Earn up to QUADRUPLE Avios on Hilton stays this Summer!

Tucked away in the Iberia magazine this month are details of a forthcoming Hilton HHonors promotion.

You cannot register for it yet but it should be live on Thursday.

For some people, this may be more attractive than the main Hilton HHonors promotion ‘Unlimited Bonus‘. This offers double Hilton points on all your stays as this article explains.  It may also be possible to double dip by registering for both offers!

The registration link should be here from Thursday.

Hilton Park Lane

The Hilton / Iberia promotion will work like this:

It will run from 12th May to 30th August

You must register, set your Hilton acccount to ‘Points and Miles’ and select Iberia as your airline partner

You will receive double Avios on your first stay

You will receive triple Avios on your second stay

You will receive quadruple Avios on your third stay

As a reminder of the earning rates:

If you choose points, you earn 10 base points and 5 Hilton HHonors bonus points per $1 spent (doubled under the ‘Unlimited Bonus’ promotion)

If you choose miles, you earn 10 base points per $1 and 15 Iberia Plus Avios per $10 spent (with the Avios doubled, tripled or quadrupled under this promotion)

Based on what happened last year, you may be able to double dip with Unlimited Bonus AND this mileage offer.  Register for both offers and it is possible that your stay will generate double base points (20 Hilton HHonors points per $1) AND 2x / 3x / 4x Avios.

This could be very lucrative if you could double up.  A £100 stay would translate to $140.  Assuming it was your 3rd stay during the period, you would receive:

1,400 base Hilton HHonors points

1,400 ‘Unlimited Bonus’ bonus points

840 Avios

Based on a valuation of 1p per Avios and 0.3p per Hilton HHonors point, your rebate would be 17%.

You MUST register for the bonus Avios promotion.  The registration link will be here from Thursday but is not currently active.

Whilst this is an Iberia Plus offer, I expect a similar BA offer to appear as well.  It is more lucrative to credit Hilton stays to Iberia, however, since the rate is 15 points per $10 rather than 1 point per $1 for BA.

Remember that you can move Avios from Iberia Plus to British Airways Executive Club via ‘Combine My Avios’ as long as your Iberia account is 90 days old.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Boris says:

    Just checked up my points on a recent 4 day stay at the Conrad Istanbul.

    Thanks to Raffles various posts and schemes it was 21k HH points for a stay costing around £380. Not at shabby with almost everything else included.

    Cheers R.

  2. Boris says:


    Not at all shabby.

    • Danny says:

      Can I ask when you check in/check out as I have a Conrad stay next week, and it would be good if the 3 promotions highlighted by Rob, which meant to finish at the end of April, are still working?


      • Boris says:


        My stay was from Apr 28 to May 2nd, so I picked up some of those offers but not all. Don’t forget to sign up for the ones he listed this week.

        I’m HH Gold so I have early / late check-in/out. I checked in at midday and out at 2pm. If you want it suggest confirming by phone 24 hours plus beforehand so that you don’t clash with the consecutive person in the room.

        These are my points statement:

        Base Points 6175
        LRM 2K POINTS OFFER 6000
        LRM 5K POINTS OFFER 5000
        GOLD VIP BONUS – 25% 2016 1543

        There’s also a bonus for your first Conrad stay (which this was for me), and some offers if you are paying full price here:

      • What's the Point says:

        I don’t think the WA promo is working anymore, I had 2 nights in May in a WA and got no extra points.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Off topic, but does anyone know what’s going on with HFP articles not showing up on Apple News anymore? I noticed they were missing some days ago…

    • First I’ve heard, Apple hasn’t sent me any notification. I will take a look.

      I must be honest and say that I only go onto Apple News once every couple of weeks to check.

      • harry says:

        Apple News? lol

        • Mr Dee says:

          Agree lol!

          • All fixed now hopefully – let’s see if it updates tomorrow.

            It costs zero time and zero effort (once you’ve got through the sign-up process, which is messy and slow) to put HFP on Apple News so I am happy to run with it. Whether I upgrade to Apple News Publisher – which allow Apple to run ads in the articles, thus making me a few pennies (literally), but requires more effort on my part – is a different question.

  4. Chris says:

    What is the simplest/most advantageous way of signing up for an Iberia Plus account?

  5. Rob, will you do a reminder on Thursday?

  6. Claudio Ranieri says:

    Thought this might be useful

    Credit to InsideFlyer UK – https://insideflyer.co.uk/2016/05/free-hilton-gold-status-hhonors/

    Free Hilton Honors Gold Status until 31st August which can be extended until 31st March 2018 if you make four separate stays between now and 31st August

    • Andrew H says:

      Nice to see title winning managers can still take their time out to read and contribute to HFP :)

      • He seems a shrewd manager, he must have used points for that private Jet on Monday.
        Vardy’s fiancées’ parking, at school, was bad enough before he hit the headlines – I’m surprised she just doesn’t leave it in the middle of the road- she’s come pretty close mind you. She was there nice and early on Tuesday, after they won the league, mind you driving passed her house that morning I’m not surprised she wanted to get away from the camera crews, beer cans etc!!!!

