Bits: Virgin / Tesco promo is live, Qatar increases IAG stake, last long-haul BA 767

News in brief:

Tesco / Virgin Flying Club 20% bonus promotion is live

Over the weekend I wrote about what appeared to be a secret Virgin / Tesco 20% conversion bonus.

Emails went out yesterday confirming that the promotion is on.  You will receive a 20% bonus on all conversions of Clubcard points to Virgin Atlantic before 16th September.

Full details can be found on the Virgin Atlantic website here.

You will also receive 1,000 Virgin Flying Club miles if you activate auto-conversion on your Tesco account so that all future points are sent automatically to Virgin.  I do not recommend this as it is better to retain flexibility in how you use your Clubcard points.  However, nothing stops you cancelling the auto-conversion once the 1,000 miles have arrived.

My views on whether converting Tesco points is a good idea or not can be found in the article from Sunday.

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Virgin Atlantic 787

Qatar Airways increases its shareholding in IAG to 20%

On 28th July, Qatar Airways increased its shareholding in IAG, the parent company of British Airways and Iberia, to 20.01%.  Under EU law it is allowed to increase this as high as 49.9% if it wishes.

The airline stated:

While Qatar Airways’ interest in IAG is purely financial, the increased shareholding reflects the strength of commercial and strategic ties between the companies and evidences the continued support for the ongoing strategy of IAG.

“The recent market valuation of one of the world’s leading airline groups has provided what we believe is an attractive opportunity to increase our shareholding in IAG. We continue to be highly supportive of IAG’s strategy and management team and we do not intend to increase our percentage shareholding further unless there are material changes to the current situation,” said Akbar Al Baker, Group Chief Executive of Qatar Airways.”

British Airways Boeing 767

Final British Airways Boeing 767 long-haul flight completed

On Sunday, flight BA229 to Baltimore became the final long-haul British Airways flight to be operated by a Boeing 767.

The remaining Boeing 767 aircraft (photo above), which have a short-haul seating configuration, will be phased out during 2017.  The cost of refurbishing the long-haul aircraft was deemed prohibitive and the running costs are high.  The long-haul aircraft are not being sold immediately, however, and may still pop up on routes such as Istanbul, Athens or Larnaca as cover from time to time.

Air Canada, United, American and Delta, among others, are still flying the 767 to and from the UK so it will be a long while before they disappear for good.

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  1. roberto says:

    Another OT. I was told today that the 3000 bonus MR for adding a supplementary card to a gold account as ceased to be as from the end of July. I emailed them on the 1st of August……..

    If anyone gets offered something similar in the future can the please mentioned it in the comments. Thanks..

    • I assume you mean adding the supplementary gold credit card to the gold charge card? I think when I applied a few months ago the application form had a deadline that had expired but I still got the extra 3000 points. It looks like the link I used from HfP now just redirects to the Amex homepage. So may well be finished.

    • Thanks for the reminder! I never got my 3,000 points!

    • Quite by chance I had just applied for a supplementary for my wife off my new Platinum card when I read on here that some had been offered 5000. I sent a secure message asking if I could have it and was told that it ended on 31st July, but they gave me 3000 anyway.

  2. Raffles what is your thought on seeing the return of the 30% Virgin clubcard bonus? Worth holding out for?

  3. For the 1,000 bonus miles on Tesco auto convert, how long after doing this on clubcard account do the miles get posted to your flying club account please?

  4. OT. My Tesco Clubcard points were set to autoconvert to at the grandfathered rate of 3.2. All the clubcard points disappeared a few weeks ago, but nothing arrived in my account yet. Has anyone else noticed the delay? Or has anyone else’s autoconvert happened yet? I’m expecting about 18k avios to appear! Thanks

  5. Genghis says:

    OT. My wife and I each have 2,000 Melia points from signing up to Melia Rewards when Melia came onboard as part of offering Amex Plat holders status. What can we do with these points? Any ideas? We don’t have plans to earn any more in future.

    • Stop snivelling lol

    • David2910 says:

      I Iberia mine when they approach expiry. I find you can put through the full amount regardless of minimum amount or denomination despite what’s mentioned on the site

    • Use them at a melia hotel, you’ll actually get a good discount with 2000 melia points.

      Having said that if your gold, then using the gold 20% discount means they then only take about £5 off a booking.