Avios withdraws the Lloyds Premier Avios credit card

Avios has withdrawn the £140 Lloyds Premier Avios credit card (not the £24 Lloyds Avios credit card) to new applicants.  The final day to apply was 13th July.

I honestly don’t know why the card has gone.  I doubt it is linked to the imposition of the 0.3% interchange fee cap, because a card with a high annual fee is exactly what the card issuers need now.

The obvious answer would be to say it was pulled because it was rubbish.   It is perhaps closer to the truth to say that the £140 annual fee was too rich for the avios.com client base which is generally more mainstream than British Airways Executive Club.

I have grown quite fond of the £24 Lloyds Avios Rewards credit card (reviewed here) despite the woeful customer service provided by Lloyds.  It has a lot going for it, even if you already have a British Airways American Express card:

whilst the card has a £24 fee, you can offset this with a 4,500 Avios refer-a-friend bonus (email me if you need a referral)

there are NO foreign exchange fees when using the card and, even better, you still earn Avios on your spend.  This makes it the most attractive credit card on the market for foreign spending.

the earning rate on the MasterCard may be woeful (0.25 Avios per £1) BUT spending on the MasterCard counts towards the upgrade voucher which you earn for spending £7,000 per year

The upgrade voucher is not really an upgrade voucher.  It lets you book 1 return or 2 one-way Avios seats for the price of the next lowest class.  You can’t use it to book First, but you can book Club World for the Avios of World Traveller Plus, or Club Europe for the Avios of Euro Traveller.  If you are really smart, you can use it on the few long-haul BA routes which don’t have World Traveller Plus in order to book Club World for the Avios of World Traveller!

For some odd reason, flights from London City Airport are excluded from the upgrade voucher.

The pricing gap between Club World and World Traveller Plus doubled when the Avios scheme was restructured in April 2015.  This made the upgrade voucher more valuable.

My full review of the £24 Lloyds Avios Rewards credit card is here.

Lloyds 2

The £140 Lloyds Premier Avios card, however, did not offer much to justify the fee.

there was no refer-a-friend bonus for signing up

the earning rate was higher (1.5 per £1 on the Amex vs 1.25 per £1, and 0.3 per £1 on the MasterCard vs 0.25 per £1) but not high enough to justify £140

the upgrade voucher was triggered at £5000 instead of £7000 – this was of marginal benefit and may even have backfired on Lloyds as cardholders stopped spending at £4900 to avoid activating it early

you got a 2-4-1 voucher on Avios redemptions for spending £12,000 per year.  The problem was that it was only valid on Economy redemptions which are not good value long-haul.  You could get a deal by using the voucher on a Eurostar redemption but few people knew this was an option.

If you placed no value on the 2-4-1 voucher because you don’t redeem in Economy, the only extra value came from the additional 0.25 Avios per £1 on the Amex card and 0.1 Avios per £1 on the MasterCard.  Unless you were spending over £50,000 per year that did not justify the additional £116 of annual fee.


The removal of this card is not a great loss.  The questions now are:

will Lloyds introduce a replacement card with better benefits?

the word on the street is that Amex is cancelling its deals with Lloyds, Barclays and MBNA because – with the 0.3% interchange fee cap – they are no longer profitable.  What will happen to the Lloyds Avios Rewards card at that point?

why do the TSB Avios credit cards still exist?!  They were deliberately designed to be worse than the equivalent Lloyds cards.  I can’t even remember the last time I wrote about them.  The £50 annual fee TSB Premier Avios card must surely be at risk even if the free card survives.

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  1. Never mind the Lloyds Avios cards – if Amex are rumoured to be cancelling their deal with MBNA, does this mean it’s the end of the road for the Diamond Club party?

  2. Won’t miss this at all, me and Mrs Danksy took one out…had ridiculously low credit limits (we are both rated 999 at experian) which meant there was literally no way of hitting the minimum spend targets in the time allocated! We had to pay our balances off mid month! Easy – except it also took ages for our cards to come through (almost the whole of the first month) I then had a hell of a job as I put both cards into credit balance – then one of them got blocked!

