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Why BA ‘triple Avios’ is worse than we thought

On Tuesday I wrote a piece about the new British Airways ‘triple Avios’ promotion.  To say that the website for it left something to be desired was putting it mildly, with contradictory statements, misleading statements due to poor punctuation and key terms and conditions missing.

Someone was reading the criticism on here and on Flyertalk, because on Tuesday night the registration page for the offer was changed.

(The dodgy punctuation remains – ‘You can earn triple Avios on all British Airways flights and when you fly with our partners American Airlines, Finnair and Iberia on flights between Europe and North America.’ which implies that only flights between Europe and North America are included. This is not true.)

There is now a FAQ.  This makes clear that when the website was wrong – and remains wrong – when it says that you should go to the BA Avios-earning calculator to work out how many Avios you will get.  The one thing you won’t be getting in many cases is 3 x the number shown in the calculator.

This is because triple Avios is now defined as triple BASE Avios before the application of any cabin bonus.

At least, I think it is, because as far as I can tell these two statements from the rules are totally contradictory:

8) Eligible Participants who book and complete their journeys on Qualifying Flights within the Promotional Period will qualify for a triple Avios bonus based on cabin of travel.

9) Eligible Participants will receive triple Avios Points before any cabin or tier bonuses on all tickets except reward flights.

British Airways A350

In my original article on Tuesday I used this example:

Berlin to Hong Kong on British Airways, Club World, 8th-16th November

Cash cost: €1,737 (£1,454)

Avios earned as a Blue member (a status member would get more):

Calculated at this web page as (869 + 8969 + 8969 + 869) x 3 = 59,028

I was wrong.  This is because a cheap Club World ticket earns 150% of base Avios.  For any particular flight due to the cabin bonus.  The base Avios earned is what the BA calculator shows for a Y-class Economy ticket.

In reality, this is what you will get:

Berlin to Hong Kong on British Airways, Club World, 8th-16th November

Cash cost: €1,737 (£1,454)

Avios earned as a Blue member (a status member would get more):

Calculated at this web page as (869 + 8969 + 8969 + 869) + a bonus of (579 + 5979 + 5979 + 579) + (579 + 5979 + 5979 + 579) = 45,908

It still isn’t a bad deal, of course, just not as good as I first though.

If you haven’t already registered for triple Avios, the page you need is here.  It is open to readers worldwide.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Pateldaku says:

    English is not my first Language, but I don’t see anything wrong with the Punctuations.
    2 categories
    and in the second 3 sub categories.

    You can earn Triple Avios

    1. on all British Airways flights
    2. when you fly with our partners
    a. American Airlines
    b. Finnair
    c. Iberia
    on flights between Europe and North America

    1. 2. separated by “and”
    a b separated by “,”
    b c separated by “and”

  2. OT: Having hit my BA PP £10K spend and the 241 voucher duly received, is it possible to :
    1.Downgrade to the free BA Card and get a refund on the remaining annual fee?
    2.Does it affect the 241 validity?
    3.Do you get a new card number. i.e a new application and new credit check?
    4.Can you upgrade to the Premium card after the anniversary date to start the cycle of £10K spend to gain another 241?

    Any advice much appreciated, my first tryst with BA PP Amex!

  3. I read that as

    – All BA flights
    – And long-haul flights between N.America/Europe for partners airlines.

  4. Apologies but so OT:

    Hilton free night certificate, once you redeem if you need to cancel do you get the certificate back in your account? Thanks

  5. The dodgy punctation has been fixed 🙂

    • And clause 8 has been rewritten.

      My bill is in the post.

      • Maybe they’ll just let you write how to get exit seat for free on Avios/ RFS redemptions?

        • Been racking my brains as to exactly who here is CWS from FT but I must confess I don’t have a clue, so probably nobody (just a reader) or else I have been well & truly stuffed

        • I’ve sat next to CWS at a dinner, albeit a couple of years ago, and I don’t think he comments over here. But I could be wrong!

  6. As an update to my two previous posts, I phoned BA about my booking yesterday and asked them for the number of Avios I will earn . The figure I was given was 3 times the amount I would normally earn for the booking as a bronze member.
    I recorded the conversation for future evidence should there be any dispute.

  7. I registered for the offer on Weds, booked a flight out of Riyadh to LHR (via the BA app) on Thursday and flew on Friday morning. Points credited at standard rate today with no sign of the triple points offer. Lets see how this goes then ….