • Raffles – the really cheap deal they were offering in Jan – the V19 is no longer available – when I did my quote the other tariff on offer was the V20 which only about a £1 per month different to this new V18 deal so you wouldn’t be able to switch back. Good theory though!

        • I only joined Eon in Oct using the collective switch. WHen I got my first bill in Jan it offered me a link to switch to a cheaper tariff which I did with no penalty.

          • My English could have been clearer

            I meant that to switch from E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year v19 to a competitor would bring 2 x £30 exit penalties

            But if I switched tariffs @ EON first to E.ON EnergyPlan, which is easy, free – then I could subsequently leave EON with no exit penalties

  9. This is £111 a year more expensive than my current tariff (I’m already with E.ON). I’m pretty sure if I switch to this and then attempt to switch again after the points post that I won’t find a comparable price to what I’m on now (the collective Uswitch one from Oct 15). So I don’t think it’s worth it for me.

  10. No there are no penalties for switching products with Eon only if you leave, you can also sign up to their new tariff email alerts which tell you when new ones come on to market. I have switched several times, no penalty.They say points will post within 28 days of starting new tariff.

    • It’s tempting – but I’m wary of taking the gamble. The next-cheapest E.ON tariff is just a quid or so a month cheaper than this one – there’s no guarantee that I’d be able to find a comparable tariff to my current one in a couple of months.

      Also, my first transfer of E.ON points to Tesco CC went astray – the points haven’t posted. I transferred them before the cut-off for the Jan CC statement so they should have shown up by now. So my faith in the points posting is not huge at the moment!

  11. I have been an E.ON customer since January 2015 and only just found out about their rewards scheme through this article. Logged into my account today to find I had 2000 points waiting for me. Converted to Clubcard points this works out as 4800 Avios that I never knew about. Thanks HFP!

  12. I decided to give it a go, once the points hit my account which will be in time for the new clubcard quarter start I will go for the new cheapest tariff available.

    • Have you done a comparison vs other suppliers? This EON deal is incredibly expensive vs eg SSE fixed 1 year

  13. When I looked at changing provider earlier this month even the cheapest Eon deal for the 1500 points/ yr was far more expensive than the cheapest option I found elsewhere.

  14. Tilly71 says:

    I was already with eon and tied into a deal or £60 exit fees. My comparison results made the tariff I was on with eon £30 dearer a year than the cheapest providers but I don’t always trust the cheapest deals out there, through experience over the years the cheapest deal is never what they state so was happy paying on average less than £3 more a month.

  15. Tilly71 says:

    So didn’t know you can only convert 1500 eon points per year to clubcard. I think I will have to cancel as I already have clubcard points from eon.
    Wish I had read about the 1500 limit before I switched.

    • Tilly I read it as the sign up bonus is on top of the normal 1500, before you cancel ask Eon and check.

      “It would convert into 5000 Clubcard points (12000 Avios, 12500 Virgin miles) – not a bad extra incentive. This is on top of the 1500 E.ON Rewards Points you would earn each year.”

    • That seems unlikely as Tesco is promoting this on the Clubcard home page.

  16. Reading all the above, and stating the obvious: if this is not much more expensive than your current deal then you are currently paying far too much!

  17. After some thought, it’s a completely rubbish deal as the Avios are simply not worth buying into a VERY expensive 18 month fixed tariff.

    Yes – you can game it & pay 2 x £30 exit fees and end up quids in. However, changing supplier doers typically take at least 6 weeks. Fair bit of hassle for a few quid/ Avios to the good.

    Might be worth it for house movers – as your buyer will end up with a deemed contract with EON, not you. Unfortunately this will not help many people.

  18. Tilly71 says:

    Harry: I don’t think people are planning on staying on the plan, just sign up and after 28 days transfer over to the cheapest tariff.

    • but you need to stay in 4 weeks to get the points, then another 6 weeks to change supplier

      those 10 weeks would cost me approx. £100-120 in extra energy costs vs my existing tariff

      add on £60 exit fees = total cost £160 or so

      the 5000 points are worth 12000 Avios

      = 1.33p/ Avios

      waste of time (for me on my cheap tariff)

  19. Tilly71 says:

    Can anyone definitely confirm the 5000 award points are actually a bonus on top as everytime I read their reward scheme terms it clearly states 1500 only per year can be redeemed to clubcard..

    Also, £60 in exit fees for 5000 clubcard points in most people’s eyes is a good deal. Think it’s 1.25p per point. I know on other forums some people pay upwards of 2p plus for points as it all depends what you get back in return at the end of the day.

  20. Tilly just ask Eon.

  21. Tilly71 says:

    Didn’t know this offer was promoted on the clubcard site, it must be 5000 points after all so I’m in.

  22. I have emailed eon and asked, will post what they say when they reply.
    My feeling is why offer a promotion on Tesco clubcard site then turn round and say well you can only use part of it, that would be nonsense.

    I still think it is 5000 sign up plus your normal 1500 max points.

    I have signed up it was in fact a little cheaper than my normal tariff.. I signed my Mum up as well and it was a little dearer but in the scheme of things was still worth it for the extra points to us, and I can always switch to another tariff without penalty anyway.

    • Tilly71 says:

      Thanks Debs for contacting them for clarification. It does say to me by reading the clubcard advert you do get 5000 clubcard points or this would be a very clear misrepresentation of an offer.

      • Their reply…

        You’ll be able to send 5000 E.ON Reward Points directly to Tesco…..

        Once the account has been credit after 28 months of yourself being on your new tariff E.ON Energy Fixed 18 month Reward, you’ll be bale to exchange all your E.ON Reward Points for Tesco Clubcard Points.

        • Think she meant days not months tho lol

          She did call me but I was driving and couldn’t take call at the time.

  23. Tilly71 says:

    Thanks, nice start to the new Clubcard Q coming up!