LAST DAY: Get 10,000 or 25,000 Avios sign-up bonus with the British Airways Amex cards

Back in April, to celebrate the new £195 Premium Plus fee, American Express increased the sign-up bonus on the two British Airways American Express cards.

The Premium Plus version, now with a £195 annual fee, now offers 25,000 Avios instead of 18,000 Avios. You must spend £3,000 within three months to receive the bonus.

The basic, free, card now offers 9,000 Avios instead of 3,000 Avios. You must spend £1,000 within three months to receive the bonus.

This special offer ends TODAY, Wednesday 15th June.

BA Premium Plus Amex

My full review of the benefits of the Premium Plus card is here. Amex’s own home page is here.

My full review of the free card is here. This is actually the most improved deal jumping from 3,000 to 9,000 Avios. Amex’s own home page is here. Both reviews reflect the higher bonuses.

As usual, I am obliged to remind you that the representative APR on the Premium Plus card is 76.0% variable including the fee based on a £1200 credit limit. The representative APR on the free card is 22.9% variable.

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  1. Genghis says:

    Note to take advantage you need to be accepted straight away. To facilitate that, enter details of currently held Amex cards (if possible) and that for me in the past has seemed to do the trick.

  2. Amazingly I’ve been able to find 4 seats to Singapore for next year’s Easter hols in order to use my 2-4-1 voucher. As I paid the taxes and fees on my BA Amex and have now cleared it can I cancel the card to avoid a second year’s fee? Or do I need to wait until the flights have been completed.

    • Genghis says:

      You can cancel

    • Genghis says:

      But you better not have nabbed the flights I was eyeing up to SIN at Easter! :) 241 to post in next couple of days

      • Only availability was out on the Monday back the following Thursday in economy but takes a chunk out of the family holiday. Just need to decide on beach destination now…

        • Genghis says:

          So you didn’t book the F ones available???

          • Couldn’t see availability for anything other than cattle when I looked. Not ideal but the only option to burn the voucher before it expired.

    • Or just downgrade to the free one? (just in case you need to make any changes/cancellations?)

      • What an idiot. Just checked and I’d already done that a few months ago. Please ignore and further rambling from me.

  3. Barry cutters says:

    I am about to get my 2nd 2-4-1 on my account , 3 months in to my card year. I will hit the 10k in the next few days.
    I will be cancelling the card and re-applying in 6 months. Is the general consensus still that Amex will tell you these vouchers will be cancelled but in reality they won’t . I know I will need to pay the taxes when I use them with another Amex (which I have) but just hoping to check that they haven’t actually started cancelling vouchers or anything. Likelihood is I will have another ba card by the time I actually come to use the vouchers anyway.

    • Jonathan says:

      Conservative consensus seems to be don’t mind cancelling after you’ve spent (but not flown using) the voucher, but you could experience an issue If you had to cancel your booking.

      Likewise conservative view on here seems to be to keep the card until you use the voucher.

      If you do cancel please relay your experience as there’s been relatively few examples of people doing this in the past (that I’ve seen anyway).

      • Genghis says:

        Agree with this but we do need some hard evidence of what happens.

        • Mr(s) Entitled says:

          I have in writting from Amex that the voucher remains upon termination of the card. You will need an Amex card at time of booking however so there is the risk that if your new application isnt accepted you are up a creek without a paddle.

          Email their customer service if you want additional certainty.

          • Amex doesn’t do name recognition, though, so you can use anyones Amex card – even though your name is hard-coded by into the ‘Cardholder Name’ box – and it still goes through.

    • Correct – the voucher gets posted to your BA account and sits there until used. The only outstanding question is whether it still goes back if you cancel your booking and no longer have BA Amex, but given I’ll have booked all the other parts of my trip by that point I’ve never had to cancel anyway.

  4. How often do they run this 9k promo? Do they have some promo calendar or pattern?
    It feels they launch it every 6-9 months which will match my BA Card churning cycle perfectly! :)

    • It ran for 5 consecutive months last year!

      For clarity, I have had confirmation from Amex that the offer is definitely ending today and there will be no ‘surprise’ extension as we have occasionally seen in the past.

  5. I just called them because I applied last week and still haven’t heard anything.

    They assured me that the offer I get will be the one when I applied and not when I’m accepted. So I think even if anyone who applies before end of today and doesn’t get accepted today should be fine?!

