1,000 free Accor points for meeting planners – and big first event bonus

Le Club AccorHotels, the loyalty scheme for Ibis, Novotel, Sofitel, Mercure etc, is offering a generous bonus if you register with Le Club Meeting Planner.  This is their ‘club within the club’ for anyone who books events or meetings.

If you sign up before 30th November, you will receive 1,000 Le Club points just for registering.  The link is here.

As 2,000 Accor points can be redeemed for €40 of credit or 2,000 Iberia Plus Avios, you are effectively getting 1,000 Avios or €20 for joining.  Note, however, that you need at least 2,000 points to get a voucher and 3,000 points to convert to Iberia.

As a registered Meeting Planner, you will earn Le Club AccorHotels points with every event or group booking (7+ rooms) you make.  The rate is 1 point per €2.

Note that the Accor website for the offer is not very well translated and it is not totally clear that the sign-up bonus is separate from the bonus for organising your first event.  I received a press release for this deal which does clarify that the two are totally separate.

Accor Meeting Planner

Generous new member offer

Until 30th November, you will get a generous bonus on your first Meeting Planner event or group booking:

5,000 bonus points for a spend of €9,000 to €15,000

10,000 bonus points for a spend of €15,001 to €40,000

15,000 bonus points for a spend of €40,001+

You can sign up for Le Club Meeting Planner and claim your 1,000 points via this special page of the Accor website.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Silly question time:

    If I register, can I transfer these points to my personal account somehow?

    You may have mentioned it, but I probably missed it due to the sheer excitement of the promise of 1000pts

    (A sad life I lead, I know)


  2. I’m guessing that you sign up with your personal account details? And as long as you are a meeting planner ….. then you’ll get the points. If accor aren’t competitive for their room rates then they won’t get any of my business.

  3. tuktuktukan says:

    Yep, raise a lot of questions about reg. bonus – can I register for this offer and get bonus on my personal account? I am self employed and in extreme case let say i have 2 days meeting with my business partner in London staying in the same room…I need 1000 points for gold status, this would help 😉

  4. RIccati says:

    The request failed and the error is unknown or undefined

  5. I was able to register OK using my personal details, but I was also wondering that If you have auto-convert to Iberia, as I do, don’t the 1,000 points get switched over without the minimum 3K requirement?

  6. The request failed and the error is unknown or undefined

    as usual the accor website is a shocker!!

    • I received the same message.

    • I tried signing up using my mobile – kicked me out – said the website was temporarily congested. Tried on my laptop – and it worked.

      I wonder how long the points take to post? I remember a little while ago, Hilton promised some points for changing to a secure password and those points just never materialised….

      • Changing password ones did post eventually, but I think they took a couple of months…

        • I didn’t ever get mine, but I contacted HHonors and they credited them manually.

  7. Jimmyjimmy says:

    Accor question
    If you part pay a stay with your €20 voucher do you gets points on the remaining spend of the booking?

    • Yes, it just reduces the rate you pay. Used to work well on the old site but apparently the new revamped one is rubbish.

      • You will earn points if the cash part of the booking is over a certain amount only. I think that you need to spend over 10€/night to get points

    • PS remember minimum is €40 voucher (2000 points)

  8. me too, The request failed and the error is unknown or undefined… how can fix it? thanks!

    • Was that mobile or desktop? Which browser? (just seeing varying reports above)

      • I did tried from moblie and desktop with Chrome but all have the error message.

    • Raffles says:

      I got that message but I got a confirmation email a while later ….

      • Ooh dear. Haven’t received confirmation email. I did take a screen print though – that website is far too flaky…

  9. OK tried a couple of different ways (all on Firefox on desktop). First way – already signed into Accor website, clicked through and filled out company name/mobile – this didn’t work and gave the unspecified error.

    Second way DID work though – log out of Accor website, visit offer address above, then click through, enter Accor email/password – this will log you in and still ask for business name/mobile number, but interestingly the opt-in marketing info at the bottom will only now have one tick box (for meeting planner emails), whereas as previously it had two. Click to register, worked fine, will see if/when points post! If it works then very easy EUR20!

    • Now received confirmation email – “We are pleased to confirm your membership of Le Club Accorhotels Meeting Planner offer with your card no xxx. Ths membership is valid for two years and will need to be renewed before…” also updated postal address on a/c adding company name.

      No points yet, hopefully they’ll update overnight.

    • Alistair Todd says:

      Yep, that little trick works perfectly. Thanks Alan!

  10. Doesn’t work for me either on Chrome or Edge on Windows 10 PC.

    Not sure an iphone will be any better. Might be time to dust off the iPad and Safari… :(

    • … However I had been making the same “mistake” as Alan – i.e. logging in before clicking the link!