    So after a lot of messing around. I got my credit balance refunded, but missed out on the signup bonus, and was £140 worse off. Mrs Danksy got the signup bonus and we cancelled shortly after.

    • Johnnycl says:

      +1 on the low credit limits. I’m still in the double Avios period so am putting through most spend on this card but so far this billing period have had to make two interim payments.

      • A simple way to circumvent the low limits was to make a payment, clear the balance and start again (I do realise that it prevented purchases over the limit though). Easy enough to incrementally hit target spend of £5k (that said my limit was £1500).

        • +1 on low limits

          I have however made a purchase of double the limit by putting the account into credit, you can just make faster payments and they go through within a few minutes usually especially if using a Lloyds bank account.

          Only have the free card as was going to upgrade to the premier after 6 months which I can’t now as the option has gone.

          • That said I was only going to upgrade to get the 6 months double avios again and the voucher not because it was a decent long term card.

      • Genghis says:

        Strange to hear about low limits. My wife and I applied a few months ago for the £24 cards and were given limits just over what we requested.

        • Definitely strange, also for the £24 card, I think I requested £15k, and was given £12.5k limit. Then 6 months later I used the online tool to increase it to £15k and was approved immediately.

          • GORDON GRIMMER says:

            I have just been accepted for the card and asked for 4k and got 6k limit.

            • Same here. And my referral points posted promptly (thanks Raffles!).

              Maybe someone at Lloyds is finally taking online feedback into account? It’s just daft for them to set low credit limits for people who are able to pay their bills – they’re losing money!

    • -1 for low limits. I didn’t have a great credit rating but still started at £10.5k limit. Lloyds recently increased it to £12.25k.

  3. Which are the few long-haul BA routes which don’t have World Traveller Plus?

    • Yes that was my first thought!

    • Flights operated by the midhaul A321’s which only have WT and CW.

    • The ones which are exclusively served by the ex BMI mid haul 321s.
      Amman, Beirut….
      All of the caucuses and -stans have been dropped.

      • Raffles says:

        Plus Baku, Tel Aviv, Cairo at one point ….. there are 7 A321 aircraft with flat beds.

        Sure someone has the current list.

        • Moscow as well – if you’re on an ex-bmi a321

        • GYD was dropped several months ago, TLV and CAI served by longhaul aircraft now.

          AMM, BEY, DME are the only regular midhaul routes, plus operating shorthaul services. Several of the midhaul A321s will be converted to shorthaul config.

  4. To add to stories of woeful customer service by Lloyds: I have the £24 card for many years now. Decided to get a supplementary card for husband so we can hit the £7000 target more easily.

    Applied for it over the phone — fine. Got a letter requesting proof of identity and address — we sent bank statement and council tax. They sent our documents back and we never heard from them again! A month passed, and finally I got around to calling Lloyds.

    First of all, the lady on the phone kept on saying –“supplementary? We don’t have that credit card! We don’t have that credit card! Oh, additional card holder?” Next, she told me the proof of identity and address wasn’t sent and case was closed. Had to press her on that, saying we sent the documents and we got them back from Lloyds. “You mean, like undelivered?” No!

    Finally she says, “Oh, there is another note in the system that says that his card was rejected due to low credit score.” My husband holds several Amex cards, Hilton and has no problem applying for each of them, with a 6 month gap in between obviously. Additionally, this is a supplementary card! I don’t believe Amex even runs checks on supp cards.

    • So I also have the £24 card, and during a call to their call center I found out during security checks that my date of birth was for the wrong year. My mistake, when applying for the card I must have clicked the wrong year in the drop down and not noticed.

      So I asked them to update the record, at which point they said they could not do this over the phone (even though I knew all the security questions) and I would have to go into a branch and do it face to face.

      Problem there is that there are no Lloyds branches in Scotland any more and therefore the nearest one is over 200 miles away.

      “No problem” they say – “you can go and do this is in a branch of Bank of Scotland, we share the same system”

      So off I go and spend an hour in a Bank of Scotland, after which the member of staff finally appears triumphant, and says “done”

      Next time I need to call Lloyd’s, and do the automated security check, lo and behold my date of birth is still a year out. Needless to say in the Lloyd’s system I am still a year older than I actually am, and it appears that wrong customer data is better than having the ability to change the system for correct customer data.