      • Brian says:

        Isn’t HFP the reason why Leicester won the title? :))

    • Dave Barron says:

      Thanks for the tip! My Gold recently expired but I can confirm I have immediately been reinstated as Gold

  7. Quick question and OT… What is the standard valuation of 1 flying club mile worth, earning from the virgin white amex.


    • Boris says:

      IIRC 0.75-1p give or take.

      • They are arguably worth more than Avios now because a) on Economy redemptions the taxes are lower and b) on Upper Class redemptions you need fewer miles.

        On the downside, Virgin has a smaller route network so you need to be happy spending them to get to those few places.

        • A virgin point is also worth 1.5 Hilton miles via conversion.

          • …. which is 0.45p given my 0.3p Hilton valuation!

            They are worth more to IHG because of the 25,000 points bonus for triggering Spire, although the exact value depends on how close you are to Spire in the first place.

    • thanks both. :)

      I am currently on a cool down churn at the moment, so decising whether I want to put day to day spend on virgin for flying club miles or nectar for effectively, easyjet ££

  8. Another OT.. My BA Comp voucher expires in March 17. Is it possible to use the voucher before March 17 but for a flight after this date?

    • You must take the OUTBOUND flight before the expiry. It doesn’t matter when you come back.

      • Ah thanks. What happens if I then cancel the flight, do I get the companion voucher back or does I lose it?

  9. Boris says:

    Since this is today’s OT thread, can I ask a q about the Emirates New Zealand deal from the other day.

    Emirates are Oneworld, and currently I’m focused on reaching Star Gold, but New Zealand and back is a lot of miles.

    I may be going with a friend (non-family), but how do I capture the points/miles from their ticket, since they don’t collect themselves?

    It could be via the “Friend” transfers or Raffles round-about route from a couple of years ago.

    Are there Oneworld airlines that allow me to create an account for a friend (not family), and then combine the points with my own later?


    • You mean the Qatar deal?

      Your friend can be in a BA household account with you. However, you will get so many Avios from this trip that you don’t need to do this. Simply open a BA account for them (with your address) and then redeem the miles on a ticket for yourself. If there aren’t enough, you can merge them into a household account with you.

      The only ‘snag’ is that your friend will be very close to BA Silver status after the trip and it would be a bit unfair not to let them know and give them the chance to make it.

      • Boris says:

        Yes – Qatar deal.


        I will examine my conscience !

      • Boris says:

        Are there other airlines which do similarly flexible household deals?

        Clearly the ME ones probably will not, but what about Air Berlin etc?

        • Etihad do which is quite handy for combining credit card bonuses and amex Mr. But they literally take the points out of the other accounts an give them to the head, rather than having a separate household balance

          • Boris says:


            I see also that Qatar miles can be credited to Asiana, who are my Star Alliance programme.

  10. Lambs says:

    Off topic sorry
    Does anyone know if you can refer someone for a virgin card & if extra bonus points? Also if you go for the black to receive the extra bonus is the fee prorata if you close early? Thx

    • You could, but they just pulled it ahead of a relaunch in the Summer.

      • Nick M says:

        I think somebody is telling me to calm down on the credit card apps… Was going to apply for the Virgin one just before the deadline but there is a possibility of a mortgage application soon – hopefully it’s a positive sign then!!

        • harry says:

          There’s no somebody or sign. It’s your brain taking cues from external data (and mis-labelling it, perhaps frivolously for these boards).

          If you are going to apply for a mortgage, you need to get the big tick of yes he’s good by whichever agency your lender will use. So, yes – cut back on new credit cards.

  11. AndyR says:

    Does the 1000 Avios cap per stay with Iberia apply to the bonus points too? For example if you spend $500 which gets 750 Avios as standard and then potentially 4x to 3000, is it then capped at 1000? Thanks.

    • Not sure …. the T&C’s of Hilton HHonors are not clear on this.

      • nobbynobchops says:

        Another very good question re: 1000 cap for Iberia, does this apply to BAEC too? I’m about spend $1500 with Hilton on one stay – so understanding the limitations would be very useful!

        • The BA cap is 10,000 Avios so you won’t hit that. You would break the Iberia cap easily with that spend. Perhaps wait until the day before check-in to register in case a BA double points offer appears?

          Note that Virgin earns 2 miles per $1 with Hilton so even better than Iberia – as long as you want Virgin miles – in normal circumstances. There isn’t a double up Virgin promo yet though.

          • nobbynobchops says:

            Thanks Rob – no, never want Virgin, only Avios and I need a lot now as just spanked a boat load on my Wifes 50th present flying First to Vegas!

  12. Joey Forks says:

    Slightly OT but if I book a Hilton room for somebody else do I need to contact the hotel and inform them the name of the person checking in ?

    • My understanding (although I’ve never done it) is that if you ring Hilton to book they will put the other persons name onto the booking as lead guest so there are no issues at all.

  13. Hi Headforpoints,
    On topic, I guess that for this to work I would need to register for miles and points and not points and points right?