      Following his cunning trick all appears good now. Good work, sir!


  11. Tilly71 says:

    Confirmed, it’s works by not being logged in first.

  12. No problems here and I got the welcome email almost instantly.

  13. It did work by Firefox~ thanks Alan!

  14. Genghis says:

    Registered on iPad. Entered email address and password and then logged in. Job done. Wife and I now registered as the meeting planners for our limited company.

  15. Once the whole world jumps on this, they’ll void the points and some peoples accounts also… Just like last time…!

    • They didn’t actually do that. They targeted Chinese a/cs and a few of us (not me!) got caught in the crossfire. Get in early before the yellow peril :) (no offence intended)

  16. Andrew H says:

    Thanks Alan and Raffles – much appreciated.

  17. John Wallace says:

    Registered by logging into my personal account fine . E-mail confirmations from Accor
    Just need to see when the points arrive !

    • wetboy1uk says:

      As per my previous message – points to not get allocated until after 15 December – it stats this in the terms and conditions

  18. Neuromancer says:

    Do I read it correctly, that you need to pay for an event to get the bonus:
    Receive 1,000 welcome points for a new membership to the Meeting Planner offer and for your first event* paid before November 30th, 2016; receive up to 15,000 additional points based on your event* size:
    – your paid event* is between 9,000 & 15,000€ (included), receive 5,000 points.
    – your paid event* is between 15,001€ and 40,000€ (included), receive 10,000 points.
    – your paid event* is above 40,001€, receive 15,000 points.

  19. Tilly71 says:

    I got an email from them today stating thanks for changing your address when I didn’t, I signeed up for this offer?

    • Signing up does change your address though? It adds the company name to it – you can easily go back to your profile and remove it though…

  20. My email never came through. I guess mine didn’t work then. And then when I try to re-register, it tells me that I need to renew my membership in 2018…..confused….I don’t seem to have much luck with these things :-(

  21. I manage to sign up, thank you, but no confirmation email yet. Slightly off topic does anyone know where I can find information on the new Le club rules? I am asking as on the loyalty page says ‘from today your status points….’ add up and what everstatus you have extends till 2017. Yet my status date, with status this end in Autumn (I don’t have Amex status). The contact us form doesn’t allow you to submit a question. I also wanted to know when they will start to split out the reward points and status points so I have enough time to use up the exsiting points.

  22. roberto says:

    Has anybody got the auto convert backdoor from Accor to Avios working recently?

    I cant and have about 4800 Accor points in limbo spread across 4 Accor members and would rather like them conveniently converted into my BA HH account.

    Here is the HFP link for anybody that missed it :- http://www.headforpoints.com/2015/12/17/how-you-can-convert-your-1100-free-accor-points-into-1100-free-avios/

    • Hi Roberto,

      It’s always worked 100% for me, with auto convert from Accor points to Iberia Avios. I then switch instantly from Iberia to BA.


    • I did it last December after that article. Worked fine for me. I’ve had 2 Happy Mondays stays in the last few weeks where the points posted directly to Iberia.

    • Andrew* says:

      Worked fine for me yesterday/overnight – points transferred out of my Le Club account…

      Set up exactly the same way for my wife and she received the first email but, so far, not the second…

      • ah – but did you set it up recently? is I think the point here.

        Ours are both working fine – so loth to mess with them – but we did set them up (to transfer overnight) some time ago

        • Andrew* says:

          Yes, have tried previously on various systems (generating many inconsequential emails)… but not sure I ever tried Windows / IE combination before yesterday…

          Mine worked ‘textbook’, just like HFP article… my wife’s worked in exactly the same way except for lack of second email and points not out of her Le Club a/c this morning…

          • Thx – that’s great, it’s working again (not that I necessarily ever believed it had stopped working! :) )

            It certainly was a right fiddle to get ours working in the first place & I think some people possibly gave up at the hurdles.

    • BigDave says:

      yes i had about 300 left and I wanted to switch to Iberia anyway due to an upcoming stay that would hopefully trigger the 3000 points, and it moved the small balance i had to the iberia account (took about 5 days)

  23. nobody has reported getting it working recently, other reports are historical

    you snoozed you losed

  24. rams1981 says:

    I still can’t sign up to this. Keeps giving error even after trying Alan’s trick

  25. BigDave says:

    Error here too – guess they sussed us out

    • BigDave says:

      hang on,

      Alan’s trick worked but still awaiting any emails. …. worth a try i guess

  26. rams1981 says:

    does it need to have a reference code in there? mine still doesn’t work in Chrome or Internet explorer

    • Has anyone actually had these points credit to their account? As I still haven’t got mine.