      However, after a recent fraud case when my Lloyds Amex card got skimmed somehow – they were very efficient at recognising the unusual activity, contacting me to confirm, and then cancelling cards and issuing new ones in a very quick turnaround, so they can do well sometimes.

      • Another Lloyds credit card tale.

        Applied to get the 24 quid card online. Already a Lloyds customer with a 10K credit limit on an old shifted TSB trustcard. Get cards etc. I phoned up, and they happily shifted 9K of my credit limit from my old account to the new account.

        Later, I tried to change pin. Fail three times. Tried to use it online nothing.

        Phoned them up, and they’d blocked the card. Why? Lack of id. Never had an id request through the post. Might have missed any statement of what id I was supposed to send. They said reapply. I was annoyed enough with this, and had taken 2 months before a holiday to make to too late to use. So left it. I made sure they didn’t charge me the yearly fee.

        I got a letter through a while later saying 24 quid due. I had previously set up amex direct debit, so forgot.

        I got a letter then saying that my 24 quid payment was overdue. I phoned them up. It was a weekend. Couldn’t do anything. Phoned them up during the week. The drone kept asking if I wanted a new card. “NO YOU HAVE REFUSED MY ACCOUNT”. Eventually made it as if his supervisor had kindly waived the fee, and got bored of him offering to send me a new card (and never hearing that it wouldn’t work because I needed to reapply). And forgot about it.

        I then get a letter through saying I had had my credit score adjusted due to the fact that I hadn’t paid the 24 quid, my credit limit halved and still owe them 24 quid. I spent an hour in Lloyds on a Saturday, hanging onto their phone to the same people when they eventually wiped the actual debt and made sure that they amended my account.

        I am pretty sure they will charge me the 24 quid next February for an annual fee on an account I cannot use, and have long since cut up cards of. At some point I will go into a Lloyds branch and cancel ALL my Lloyds credit cards.

        • The_Real_A says:

          File a complaint with lloyds – you will get a decent sized compensation for your wasted time.

          • And tell them that you will charge them £50 a time for each additional contact you have with them. Worked wonders on my complaint about switching my gas supply this week. I’ve never had so many people from various customer service places contact me.

          • Indeed I had an issue with a disputed transaction where they handled it so badly they ended up carrying the can themselves, even when the retailer we still pushing them to receive payment. The complaints team I spoke to in Fife in the end were very good.

        • RIccati says:

          DEFINITELY have to write to Lloyds Underwriters (south of England address) and request them to inform Experian to remove the late payment/default flag (if more than 3 month unpaid).

          If you have an account marked “default”, well you will not be able to get any decent credit for many years.

      • It would be in their interest to sort this as if the date of birth is incorrect then it is questionable as to whether they can enforce the debt legally if you were not to pay, similar to when some of the companies put Mrs instead of Mr.

    • Oh dear, I’m now having to add to the tales of woe.

      When I applied for the cards I registered for online banking. I made a note of my user ID – which it asked me to select – and password. I filled in my phone number on the application.

      Cards have arrived so I go to activate them online. Either my password or my user ID is not recognised. After several attempts – because I might have mis-typed – I click ‘forgot user ID’. It’s a random string of numbers – which I certainly was not presented with during the application process.

      So, try again to log in with this – it’s encouraging me to pick a more memorable user ID again.
      Only now I’m obviously locked out for too many wrong attempts. Try to re-set password. It’s going to phone me to input an authorisation code, only the number that it’s going to call is from my old address, which I moved out of 7 years ago – even though I input my new number when I applied for the card. It must have retained my phone number from the last time I was a LLoyds customer, before I moved.

      Call the customer support number it gives me when I click on an ‘is this an old number?’ link. The customer service person is possibly the most useless I’ve ever encountered and literally just tries to talk me through the ‘resetting your password’ procedure online – which won’t work, because their system has an old phone number. She tells me off for not updating my phone number immediately it changed. I have to explain 3 times that it has an old number on the account because I used to be with Lloyds but cancelled before I moved before she can comprehend that. She can’t update my phone number, even through I’ve gone through their security process for her to even access my account.

