180 free Avios for giving Tesco your insurance details – if you got it before, you can get it again

Tesco Bank runs regular promotions offering bonus Clubcard points if you are prepared to hand over your insurance renewal dates.

It turns out that I haven’t mentioned this deal for 6 months so, as it is a very easy source of free miles, I thought I would cover it again today.

The current offer, running until 31st August, is for 75 Clubcard points.  That is 180 free Avios points or 187 Virgin Flying Club miles.

Here is the form you need to complete.

You only need to give them one set of renewal dates to get your 75 points.  You don’t need to complete everything.

Tesco Bank

Tesco used to limit this to one set of bonus points EVER.  This rule has now changed.

The terms and conditions now say:

“One offer per customer entering their dates (including previous offers) into the Renewals website within a two year period

If you previously did this offer a long time ago, give it another shot.  If you’ve never done it all, definitely give it a go.  I get the occasional complaint that the points didn’t post but, personally, I have never had a problem.

Remember that, if you collect Avios via Tesco Clubcard, you should be following our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk).  This covers the latest Clubcard (and Nectar) offers every day.  There is no frequent flyer talk over there so it is also safe to recommend it to your non-Avios collecting friends!

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  1. O/T Moneycorp will soon be begging you to take up your HFP options! Next target now $1.50/£ apparently https://www.dailyfx.com/gbp-usd

    Serious point about holiday money though. There’s likely to be a decent window this week to change GBP into your required currency at an exchange rate you can be happy with, regardless of future movements. Worth watching as it evolves, setting a target rate & exchanging if your target is met.

    • Getting close to that $1.50 mark.

      Re earlier comment – maybe you are close to an exchange rate where it would leave you happy if you bought your holiday currency?

      • Telegraph picks up on this & adds
        1. Use a buyback guarantee

        This is an option offered by some foreign exchange companies, where the company agrees to buy back unused currency at the same rate you bought it at, for a flat fee.

        Travelex, American Express and Moneycorp all offer such a guarantee at a cost of £3.99 (limits on the total amount apply in some cases).

        Caxton FX has also just launched a buyback guarantee card, which for a fee of £4.99 enables holidaymakers to sell back any unused currency on the card at the same rate they bought it – on a maximum of £6,500 worth of currency.

        The guarantees are intended to be used by those who have excess money left over after a trip, but can equally be used to ensure the value of your holiday money through the referendum vote, no matter what the outcome.

        • $1.50 hit

          • Point being: if you like the currency cost, at a certain level: buy it, don’t hang around.

            Could go up or down from this point. But if you’re happy at a certain level, buy/sell it but don’t prevaricate :)

            Holiday money never got so much fun.

          • Result, just bought a coat in Bloomingdales this afternoon :-)

  2. A word of warning. Assuming it’s the same as when it was 100 points, the points end up in tesco finance section rather than general, and only convert to vouchers when you have 100 points in the finance section. It wasn’t a problem when getting 100, but with only 75 they will be stuck until you get another 25 from another finance offer (or 25 * 8 quid on clubcard credit card)

  3. Any one else see their Tesco points disappear to zero on Awards Wallet this morning ?

  4. Tilly71 says:

    I had a strange one a month ago on AW, Marriott points jumped up by 20k overnight, checked account and no show of the 20k then by the time I revisited AW it had gone back down Again?

  5. OT/ AMEX gold…

    How long does the Lounge card take to come? Do I need to request it somewhere?
    When I got the Gold Charge card last year, I had the Lounge card before the AMEX!

  6. O/T noticed this deal is still going http://www.headforpoints.com/2015/04/18/the-gourmet-society-airport-lounge-access-dragonpass/

    but lounge access is now £16.50 – which can still be a saving.

    Anybody know any other decent lounge pass codes/ offers?