Bits: Qatar Airways sale offering ‘Kids Fly Free’ in Economy, another decent Club Europe meal!

News in brief:

Qatar Airways offering ‘kids fly free’

My discussion of the new Qatar Airways sale yesterday focussed exclusively on business class fares.  The airline is also offering some good prices on economy tickets.

In particular, there is a VERY novel ‘kids fly free’ deal.  On some economy tickets, children under 12 do not pay anything except for taxes.

There is a catch.  This deal is only valid on ‘Economy Saver’ tickets in N and S class.  On some routes you will find cheaper tickets in booking classes T, O and W (‘Economy Promo’) which negate the saving.

Here is an example I found to Doha:


As you can see, the two children pay nothing apart from £60 of taxes.  The adults are paying £570 each, however, which is higher than many sale Economy fares to the Middle East.

That said, the average price per ticket in this example is just £313 per person which is exceptionally cheap for a DIRECT economy flight to Doha from Heathrow.

This deal is available on all Qatar Airways routes if you can find dates where the cheapest available Economy ticket bucket is S or N.  You can ONLY book via this specific page of the Qatar Airways website – this deal is not available via Expedia etc.

You need to book by 5th September for travel by 30th June.

Qatar kids fly free

Another decent Club Europe meal!

After all the recent reports of British Airways cost cutting, which even reached The Economist, it is only fair to speak up when I find something improving.  And, for the second time in a fortnight, I got an impressive hot lunch in Club Europe yesterday flying back from Venice.

What you have in the picture below is a stuffed chicken breast with potato and sun dried tomato.  There was also a salad alternative:

BA Club Europe food

If you didn’t see my similar article two weeks ago, this is the ‘cod and mash’ dish I had when we flew to Palma:

BA Club Europe food

These were both decent dishes and hopefully represent a pick-up in the quality of CE meals at lunch and dinner on the longer European routes.

It certainly beats the airberlin economy snack we got flying from Palma to Innsbruck!


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  1. OT. 2 sets of avios for times mag subs posted to BAEC but not yet to 2 x Avios. DDs taken yesterday.

  2. mag arrived yesterday. Avios arrived today (BA).

    • SoloFlyer1977 says:

      Same here. One way flight with shortbread here I come :-)

    • Same here

      • Still nothing on my BAEC.
        When I placed the order the confirmation page showed the Avios offer but the confirmation email had no mention of the avios promotion.

        Is it worth me calling them?

        • there was nothing on anybody’s confirmation email

          did you input your BAEC details? when you paid?

          if so, sit back & wait

  3. Another OT – anyone know who I have to chase to get platinum status from IHG paid card added to IHG account? The card has arrived, I’ve activated and started spending but still showing as gold on IHG website. Don’t know whether to call Creation or IHG themselves.

  4. Isn’t it odd that Club Europe seems to be improving despite the cuts, while Club World seems be slowly, but certainly, moving towards irrelevance.

    • The meal might be back to the quality of 2-3 years ago but everything else has gone downhill and isn’t going back up. Anyway on my last few CE flights I still got the crappy “salad” and the “cold meats and cheeses”.

      • I expect that heading to Geneva next week!

        • Is that your #InvitedByGeneva trip Rob? I had mine last week, was great fun. A colleague has hers in a week & a half, so I’ve briefed her.

          • Yes, at the IC. Would have been nice for somewhere even plusher but at least I can review the hotel whilst there.

            • I’m in Geneva due to winning a free night from that Geneva Tourism competition. Staying at the IC – is really good. They upgraded me to a junior suite as well which was very kind considering it was free and I have no IC status. Also, had the cold meat/cheese salad on CE – wasn’t horrendous but you expect a lot better.

      • Yes I had that on a trip to Zurich this weekend together with a very sweet berry mousse. It wasn’t very appealing as an evening meal.

    • I had some truly awful Club World catering on a trip to Delhi last week. On the way out the ‘pre landing snack’ consisted of 2 tiny ‘Indian snacks’ and 2 tiny and awful pieces of dry cake. On the return, I passed on dinner (it being a 2am departure) and opted for a full English before landing. The food was inedible. Even the tea – normally something BA can get right – was weak!

      Aside from the food, in both directions the service was pretty appalling. At best you could call it functional, although TBH it was barely even that!

    • and don’t forget Band 3 European destinations just got the ‘sandwich & sweet bun’ (or veggie option) in ET taken away – I think you still get it if you travel 12 noon- 2pm – my wife came out to join us on Friday & said she was offered some particularly mean-looking peanuts. Luckily the booze is still there for now.

      I’m not moaning on a flight under 3 hrs as the cash cost of the flights has fallen fairly dramatically if you are able to buy ahead, so it suits us to have this option. The fare pricing algorithm has definitely been radically revised over the last 18 months – if anybody knows a FT thread on this I’d be keen to read it. So if you’re able to buy way ahead, you can get extremely cheap ET HBO/ +1 bag fares even in peak. Cheap as in cheaper than EJ/ Ryanair/ Norwegian but not Wizz. If you leave it late or have to travel for work at shorter notice, you get stuffed on the prices. And the difference peak vs off-peak is rigidly maintained. I casually look at CE prices – sorry BA, you don’t remotely tempt me on this short journey (apart from lounge, I suppose!) – and one-way fares are always outrageously high even T-355, though returns are reasonable enough that far out, getting extortionate again closer in as I guess you’d expect. Has it always been that way? I remember 20 years ago flying this same route and buying 2x return ticketss just to use one leg and bin the return, just because it was cheaper.

    • Lady London says:

      As regards BA’s “Club World” perhaps becoming irrelevant, Isn’t there space in the market for a Long-Haul Business version of Ryanair, though, with a bit of service?

