Bits: Qatar selling Heathrow – Dubai for £1001 in Business, £5 JustPark credit via Amex

News in brief:

Qatar Airways launches Dubai in business class for £1,001 from Heathrow

Last week I wrote about an exceptionally good Qatar Airways fare to Dubai – just £975 return.  This is bookable from Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester.

A Heathrow version has now appeared too, selling for just £1,001 return.

Details are on this special webpage here.  You must book by 21st July.  Seats are available until May 2017 although some dates are blacked out.  Seats definitely are bookable at this price though.

If you are sitting on an Avios redemption to Dubai you need to think about this.  Swapping your redemption – with over £500 of taxes – for a £1000 cash ticket is well worth considering.

Remember that Qatar Airways flights earn Avios and British Airways tier points.  You would get 400 tier points return for this routing as the Doha to Dubai leg books into First Class.  Here is my review of Qatar’s Boeing 787 business class seat and here is Qatar regional First Class which you get on the connection.  Here is my review of the excellent Heathrow lounge in Terminal 4.  You might even get to travel on the Qatar First Class bus!

There is a special Qatar 787 microsite here and an A380 microsite here if you want to learn more about the aircraft.

More details are on the Qatar website here.   Note that it is a big buggy and also seems to change pricing – for the same flights – depending on whether you search for DXB (the main airport) or DWC (the new, mainly cargo, airport).  British Airways has not price matched this deal unfortunately.

Qatar 350

£5 statement credit from Amex

You may remember that I wrote a piece on back in October.

The original premise was that, if you live near a station or shopping area, you could use the site to rent out your driveway for less than the cost of a standard parking space in the area.

The site has evolved and there are now large numbers of businesses – including a lot of hotels – who rent out their car parking spaces via JustPark.

Let’s imagine that I am looking for 7 days parking at Heathrow.  JustPark has a few private driveways to rent from £22.50 – an exceptional price for a week of parking.  These houses are within the Heathrow ‘free bus travel’ zone so you won’t have to pay to jump on a bus to the terminal.

There are also some hotels available.  Last time I priced it up, the Marriott on Bath Road was offering a week for £39.  The easyHotel would let you park outside for a week for £25.  The Premier Inn was charging £24.50.  The Thistle Hotel is also available on selected dates.  The Heathrow Thistle is a great choice for anyone who hates shuttle buses, as you can pay £5 per person to jump onto the pods in the official Heathrow car park behind the hotel.

If you haven’t tried JustPark yet (and it works at all UK airports, not just Heathrow), American Express is offering a £5 statement credit when you spend £10 before 31st August.  Not everyone will have got this deal, but if you log on to your Amex account you may find it under My Offers.  I had it on all three of my cards so it seems widely available.   Remember you need to click ‘Save To Card’ to activate the deal.

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  1. Mr Dee says:

    Just Park is very good value for short stays, I couldn’t find any parking for less than £36 when I check for one day and with just park it was only £6 for the day, it is of course worth checking and comparing prices each time.

    • Agreed – even my links above can’t compare on a 2-3 day park, esp if you get £5 Amex credit.

      I still wouldn’t leave my car on some hobo’s driveway, though 🙂

      • Matthew says:

        Nor would I, but a day’s parking for about a fiver at the Premier Inn T5 is not to be sniffed at.

        I’m pretty pleased with 22 days parking in Oct at Purple Parking Long Stay Heathrow for £33 inc transfers.

      • Mr Dee says:

        Yes I wouldn’t use a person on Just Park with a low feedback has to be 50+ positive where possible, worth noting that a lot of hotels will let you park direct without needing to stay at the hotel if Just Park doesn’t have much availability!

        £33 inc transfers for 22 days in an insane price!

  2. Alex W says:

    Where have the comments gone from the Tesco wine story?

  3. Do you get access to the first lounger with the dubai flight then if it connects in domestic first?

  4. JamesWag says:


    With regard to Qatar and the lounges at Doha I am a bit confused as to which is ‘best’ if you can’t access Al Safwa.

    As I think I might, maybe, perhaps understand it there are 4 (main) lounges available in Doha to QR passengers and OneWorld status holders (or am I waaay off the mark !)
    a) Al Safwa
    b) Al Mourjan
    c) DOHA First Premium Lounge
    d) DOHA Business Premium Lounge

    Al Safwa being only available to QR passengers flying on a first class ticket – no exceptions.
    Al Mourjan being available to QR passengers flying in business class (and their guests if member is QR Privelege FFP Gold or Platinum status) – other OW Status is not accepted.
    DOHA First Premium Lounge (have I made this up ?! – I’ve heard of it somewhere) accessible by OW Emerald status holders & QR first class passengers (Perhaps holders of the top tier in other alliances ??????)
    DOHA Business Premium Lounge Accessible by OW Gold & Silver plus QR Business passengers.

    Have I just made all of that up ??????

    I’m not trying to tell anyone that these exist or that the entry criteria is correct, just trying to get to the bottom of it. Some info online contradicts other info (as is the case with EVERYTHING) online and want to know all of the lounges I’m permitted access to !

    I’m a QR Plat (Emerald OW) at the moment and tend to fly business as opposed to first. Have used the Al Safwa and the Al Mourjan which are both very nice, just wondering what else is available for a change or at least a change of scenery on a long transit.

    I am also taking my folks to Thailand in November all in business class and am wondering if there is an additional lounge we can get into as, especially if its better (or on a par) with Al Mourjan.

    Cheers for any clarification you can give 🙂

  5. JamesWag says:

    d) the Al Maha lounge (seems free for QR Platinum status holders and upto 2 guests)

    Forgot this one.

    • JamesWag says:

      that’s ‘e)’ !!!!!

      • JamesWag says:

        Thanks to all those who helped.

        • Sorry pal. No info. But having worked in Doha for 6 months, my inside information says don’t go to Doha in the first place, it’s one of the worst cities you’d ever want to be, apart from staying in a 5* hotel I suppose. Nothing to recommend it at all.

        • JamesWag says:

          Couldn’t agree more in terms of the city itself. Dull, dull, dull.