      She can’t do anything for me over the phone without setting up a telephone banking security code, which will take 5 days to arrive in the post. Or I can take ID into my nearest branch to sort it out. This is all for security, security is very important, and no other bank can possibly sort this stuff out over the phone, for security reasons.

      She is very surprised when I explain that their IT system is rubbish and their customer service appalling.

      As my parents still live at my previous address I will try re-setting password via the online system the next time I am at theirs. Rather shows up the flaw in their security system, though – just because someone has access to a phone number doesn’t mean they are the account holder.

      • Scratch that, I have to visit a branch – I can’t do anything without a telephone banking security number.

  5. MR Bridge says:

    I have been worried about Diamond club going for a while, particularly the visa, I have opted for the new Tesco premium card mainly for the tesco bonus, but as a back up should the DC visa go, I can still earn something at non amex accepting retailers.

    What a difference in oppotunites since HFP started, and there was just a few hundred readers sharing loopholes! -maybe we are to blame!

  6. James67 says:

    Interesting post and comments too. Sad about MBNA but Lloyd’s avios has become my default card anyway since the voucher is worth 52k avios to me for every £7k spent so I combine this with Amex churns as my main source of avios these days. If I use the voucher for 2x one way do these need to be booked at same time? Biggest problem I forsee is that availability for outward leg may be gone by the time availability is released for return leg when booking around T-355.

    • I’m pretty sure it is 2 one ways on the same flight ie you plus guest, or just you on one return trip

      • Yes

        • James67 says:

          Thanks Jen and Rob.

          • James67 says:

            Sorry, one other question please. If the voucher is used for a return does it need to be by me as card and avios account holder or can I use it to book for another person? Thanks.

      • The_Real_A says:

        It can also be 2 x one ways booked at the same time, provided one is into the UK and the other is out of the UK (open Jaw ticket). There is also no restriction in which order this is in as you can fly IN and then OUT which opens the possibility of nesting this upgrade in between two other one ways.

        • James67 says:

          This is what I had in mind but I wanted to use it for my partner so I’m now back to the drawing board.

  7. MR Bridge says:

    can anyone offer any insight into the travel insurance by tesco premium VS amex plat?

    • I would imagine the policy document is available online before you sign up? The Amex one is.

      The problem with comparisons is that they ignore the key issue of willingness to pay. In my experience Amex always pay up even if you don’t follow the rules. Many other insurers would not.

  8. I’m a big fan of the £24 card so glad to hear that (for now at least!) it isn’t affected. Got 52k value out of my upgrade voucher last year, with £200 cheaper taxes than expected via Avios.com too, so way better than the BA 241! Here’s hoping it keeps going for a while yet. Totally agree this premium card was pretty pointless so no big loss in of itself.

    My main issue with the Lloyds card is around the spend target – (1) that they don’t have an easy tracker or even any easy way of telling you if you phone them and (2) that once you’ve spent the £7k the voucher is triggered and that’s it for another year – it mean I spend up to £6750 or so (wide margin because of their lack of IT around the target) then I have to hold off on spending more as I don’t want to trigger the voucher. Shame as the no forex fees with rewards is pretty decent. Supercard plus bmi works for now as still giving 1.25 at least.

    • Genghis says:

      I will have that problem coming up too. I think currently at £6.5k after a month and a bit but don’t want to trigger the voucher – though very happy to use the card for the 2.5 avios/£ period. Applied to be an “additional card holder” (not supp) on wife’s card to divert some spend onto her card but once at just under £7k spend, will hold off so we can trigger the vouchers early next year.

      It’s a shame there isn’t an option to trigger the vouchers whenever you want within the year. The 12 month validity is quite restrictive (although flights only need to be ‘booked’ within this time, not actually taken).