      Ryanair has made some noises about flying to the USA in the past, but seems to have dropped that idea. Is BA’s plan to slowly move into a slightly upgraded ‘Business’ version of a longhaul Ryanair?

  5. Another OT for Manufactured Spend (for me to reach signup bonus on Amex).

    Has anyone had any luck using Amex with Thames Water.
    The website only has option for Visa and MasterCard.
    Also any help using Amex for utilities like Sky, BT, First Utility etc. will be appreciated.

  6. Matthew Vaughan says:

    On a recent MXP-LHR I had a pasta dish in lobster sauce with some kind of cream cake to follow. It was surprisingly good. The afternoon tea on the return was a bit of a disappointment, though…

  7. I flew Iberia from Dubrovnik to Madrid in business last week. Feared the worst and in fact had an absolutely delicious pink price of veal, better than I’ve had in first on BA.

    Have to speak very highly of the whole Iberia experience and found it odd that it differed so much from BA given they are owned by the same company.

  8. We’ve flown CE a few times recently & the food has been fabulous, very tasty & hot too. We had the full English yesterday morning & that was very good. In fact we both reckon that the food was better than long haul Business Class!!!

  9. I enjoyed that same chicken dish on a recent CE flight from Bergen. It came with a plate of decent blue cheese too.

  10. We are flying in CE next week, only because they were the only seats available.
    The take off is 0645 and we shall have had the opportunity of breakfast in the hotel (which is attached to the terminal) and then the lounge so food on the plane is irrelevant.
    We are only using the plane to get to Venice where we should get some amazing food. The same is true for us on long haul flights too.

    • We are in a similar CE position next week.

      The image of the sandwich(above) has made me laugh:

      Rob, with Mrs B and the two kids:

      “Daddy, I know that this is your Best Avios Redemption EVER, but the sandwich doesn’t look very nice; and, why are you and Mummy eating nothing when we have four of them to share? ” .

      :) .

  11. Andrew H says:

    O/T and further to the above posts, I also received my avios this morning for the Sunday Times deal.

  12. I didn’t find the IC Geneva that great, slept very badly and it was surprisingly noisy due to a building site even up on the top floor. Let’s say hello if you’re in Geneva!

  13. Three of our four LHR-ZRH-LHR lunchtime flights over the past month have been variations of cold chicken with no apparent choice. (I don’t particularly enjoy cold chicken.) Two were chicken salad, i.e. with lettuce, and one was with couscous. Yesterday’s was a cold meat salad with blobs of cream cheese.

    My own resolution (1): When I declined, I was offered ‘a biscuit’. Not the biscuit I’d had in ET in the past but a lemon flavour biscuit dipped in white chocolate. Mmm! I managed three on the way out and two on the way back. They go down well with champagne.

    My own resolution (2) : At least at LHR T5 First lounge, I had a late full English breakfast, which did the job. Mrs Roger had eggs benedict and was well pleased.

    Unfortunately, yesterdays lunch choice at the ZRH D lounge was said to be chicken curry and basmati rice. The ‘curry’ benefited from having had no contact with curry and the basmati rice was soggy. At least they were warm-ish. But why were Coke Zero and other soft drinks only available in litre bottles?

  14. Raffles (or anyone else) – Do you know whether it is just Dubai which gets you the extra tier points as a result of the second leg being flown in First class? I am looking to book to Addis Ababa and BA’s tier points calculator puts it at only 40 tier points for business, even though it’s a 4 hrs, 20 mins flight!

    • On regional short haul flights, Qatar only has two classes – First and Economy. As there is no Business class to Dubai it is obliged to book you into First which triggers the extra tier points.

      If there is business class on the Addis flight then that is where you will be sat. Annoying it is short of the 2,000 miles required to be treated as long haul.

  15. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    I was unaware you could secure a second adjoining room with Hilton at a 50% discount. Can this be done online or do you have to call?

  16. OT: I’ve just hit the £7k spend on my Lloyds avios card, how and when is the voucher usually issued? Do I check my avios statement to see it?

    • Johnnycl says:

      Mine arrived automatically in my Avios account within a week, followed by an email a few days later.

      • Thanks, will keep a lookout for it soon then although I have no need for it until early March.

    • There’s a vouchers section in your account on I found it showed up there then later an email and finally a snail mail letter was sent confirming the voucher had been issued. Wish there was some added benefit for spend above the £7k though.

      • Agreed, I was begining to think the card was a bit redundant after hiting the spend target, I even moved it out of my everyday wallet into my overseas one. However, with the MBNA news today it is set to come back out again soon as the amex will become my highest earning avios card in absence of a BAPP. Given ever declining standards at BA, need to change at LHR and ever increasing difficulty of collecting avios I think I’ll probably just save them for shorthaul flights in Europe and Asia and buy my longhaul flights for cash going forward.

  17. Look what I found:)

    LHR-SEZ next easter break from 02/04/2017 to 09/04/2017 for 2Adult+2Child for 1846 or £462 pp in Economy via DOH of course.

    • Axel heyst says:

      I dont know my airport codes that well..but that seems an expensive daytrip to the beach on those dates Roger.

      • it is to Seychelles International Airport from London for a week during Easter break.

  18. OT – Economist deal seems to be extended to 31 Oct but can’t get Canada to work?

  19. OT: I see that Roger (not me) and roger (not me either) have posted in this thread, as well as me.

    I’ve no idea who has the longest posting history. Only Raffles would know that (if he bothered). So I’ve added an asterisk to my name to try and make a difference. :)

  20. im getting cheaper tickets through the economy promo :/ …whats the point of the kids fly free program…