TopCashback stopping Tesco Clubcard (and on to Avios) as a payout option

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One of the easiest ways of earning Avios points or Virgin Flying Club miles is via cashback site TopCashback.

TopCashback allows you to take up to £50 of cashback from your day-to-day online shopping and convert it into 5,000 Tesco Clubcard points.  This means that it will turn into 12,000 Avios points – you are basically ‘buying’ Avios points for just 0.4p each!  This is repeatable every year.

This is a great deal and was a fairly easy 12,000 Avios points per year for Head for Points readers.   If you had a British Airways household account you could do even better.

Last night, TopCashback announced that Tesco is withdrawing on 31st July.  TopCashback transfers to Tesco will be ending on that date.

TopCashback 350

This move appears to be linked to the broader restructuring of the Clubcard scheme which is currently underway.  We have already seen the ending of Clubcard Boost ‘double up’ in store (the current promotion will be the last).  It has also been reported that Clubcard points will soon be instantly redeemable – like Nectar or Boots Advantage points – by swiping your card at checkout.

Interestingly, TCB said that 33% of users who chose Clubcard converted their points into Avios.  30% used them for restaurant vouchers and 20% for family day out vouchers.

There isn’t much more to be said, except that you should ensure that you do what you can to ensure your Clubcard money is paid out before 31st July.

You will still be able to convert TopCashback money directly into Avios points.  This is an acceptable deal – you get 1.05 Avios points for every 1p of TopCashback money you convert – but nowhere near as generous as routing your points via Tesco Clubcard.

If you used TCB to earn Virgin miles then there is no alternative option.

If you want to sign up for TopCashback and try to earn some cashback very quickly, my refer a friend link is here.  You are reliant on the merchant paying TCB before 31st July, however, so there is no guarantee the money will arrive in time.

This move could also be problematic for TCB itself.  It is generally seen as having poorer customer service than Quidco, but people put up with it because of the Tesco conversion option.

With that gone, TCB loses some appeal. Remember, however, that you can still buy Avios via TCB with zero effort for a touch under 1p and that is not a bad deal at all.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. This is most frustrating, as my next 12 month cycle begins on 1st August. I’ll miss out on converting another £50 into Avios by one day :(

  2. Olly Loosemore says:

    I’ve only recently started doing this thanks to Your site :(

  3. Andrew Stock says:

    How long will Tesco keep the 2.4 avios per clubcard point rate?

    • James67 says:

      I’m guessing it will be devalued or eliminated within a year along with most of clubcard scheme. I can see no benefit to tesco maintining the current scheme, I doubt it is keeping customers in tesco at expense of aldi and lidl, and clubcard seems to me at least to be very expenive to run in comparison to Sainsburys and Morrisons loyalty schemes. Consequently I suspect it us facing the chop, just remins to be seen whether tesco will do this gradually or take a bigger risk by doing it all at one go.

      • we don’t have an aldi or lidl, where we live, but even if we did I wouldn’t shop there.
        Since I really got into the points collecting game I’ve only ever bought shopping from tesco, albeit that’s helped by there only bring a tesco and co-op near where we live so it’s not a difficult choice.
        The tesco brand match is very handy and I used it last week to pick up some good wines plus some Tattinger at 16.75 in their wine and champagne promotion.

        • James67 says:

          Personally I’ve always tended to shop at my nearest supermarket regardless of brand. Never considered the cc points on day to day spend a big attraction, I focussed more on the big cc promotions and loopholes. The facts soeak for themselves though, all four main supermarkets have been losing customers bug time to the discounters.

  4. Oyster says:

    I’m more worried by Clubcard becoming instantly redeemable. I presume this means my Clubcard has now become an £800 pile of cash attached to my car keys?

    • Nectar has a (modest) security element by only letting you redeem at a store where you have made a purchase in the last 6 months. All that means, though, is that anyone who nicks your key fob has to buy a newspaper, wait 24 hours and then clear you out.

    • Michael says:

      I’m glad. I missed the transfer for this current statement by a day or two and now need to wait months to transfer to BA points.

