Excellent USA BA Club World fares from £860 out of Germany and Switzerland

British Airways has launched a strong Club World sale out of Germany and Switzerland for flights to the USA. If you happy to take a little detour on the way, you could pick up a Club World flight for an exceptionally low price.

Couple it with the current ‘triple Avios’ promotion and you are looking with a very tempting deal indeed.

You are restricted in when you can travel but you can’t have everything!


Before we get into the fares, let’s look at the rules:

You must book by Monday night, 12th September

Your OUTBOUND flight must be between:

22nd to 29th November

10th February to 15th April 2017

If you want to tie this in with the ‘triple Avios’ deal then you need to be flying out between 22nd – 29th November.

You need to depart from an airport in Germany or Switzerland to specific destinations in North America.  You can book on ba.com and will be offered a variety of options across BA and other oneworld airlines – you don’t need to fly BA.

A search from Berlin to Chicago through up routings on Iberia via Madrid, Aer Lingus via Dublin and BA via Heathrow.  Any of these routes would qualify for triple Avios on the transatlantic leg, although only a BA flight would give you triple Avios on the short-haul connection.

Looking at Flyertalk analysis, the best fares appear to be to Chicago although pretty much everywhere in the US is good value compared to flying out of London.

Here are some examples, travelling 23rd to 30th November:

Berlin to Chicago – €1,018 (£861)

Geneva to Seattle – CHF 1,477 (£1,141)

Zurich to New York – CHF 1,234 (£953)

Berlin to San Francisco – €1,833 (£1,551)

Dusseldorf to New York – €1,399 (£1,184)

Frankfurt to Washington – €1,302 (£1,102)

Prices seem to be even cheaper if you want to travel in 2017 – Zurich to Chicago seems to drop below £800 at some points.

Factoring in triple Avios ….

Let’s look at the Berlin to Chicago deal (£861) with triple Avios points via the current promotion.

For a Blue member, you would earn:

(869 + 5930 + 5930 + 869) Avios plus a bonus of (579 + 3953 + 3953 + 579) and (579 + 3953 + 3953 + 579) for a total of 31,726 Avios

….. which isn’t bad going for £861 plus the cost of positioning in Berlin.  Don’t forget the 360 tier points as well.

Tier point running

These prices are for relatively simple ‘one connection’ flights.

If you want to turn this into a British Airways tier point run, try looking up prices on aa.com instead.  You may be offered a wider range of connections.  Bookings on two class American Airlines aircraft (First and Economy) trigger First Class tier points when booked as an AA flight number via the American site – booked via ba.com you only receive Business Class tier points.  Remember that a flight needs to be over 2,000 miles to be treated as long haul and earn 140 tier points each way instead of 40 tier points.

For most HFP readers, this will be more complex than they are looking for.  If a simple ‘one connection’ flight is what you’re after, pop over to ba.com and see what you can find.

Remember that:

You must book by Monday night, 12th September

Your OUTBOUND flight must be between:

22nd – 29th November

10th February to 15th April 2017

For new readers, you should be very clear in your mind that you MUST take the first flight out of Germany or Switzerland.  You CANNOT turn up at Heathrow and hope to jump on the second leg.  Your flight will have been cancelled as soon as you ‘no showed’ for the first leg.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Which routes give you 80TP in J?

  2. ( From https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/24087199-post1.html)

    BA/AY short haul+ routes:
    Several short haul routes earn double Tier Points due to their extended length, such as:
    LHR to/from ATH, HEL, IST, JMK, JTR, KBP, KGS, LCA, LED, LPA, OTP, and SOF
    LCY to/from JMK and JTR
    MAN to/from HEL (operated by BE for AY)

  3. Ive seen online add on extra £20 to start from LON. Factor in using 35k avios to take off £200 deal makes using avios full redemption due to taxes worthless now as cheaper to pay full fare using 35k avios instead of nearly 100k for business redemption from lon and get back tier points and base points inc triple bonus.
    Deals like this put collecting large amounts of avios down the pan as cheaper this route even when you use a 241 added on.

  4. What are the AA plane with 2 class ?
    I can’t find them on seat Guru, or is it 2 class economy/business and no First ?

  5. +3
    Sorry, i was talking about the latest £680 BA / IB fares to the US in business.

    • Which routes are £680? Or is that including Avios discount?

      By the way, I assume you can’t combine these with the Diamond Club 10% discount?

  6. Love the typo of ‘through’ for ‘threw’! :))

    • i don’t think it was a typo – it has now been changed to ‘through up’ though, which makes no sense?