  6. I phoned them yesterday to see if they had a specific offer for me for the SPG card, but during the conversation we spoke about the BA PP Amex. The CS rep mentioned to me that letters will be going out to all current holders of the BA cards with a fee (so Premium and Premium Plus cards). Apparently the new fees will now be applied to EXISTING card holders from AUGUST. Don’t know if Raffles has any more info on this but it seems there is no escaping the price hike. That said, I am probably better off cancelling mine and scooping up another good sign up bonus.
    Incidentally, the SPG card is underrated. I can now use it to collect SPG points which I can then move to Aegean. I hope to be using them a lot more in future.

    • Annoyingly, mine renewal date is August!! Sounds like I might get hit with the new fee straight away!!

      • I think you may be OK. The rep did say if you’ve just renewed or are about to, you will get another year at the old rate. Now, my renewal is September so I may well be screwed here…

  7. Anne Marie says:

    I’ll take a Refer A Friend link, Rob! Cheers!

  8. OT but just wondering if anyone know about this?

    I have an upgrade voucher from Lloyds Avios card, and if I also get a 2-4-1 from the BA Amex card, will I be able to somehow use them together?

    Many thanks!

    • No, sorry – you need to book the Lloyds one with and the BA 241 with BA so can’t see a way of making use of both. Also both require that the cardholder travel on any booking made with the voucher.

    • No: the 241 has to be booked through BAEC and the Lloyds voucher through

      I suppose you could book a one-way with the 241, then book your flight back with the LLoyds voucher. But then you’d be paying probably more than 50% of the return-leg cost (with the voucher) rather than 50% if you’d included it on the 241 booking.

      • Thanks pauldb, I think I will probably have to use them on separate flights in that case.

        I was also thinking of the Premium Avios card from Lloyds but the T&C seems only allowing Economy redemptions, which means I still cannot use the upgrade voucher at the same time :(

    • Is there any quick and easy way to check how much spend I’ve accrued in total on my Lloyds Avios duo cards?

      • Not really, and it also happened to me that I spent well above 7k last year and they didn’t give me a voucher, so I had to call them to get it issued.

      • No, sadly their system is atrocious in this regard – when you call them they often end up (mistakenly!) transferring you to too!

        Easiest way is to look back over your previous statements and tot things up, although beware if you’re trying to hold off triggering the voucher I found they estimated my spend as slightly higher than I expected (perhaps some refunds didn’t get taken off the total as they should have)

        • AndyGWP says:

          Checking the statements was the advice they gave me when I phoned a few months back… seems bizarre they have no way of knowing!

          Whilst we’re on the subject, I have a 2-for-1 but no-one to share it with currently… anyone fancy a holiday? lol

  9. If you are currently on the Premium Plus card, and you downgrade to the free card today, will you get the signup bonus on the new card issue? Can you get a bonus when downgrading or not?

  10. James67 says:

    OT but avios: just noticed that Business Traveller subscriptions attract bonus avios. Apologies if this has always been the case but I only ever recall seeing bonus FC miles which now seem to be gone.

    • It comes and goes, but there are usually cheaper BT deals around without miles.

    • James – I managed to get my IHG points credited for the recent stay – they now seem to have credited me 2000 pts more than I calculated – not that I am complaining – after I produced all the receipts they came back saying that on reflection the whole thing was credited wrong and booked at a discounted rate through a third party – after a very angry email back I got an apology and confirmation that both my recent bookings were booked through the app and that the stay was a qualifying stay and points credited accordingly. Just waiting for accelerate bonuses to start crediting!

  11. Guesswho2000 says:

    OT – for anyone waiting for the 1,000 EY points from the Heinemann promo a while back, mine have appeared at some point over the last few days.

  12. Krankyfly says:

    Do they backdate applications?
    I applied 5 days ago but still waiting for a decision.

  13. Sorry to comment on an old post but I was hoping someone could confirm something for me. I will need to cancel my BA Amex and wait 3 months before being able to get any BA Amex Prem sign up bonus right? I can’t just upgrade my current card for the bonus?

    Thanks, Macca

  14. Genghis says:

    Perfect timing!

  15. or 9000 points to a referrer (perhaps £90 or more?)