    • Wow! 52k in value from the upgrade, be interested in how to get a similar value out of it

      • James67 says:

        The 52K value would come from a zone 7 return off peak CW redemption (98K WTP price as opposed to 150K CW price). It may be that Alan did exactly this, or found a similar value from some other redemotion.

      • Biggest saving would be 120,000 Avios for a return off-peak redemption to Zone 9 in CW or 104,000 for a return off-peak redemption to Zone 8 for 1 person.

        You would save 50,000 Avios on a 2-class route like Amman because you’d only pay the WT cost of 25,000 return (Peak) vs CW 75,000 return (Peak).

      • Off peak WTP to CW is now the sweet spot for this voucher after the increases BA brought in last year.

  9. What’s the deal with MBNA and Amex? I ask as I’ve the VA Black Card and really value it.

    • Amex is apparently cancelling all of its licensing deals. MBNA wants out as well – why should they pay for double miles when you use the Amex when they now get the same 0.3% interchange fee as they get on the Visa?

      • Ok that’s a shame. Do you have any idea about how long it will be before the game is up?

        • They will have to give enough notice for the people who have paid the annual fee otherwise they would end up having to refund it, I would see them closing to new customers first.

      • James67 says:

        Rob, do you think other companies with amex licenses such as Lloyds may follow suit?

        • All Amex licences are being cancelled, so the rumour goes.

          • James67 says:

            That’s how I read your comment the first time but I didn’t want to believe it :( I guess we best all make hay while the sun shines. In the past we always knew that when one door closed another usually opened; I hate to be a pessimist but it feels like we are fast running out of doors. Hopefully one upside of brexit will be that cheap premium revenue fares exUK start to become more common, despite the falling pound, whilst the airlines make any necessary capacity adjustments.

          • All Amex licences are being cancelled, so the rumour goes

            does this include the BA card ?

      • That doesn’t sound right. Weren’t 3rd party AMEX cards excluded from the cap until 2019 or something similar?

      • Streetwise says:

        Is the low interchange fee an EU ruling? will anything change because of Brexit? ie can go higher?

        • You seriously believe that the Government would reverse a ruling which keep down prices for consumers and only benefits Visa and MasterCard?

          • Depends if any of them hold shares in the the financial institutions affected!

        • While they are at it they can get rid of the shopping bag charge, I am sure nobody is happy about it, also the EU cookie law could do with going as well :)

          • Don’t think that’s an EU rule? We had it in Scotland ages ago, purely on environmental grounds – it certainly has had a massive impact on bag use!

        • I doubt interchange fees would be a top post-Brexit priority!

          Even if they did want to reverse it (which they won’t), it wouldn’t even make the To Do list for the next 5-10 years due all of the other more important legislation requiring attention. By that time, not enough people would care/mind/notice/remember anyway.

  10. O/T but still CC related, the BAPP card, do you think the higher sign-up bonuses will be back (as they increased their annual fee) or do you think they have gone the way of the dodo too? I’m asking as I’ll soon be in the market for another one, thank you.

    • Given the annual fee, I get a feeling we will see them back at some point. I can’t see MBNA (apart from Virgin) doing enhanced bonuses again any time soon.

    • I would expect them to be back between August and October as per last year. I signed up in Septemebr IIRC and got the 25K bonus on the Premium Plus card.

  11. So the question is whether to wait an indefinite amount of time for a referral link to come through for the £24 card and risk it being pulled, or simply apply directly and forego the bonus?!

    • Sent a referral link and it came through straight away to a gmail address, its worth testing different email addresses if you have issues but remember the person needs to use the same email to signup for the card that they receive the email on.

      • You got a Lloyds referral straight away?! Not with a 5 day minimum wait?!

        • Mine came through in 1 day.

          • James67 says:

            Mine was fast too, not as uick as one day but certainly less than fve. I did nit encouter any problem with bonus avios either.

            • Genghis says:

              Me neither. For me referral email requested on the Friday and received on the Monday. Then when I referred my wife it took a couple of days. All bonus avios received soon thereafter.