      • I was trying to be charitable – but I guess most readers will know it’s supposed to be ‘threw up’.

  7. At least some seem to require a Saturday night stay.
    E.g. Return leg of Berlin-Dallas in March drops from EUR3300 to EUR902 by doing so.

  8. Tina Hammond says:

    The 2-class AA seats bookkable on aa.com give you 210 per segment, not the standard 140

  9. Alexis Karfopoulos says:

    Your travel dates don’t include all of the one available.


  10. Anyone know if there’s likely to be any great fares ex-DUB any time soon?

  11. I’m begining to wonder if any price at all is too high for CW. Just heard from a couple of friends who were on BA9 to BKK yesterday and it seems like inflight service was an utter shambles. Codes or something to unlock/prepare the meals etc were unavailable (never heard of this but it was the reason they were given and I guess it’s true as inflight food likely has to be secure) and the cabin crew were apparently in a total flap about it. By the time breakfast was served just before arrival things had not improved and my friends said they were asked if they wanted breakfast as opposed to what they would like for breakfast. This, they said, seemed like a loaded question and made them feel uncomfortable becase they felt that to answer in the affirmative was somehow imposing on the crew. I am wondering too if BA is penny pinching not just on quality of food but also the quantity: according to my friends the portion sizes were tiny and noticeably less than they recall receiving on previous flights and that they still felt hungry after the meal was eventually served. I advised them to make a formal complaint but they say they have had enough and will switch to other carriers in future, even if it means connecting flights.

    • I cant even remember when I last heard a positive thing about CW.
      How they can expect to compete with the ME3 going east is beyond me.

      • Because a lot of people, such as myself, would still prefer to have a direct flight to the Far East, enabling us to get a relatively uninterrupted sleep, rather than arriving in the ME on the stroke of midnight and having to sit around in a lounge that you’d like to be exploring and taking advantage of, but are really a bit too tired and so can’t be bothered.

        • +1, and nicely succinct. I like all the bling bling of Emirates cabins and lounges, but i have come to realise having a meal then getting a decent amount of sleep works far better for me.

          Next BA flights are in December, in First to KUL, fingers crossed i don’t notice a drop in service provision. I generally look to engage with the cabin crew and always seem to be well looked after.

        • Yes, me too, this is why I opted for KLM for our revenue returns from EDI to BKK next spring as opposed to QR or EY. AY would have been first choice but seasonl service not yet started. Overnight flights with Thai or EVA via LHR would have been better but price was uncompetitive.

  12. I wonder why flights to ORD have been so cheap lately? Seems to be a recurring theme…

  13. I see ZRH-JFK nonstop on an AA 767, cheaper than via LON. I could manage that. Any idea how an AA767 compares with a BA 747/777?

    Oh, BA connections via LCY available for a modest increase in fare.

    • You need to check the seating layout. If it’s the new 1-2-1 seating reports are that its much better that CW.

  14. Vijay Odedra says:

    Newbie question GVA-LHR-ORD…on the return can you just get off at LHR and not do the flight to GVA?

    • If you’re hand baggage only or the GVA flight is after a few days maybe

      • I think I would do this, ie fix your GVA segment for a future date

        perhaps you could use it for a cheap weekend away later?

        or just phone up before the due date to say your plans had changed & you couldn’t make the flight

    • Better to just play the game, take the itinerary as booked and enjoy the extra tier points and Avios.

  15. OT:
    Just seen on the tesco website that the offer of 150pts per £50 spend on branded gift cards ends 25/09/16.

    • Now that’s a kicker!

      Going to have to stock up on my M&S GCs

    • oh well, we enjoyed it nicely for the last few years

      tbh I didn’t have too much use for it recently

    • Interesting, I heard that from a tesco bank employee in Glasgow I was chatting to last week. I considered reporting it here but thought it was probably just office gossip, now looks like it was true. So much for the extra bonus offers we were pomised by tesco with the end of double up and TCB, it looks like clubcard is headed in one direction to me.

      • I’m intrigued as to why Tesco Bank employees seem so clued up – I heard another rumour via them recently.

        • In this case I just thought she was an avid miles and points collector like the rest of us but given your comment I wonder if there is now more to it. It was only news I learned from her I didn’t already know and I cosidered dropping you a line but the bonus had been around so long I just dismissed it as rumour. I was more interested in discussing any potential current account bonus but if there’s anything in the pipeline she wasn’t saying. When I told her I’d apply if they matched the M&S £220 she just laughed and said we’d never get that. To which I replied I didn’t think we’d ever get anything which just prompted more laughter and conversation drifted before I could ask about the credit cards.