  5. Steve R says:

    Luckily my wife’s & mine are eligible to transfer to CC (again) at the end of this month, so that’s £100 on its way then onto Virgin.
    Hopefully we might gat some nice promotions from Tesco bank. Just got my 4000 points from the home insurance

  6. Very concerned this is the start of Clubcard devaluation and payouts to Virgin/BA may be next. Went to concert my CC vouchers to but, unlike when converting to BA or Virgin I can’t see anywhere to put my account number, any ideas how they know where to send it?

    • They just match up your info – I converted £50 last week and it posted into my Avios account a couple of days later.

  7. This does worry me, long-term, as if Avios become harder to collect via clubcard I will struggle to build up enough to fly business class again. I don’t travel for work, and with only c. £7k-£8k credit card spend a year I simply can’t build up that many from sign-up bonuses and daily spend.

    • Get a Lloyds Avios dual pack. 7k spend will let you fly BA’s (admittedly premium economy-like) Business for the price of Premium Economy.

      The ongoing QR C sales make even that redemption route look poor value though… Once you fly in their business pod (787, a350, a380) it would make BA C feel like taking the bus…

      • That was my long term plan – to get the Lloyds card and build up enough Avios to do LHR-SYD return in club using the upgrade voucher (obviously depending on midnight booking a year in advance for the availability!). But I’d still need to save c.150k Avios for that to work, and I was relying to Clubcard points for a lot of that. Those QR ex-EU fares are looking better and better – unless I really luck out and win a million Avios!

  8. I’m just checking the payout tab and the tesco clubcard option appears to have disappeared. is anybody else seeing it as an option?

  9. ThinkSquare says:

    The mandatory Hilton-to-Tesco stopped some time ago.

  10. idrive says:

    i see that now payouts to TESCO carry a £10 Admin fee!! it is obvious that they do not want that to happen! :-#@~@~@::@

  11. I think the Curve article was over 4 pages :-)

  12. Does this mean you will no longer be able to convert your Clubcard points into Avios points, or will this still be available?

  13. I notice some people on here are commenting that this could mean a devaluation of Clubcard points to Avios (i.e 2.4 rate will be cut). If this does happen, surely Tesco would have to announce first when they are intending on implementing the devaluation? They wouldn’t just impose it without notice – therefore no rush to convert before an announcement is made.

    • I’m not worried about that. BA brings in a certain sort of customer to Tesco and they won’t want to lose them. If they did, Sainsbury would be happy to have them back (old timers will remember that Sainsbury’s used to be the BA partner).

      • I remember redeeming my points for paper Airmiles vouchers!

        • Sprout7 says:

          In fact I came across quite a stash of paper vouchers the other day – any idea if I can get them credited to my account somehow?

          • ISTR they didn’t have expiry dates & can still be seen on Ebay

          • I think paper airmiles had to be redeemed by the end of November 2011? They were exchanged 1:10 with Avios when the scheme was relaunched

  14. I had two Hilton bookings tracked at a lower rate than they should have (Winter Sale rates). I put in claims which kept getting thrown back seemingly automatically because they had tracked, but it seemed to be ignoring that they were at the wrong rate. Someone had to manually fix them. Both are Waiting for Merchant in the claim section although also as confirmed. One is almost at the right rate, but the other isn’t

    I have one other pending (haven’t stayed yet).

  15. 2bad4ya says:

    i donated a tenner to charity to get my payable amount low enough to get my tesco clubcard fill for the year – an acceptable write off :-)

  16. I’ve found this, very fustrating, it used to say on the terms and conditions of each merchant any restrictions on the payout options, now it seems the only way I find out about the restrictions is when I go to pay the actual money out not up front.

  17. Danksy says:

    Try split payout by merchant before you ‘need’ your payout! Most don’t allow the same transactions to qualify

  18. I really should check my grammar when typing on my iPhone!

  19. I guess you must have other easy ways to get ‘unlimited’ quantities of Avios @ >1p :)

  20. make that a < :)

  21. Koshka says:

    For the moment I still have the old Clubcard conversion rate and an old MBNA card. I guess that they’re both for the chop at some point as well.