        • Sorry I didn’t mean instantly but didn’t have to wait weeks probably about a day and the referral tracked and got the confirmation email for the 4500 avios after 3 days or application being accepted

          • The point I was making was it is worth getting a referral link as hopefully the wait might not be too long if you try a gmail address rather than just applying directly

  12. Chrismors says:

    Does anyone know what long haul BA routes don’t have WT+ so the upgrade is WT > CW?

  13. Ping! An e-mail just arrived from avios.com headed ‘Sun cream on stand by, where will you be going?’ Included is this message: ‘Start using your Lloyds Bank Avios Rewards Credit Card Account again and collect Avios on your travels without any foreign transaction fees to worry about. Cash withdrawals abroad may incur a fee.’

    Clicking on the link produces a page showing the features of the £24 card – more Avios, no f/x fee, vouchers etc.

    All well and good EXCEPT I have the £0 card earning 1 Avios per £ of AmEx spend and 3%-ish f/x surcharge. I rarely use it though it can be useful for AmEx offers. There’s no link to upgrade to the £24 card. To the untrained, the benefits shown would apply to my £0 card.

    I don’t believe this, of course. I just don’t know whether it’s a Lloyds or an avios.com cock-up.

    • Tee hee!

      I tried Live Chat and got ‘The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.
      Your support ID is: dadadadada …

  14. Can the voucher be used for two people one way into UK avoiding the UK APD. Sure I read it could be can’t find any info in the original article and comments.

    • Genghis says:

      I believe so. Term 7 – “Upgrade vouchers can be used to upgrade either 2 one way flights for 2 people travelling at the same time and to the same destination or 1 return journey booked on a British Airways main line service. British Airways codeshare flights are excluded. Flights from London City airport are excluded.”


      • I want to know that too. When I rang Avios they said you can’t but I’m hoping that the call centre person was wrong as the T&Cs don’t specifically excluding it.

        • I have used the upgrade voucher on two occasions, both for two one-way flights into the UK. I had to press my case the first time, but by the second the agent clearly knew what he was doing, and said, yes, no problem, you can do that. Paid £10pp in tax out of Moscow.

  15. I guess the days are numbered on my MBNA Amex for AA as well.

    Not that I use it very much now – even balance transfers seem crap on MBNA at the moment!

  16. BrianDT says:

    I’m still waiting for my Avios/TSB pack to arrive, assuming I’ve been approved, after 9, NINE, weeks of waiting. And that includes going into my local TSB branch to prove that I am me!. I only want the 2 Avios per £ overseas bit.
    The silence is deafening.

  17. BrianDT says:

    Sorry,to confirm, I meant the 2 Avios per £5 overseas spend on the Mastercard bit, ( linked to Supercard as TSB charge you on overseas spend.) That is, until Curve kiss and make up with Amex.

    • Ah I see, was worried you might be paying unnecessary fees

    • OT: a bit weird on the imaginecurve website they still show an BA Prem AMEX used on the phone! It is little, but it’s there!!

    • Are you sure that Supercard will count as overseas spend?

      • Good point I can’t see it being charged as a overseas spend and if it was then you would be charged the appropriate fee as they are only giving you double avios as they are charging you the fee.

  18. I have noticed I haven’t received a single BT or Cash Advance Transfer offer from MBNA over the last 6 months! While Barclays is keeping on hummering me with the 0.19% (cash) which is the lowest I have ever seen, obviously!”

  19. Hi, I currently have the feee-free Lloyds double-pack Amex and MC, since about 2010 (when it was Lloyds-TSB)

    I have finally decided to get this new £24 version. What are the best steps to take? Can I do a direct switch? Or cancel my existing cards and then sign-up with Rob’s referral link?

  20. I got my Lloys £24 amex card 5 months ago. During that period i have earned about 12,000 miles but not one mile has been credited to my avios account yet. I have an ongoing compaint but have been told its one amongst many. Their customer service staff have admitted to me there are serious issues and numerous complaints. So far they have given me £125 compensation with no fuss. When i last spoke to them 4 weeks ago they told me they have no idea how long it will take to fix the issue!