  14. Simon B says:

    A couple of questions:
    1) Do you only get bonus Avios for 3 stays i.e. no bonus for a 4th stay
    2) What happens if you have a reward stay in-between (which isn’t eligible for miles)? Does it count towards one of the 3 stays and therefore you lose the bonus on any subsequent paid bookings?

  15. nobbynobchops says:

    Hi Rob

    This Iberia Hilton promo looks ideal for me – can I please clarify though that the quadruple bonus is capped on 3rd stay only, not 4,5,6 etc?



  16. Hi Head for Points,
    How do they usually treat status bonuses in these kind of campaigns?
    I’m Diamond would I earn “more” avioses in the campaign and if so would that bonus be multiplied?
    Thanks for a great blog.

  17. What's the Point says:

    As of 7.30 am today, the link to register is still not operational.

    • Guess it might not be active until morning US time/afternoon our time. Remember you can still change your earnings preference until 23:59 MST on the day of checkout if necessary.

  18. nobbynobchops says:

    Just registered – followed the link from the Iberia offers page

    Looks like quadruple is unlimited stays see here:

    Double Avios is applicable for the first stay booked and completed at the Participating Properties at any eligible rate. Triple Avios is applicable for the second stay booked and completed at the Participating Properties at any eligible rate, and Quadruple Avios is applicable for the third stay, and any subsequent stays during the offer period booked and completed at the Participating Properties at any eligible rate. A stay is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same Participating Property, i.e. from check-in to check-out irrespective of the length of stay.

    • RC_Hammer says:

      I’ve done the same (via the Iberia Plus offers page)since the link in the article doesn’t work) but when I try to register with my Honours details I get an error “Credenciales de usuario invalids” (invalid user credentials). It doesn’t help that everything is in Spanish so not sure if I’m doing something wrong. Anyone else having problems registering?

  19. I am collecting virgin miles too. Does this promo make Iberia better? I have 2(possibly 3) stays coming up, max spend £300/stay.

    • Also is the hilton double points and points earning still not even better?

      • Depends how many stays you would do under the IB promo since you end up at 4x miles.

      • Based on all other similar Hilton promos you’ll still get Double Points under the existing offer that you did – this one will stack with it but only for those that change their preferences to points+miles.

  20. nobbynobchops says:
  21. nobbynobchops says:

    Still doesn’t register – just spoke to Hilton and they cant see the promotion registering their side. Staying tonight so hope they get it sorted

  22. Gareth Morgan says:

    Same problem here. I also read the google translated terms which seem to say that stays must be booked on or after 12th. I’m in a \Garden In in Birmingham tonight which will make my 3rd stay a useful 8 nights in the Grand Hilton Seoul. As that has been booked for ages, I shall be very unhappy if I don’t get the points because i switch collection to Iberia specifically for this offer.

  23. Registration for this promo has Benin fixed overnight, it’s now working and I successfully registered.

    Here is the important bit of small print we didn’t have before:
    “Stays can be booked prior to registration; stay completion required after registration. Additionally, members must register prior to check-out in order for their stay to qualify.”

    • Sididdly says:

      I had a stay which finished on the 12th and I couldn’t register for the promo until yesterday (13th). However, it has still posted as double miles so I’ve hit the first target already.
      Also, can confirm that it stacks up with the double points promo.

      • Excellent! Hoped it would.

      • Good news, that’s how it has always worked before with Hilton promos so glad to hear the same again this time! :)

        • Ambient says:

          I’m getting double hhonors points and double avios, but the double hhonors isn’t double Base points – anyone else?

          • What’s it posting as?

            • ambient says:

              This is the breakdown for my recent stay last week:
              BASE BONUS MILES
              Base Points 12969 0 0
              2016 UNLIMITED BONUS OFFER 0 12969 0
              GOLD VIP BONUS – 25% 2016 0 3242 0
              IBERIA – AVIOS DOUBLE DIP 0 0 1000

              Not complaining as I think I’ve done quite well out of it but I had thought, perhaps mistakenly, that the “double base points” meant just that!

            • Thanks, mine posting OK now too although sometimes the IB bonus seems to post separately.

              Don’t quite follow you re double base points, they look numerically correct, do you mean that you thought they’d count towards status? If so, sorry but Hilton don’t offer it that way, it’s always just an equivalent number of points as non-status earning points that they award in these sort of promos.

  24. ridiculously stupid question…but should I enter my Iberia account number prefixed with or without the “IB”?

    thanks in advance people.

  25. where2travel says:

    Any idea how to check if the registration has worked. After entering details, you normally get a “You are registered” type message. This time I don’t – it goes onto a separate page with some T&Cs which is promising but not quite the confirmation I was hoping for.

    • If you try again, do you get ‘you are already registered’?

      • Not sure about others, but I had initial successful registration on my phone (not the usual confirmation message, but something vaguely positive!), however retrying since on the laptop just shows a page that bad the usual Hilton logos, etc but a blank box where the successful message would normally be. Not quote the normal behaviour on Hilton for these promos, but hopefully all good!