  16. https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/collect-points/
    When you click on the link it goes to no further details, it might be a mistake but we wont know until someone reports back on the 26th.

    • Thanks, worrying – although shocked it has lasted as long as it did.

      That is another 2 potential articles per month lost from SP!

      • Anika could turn into our TCB expert = Avios

        • TCB = avois at 0.95p a pop though its not really a great buy for me

          GC 150 bonus was avois/flying club for just the effort of passing through a Tesco

          • hang on, I don’t see the difference

            you’re saying you buy a Tesco GC and get ‘free Tesco points’ = ‘free Avios’

            I’m saying I get ‘free points’ through buying stuff or doing gambling sites etc through TCB = ‘free Avios’

            you’re trying to say they’re different because you can take TCB Avios in cash so are they really worth 0.95p?

            I’m saying Tesco points similarly have a real value outside Avios, you can’t (easily) take them in cash but you can buy other things outside Avios that have a real cash value such as Eurotunnel credit or Raffles’ storage shed

            • I swap a 1p cash value off my Tesco shop for 2.4 Avios/2.5 Flying Club so lot better value than .95p

              Non of the other boost options really fit my lifestyle so are of no use to me.

            • it’s a false analogy – you need to look at the transaction that gets you those TCB or Tesco points in the first place – and what you earn from the transaction in the different schemes

            • or put it this way: nobody here would use 1p of Tesco points to buy 1p of Tesco shopping, since we all know those points are worth more in other formats

              whereas TCB credit is one where 1p = c. 1p

        • Which won’t be happening, because we try to keep Shopper Points an Avios-free zone and I am trying to restrict Tesco / TCB coverage over here because it looks odd to the people who pay the bills, like the nice South African Airways people whose banner you will have seen at the top of the page for the last few days ……

          What you will continue to see are prods to pop over to SP if you want to see some Tesco / TCB story, which is what will happen with the gift cards piece. Although there is a Clubcard article tomorrow ….

          SP is interesting, whenever I advertise on Facebook as we have been recently the sign-ups are literally 90% female and so it edges towards the readership base I anticipated. The game now is to see what we do with it if Tesco permanently cuts back on Clubcard.

          HUKD has closed its Tesco Megathread as you probably saw, which is partially annoying (because they often had advance info on developments) but helpful to the extent it strengthens the SP position.

    • Can I also get the points if purchasing a Tesco gift card ?

  17. Have just over two weeks to stock up then.

    • V annoying. I’m out of the country till October. Like I said lasts week, the only constant in this game is change.

  18. ZRH-LCY

    £770 for a bunch of tier points to include the Babybus and A380. That will do me nicely…

    • Wow that’s impressive. Over which dates and timescale? Is it TP run or make a hol out of it?

      • Holiday for a few days…

        I found starting your trip in either Zurich or Geneva and ending at either Frankfurt or Berlin will get your price under £800 easily.

        Bargain time!

    • Wow, Tp – how did you manage to price that one up? That’s a very good deal!

  19. Hi

    can someone help me book this deal



    • what sort of help are you looking for haroon? guidance as to how to book it? I think you’ll have to do it on the phone, others pls confirm & if so maybe somebody can suggest a good phone number to use?

  20. hi, please help me book this deal:




    • Lots or tips on the Flyertalk threads about this, failing that try a specialist TA such as Propeller Travel.

  21. Had a lovely deal priced up earlier ZRH – JFK – LAX – HNL – LAX – DFW – FRA for £1250, now £2500 for the same when i tried to buy it. So frustrating!

  22. Jack Smyth says:

    So frustrating it was pulled at bang on 5. Just got leave approved and about to book. Raaaaa :-)

  23. yup – fare pulled.

  24. Haroon – The fare has gone now but info for next time..

    Either use the ITA Matrix (Search for Raffles article on how to use) or probably an easier route, use Google flights.

    To find this route, enter the following into Google Flights using the multi-city search –


    Google flights will show you all connecting options and fares applicable to dates of travel in calendar form, it’s very easy to use. If you have a preference for a certain aircraft type, you select accordingly.

    Once you have found the routing and fare you wish to book, you can either send the itinerary straight from Google Flights into AA’s online booking engine or if you wish for it to be ticketing by BA, you can give them a call.

    Hope this helps for next time.

  25. Sorry – Should have been IAD (Washington Dulles), not IAH (Houston)! Apologies…