  22. I think the basic rate is pretty decent.

  23. Did you miss out on the +20% bonus conversion rate Tesco —> BAEC in November 2015? Only a few months ago.

    We waited long enough for that one, so I wouldn’t go anticipating another for a wee whiley :)

  24. Matt Brown says:

    Forgot to say I should have those avois available to redeem much more quickly too.

  25. Amex at screwfix? Doubt it.

    Unless you used a Curve?

  26. Palcsaky says:

    I also liquidated all my cc vouchers. Redeemed them in the current boost promotion for a 64gb iPhone 6s Plus. Only had to pay an extra £22. Very happy.

  27. Matt Brown says:

    Paid with Paypal linked to my amex

  28. avstar says:

    Raffles – what do you think about the future viability of tesco boost options then? surely if the restructuring is in line with nectar/boots advantage then these are no longer fundable options? do you think they will just drop these immediately or is there likely to be a timeframe in which we can redeem for one last hurrah?

  29. Michael says:

    Make sure the merchant pays out in CC points. Some do, some don’t. There’s not much of a rule to it it seems.

  30. You’re absolutely right, you need to sign up to 3 sites and cover every result 😉

  31. I can’t see avios being dropped, as I would have thought avios would need some way of avios being earned through shopping loyalty cards. I can’t see tthis working anywhere else other than clubcard.

    However, I am getting nervous about the upcoming club-card changes and whether there will be an avios conversion devaluation.

    Think i’m going to convert all of my vouchers this period, just to be sure I don’t lose out.

  32. Exactly this.

  33. Agree on the poor targeting. I rarely get any vouchers these days (probably due to an overall reduction in vouchers across the board), but the ones I do get don’t reflect my purchasing habits. I only use the Helping Hands vouchers against gift cards due to the spend limit and now the cards I tend to buy have been discontinued, it gets harder. There are only so many coffee shop cards I can buy and the nieces now prefer cash to itunes / pizza / cinema cards.

  34. Tilly71 says:

    Don’t worry Matt, think your time is going to be used up responding to complaints on here for the next week’s.

  35. But experience tells us it won’t be paid at the rates promised! I sent another message about my Hilton claims tracking at less than half the advertised rates yesterday. No reply yet.

  36. James67 says:

    It helps Matt, except some HFP readers are reporting that all their hilton transactions that were in the pipeline prior to hilton withdrawl have since been successively declined.

  37. That’s good news – here’s hoping all the uplifts to the promotional rates that were in place all happen too!

  38. Hmmm. So, if 58,000 had transferred to Tesco – and 33% of those moved them on to Avios – then that makes 19,000 people who convert to Tesco and then to Avios. Which is roughly the daily readership of HFP :-)

  39. well evidently it’s not imposed by anybody…

  40. Tilly71 says:

    Because they get paid for every transaction made via their site, they would be stopping revenue streams to their accounts if they stopped a merchant.

  41. So happy to keep on with false advertising despite unhappy customers and the associated aggro!

  42. I have to say I’ve done quite a few Hilton bookings and they have all tracked correctly, even the 18.9% offer a few months ago which is now payable.

  43. sounds like you don’t fly BA :)

  44. Tilly71 says:


  45. I agree, sometimes it goes through

  46. That’s my experience too – I was sure I’d recently gone over my £50, but they just let me do another £32 :)

  47. You are confounding what Raffles thinks (you say: less than 1p, that’s your figure not Raffles’) with what others may think.

    So I happen to think that buying Avios for 1p is pretty good value, I’m an average joe.

    Go figure, Trevor.

  48. Took it off there about 4 months ago, but that was purely an ‘image’ thing!

  49. Mr Dee says:

    I doubt it seeing as their only competition has been taken away!

  50. Yes, seems so, no sign of any fee!

  51. idrive says:

    i did mention that! this is what I saw today when trying to payout to CC! not joking, I am a reputable person:-) the last i remember was a £5 admin fee..i will try again tomorrow and advise!

  52. With a £10 Boots gift card! Will cover this next week, it runs until the 15th.

  53. Well it’s definitely been imposed on me!

  54. I have. Works great. Mondo too.

  55. The £5 fee isn’t a Tesco one though, that’s just your annual fee for the premium account – would be charged regardless of payout method.