    • This could be regarded as one of the best features of the card!
      My wife got £100 for about 1500 missing Avios. It is still happening so time for another claim soon.
      For Lloyds current account holders this card can also Lloyds cash back and, of course, American Express cash back, occasionally on the same transaction. This more than pays for the £24 fee for each of us, leaving the avoided FX fees as profit.

    • Are you sure Avios.com haven’t created another account for you? They do this all the time, especially if you live in a flat and the address is laid out differently. They seem to base it all on name and address matching rather than account number. If they have set up another one though they can also merge them for you.

    • You will get them eventually just keep moaning, it’s a hassle but also keep asking for compensation with every phone call, took me about 8 months to get them all on my wife’s card. Strangely mine worked perfectly from the start. Persevere!

  21. Has anyone had my trouble getting their upgrade voucher from the (£24) Lloyds card? I took mine out last October, hit th £7k spend target and got my voucher in December, which I redeemed a few weeks ago. Meanwhile I’ve spent another £7k this year, several months ago, but still no voucher in my account. The T&Cs definitely say ‘calendar year’ – I have a suspicion their systems are treating it as anniversary year. Either that or it’s just taking a VERY long time to credit. Anyone got any experience on this? Thanks.

    • Genghis says:

      Good spot. I assumed anniversary year. I’d be keen on hearing others’ experience.

      However Jon, if it were me I would complain as the Ts and Cs clearly state ‘calendar year’.

    • I called Lloyds today about the same issue and they told me the year is based on the 12 month anniversary from when the card was issued. I just looked at the T&Cs and couldn’t see anything about calendar year. http://www.lloydsbank.com/credit-cards/terms-and-conditions/avios-rewards-scheme.asp

    • When I called Lloyds on this they told me upgrade voucher is anniversary year. I’m in a similar position I took my card out last October got my voucher in January, now stopped spending on it till this October.so I could earn another one this year, so I could earn two in a calendar year, but only one per anniversary year, confusing yes but that’s what I was told.

      • Definitely says calendar year here: https://www.avios.com/gb/en_gb/collect/lloydsbank/lloyds-avios-rewards-credit-card-account (point 1 in the T&Cs at the bottom)… Perhaps there’s a difference between Lloyds’ terms and those shown on Avios’ web site? I would argue (to Avios) that I relied on Avios’ representations when choosing the card, and since it’s presumably they, not Lloyds, who award the voucher, they should honour their own terms… Will give them a call and see what they say..,

        • Thanks Jon, interesting difference in the T&Cs. I’m going to call them and see if I can get an extra voucher. My year runs June – June and I earned my voucher in November 2015 and thought I would get another one in May 2016 as hit the spending targets but Lloyds said no. Would be ok under Avios’ T&Cs.

    • It’s one per 12 month anniversary year, that seems to be what Lloyds meant by calendar year but their nonstandard use of the term confused everyone! (lots of discussion on here at the time) I took mine out in April 2015, delayed completing £7k spending until Jan and then put through the final amount (so £6.5k spent April to Dec and £500 in Jan). Voucher came through very quickly with email and postal confirmation.

  22. O/T: If I cancel my IHG visa can I apply for the Hilton Visa immediately?

    • Sandgrounder says:

      I think you need to wait 6 months between Barclaycard applications? Anyone confirm?

      • Sandgrounder says:

        Sorry I should have said between cancelling and applying for a new card….?

  23. James67 says:

    OT: I’m worried we’re all missing out on something at tesco, almost 9pm and still no sign of Harry!

  24. Semi OT – Supercard now includes basic travel insurance! Bit of a weird addition (esp for free) but seems to come from Wirecard, so will be interesting to see if Curve offer it too. The policy is underwritten by AXA, see Annex B of the emailed T&Cs they emailed out yesterday (not sure the weblink to it yet).

    • Note the paragraph on SUBROGATION (t+cs page 2). It seems this insurance only takes effect once all other insurances have been used up.

      Apparently no age limit but tight pre-existing conditions clauses.

      • Haha yup, just read that too. Very stringent conditions on most claims too, requiring lots of info. On the upside I can’t see a requirement to have paid for items on the card, only that you are a cardholder? I don’t quite understand why Supercard/Wirecard are going down the route of offering this though.