Earn TRIPLE Avios on Hilton stays this Autumn

The main Hilton HHonors promotion this Autumn, ‘Double Up’ (click here), offers you double Hilton HHonors points on every stay you make before 31st December.

I wrote about ‘Double Up’ in detail here.

To give credit to Hilton, it is very straightforward.  All hotels are taking part and there is no minimum stay requirement.

If you are not focussed on Hilton HHonors points, British Airways Executive Club and Hilton HHonors have launched a new mileage deal for the Autumn.

For some people, this may be more attractive than ‘Double Up’.

The BA / Hilton promotion details can be found here.  You will receive triple Avios on every stay until the end of the year.


As a reminder, this is how Hilton HHonors works:

If you choose ‘points and points’ from your stays, you earn 10 base points and 5 Hilton HHonors bonus points per $1 spent

If you choose ‘points and miles’, you earn 10 base points and 1 British Airways Avios per $1 spent

Under this promotion you would earn 3 Avios per $1 spent instead of 1 per $1.

There is an extra bonus on top ….

Based on the last two times this offer has run, anyone who selects ‘points and miles’ and who registers for BOTH ‘Double Up’ and ‘triple Avios’ will receive both!

This means that you should get 20 base points and 3 Avios per $1 spent.

Arguably, if you value an Avios point at a conservative 0.75p and a Hilton point at 0.3p, ‘Triple Avios’ is more valuable than ‘Double Up‘.

Under ‘Double Up’, you receive 25 Hilton points per $1 worth 7.5p

Under ‘Triple Avios’, you will receive 20 Hilton points per $1 plus 3 Avios worth 8.25p

This does assume that you get double base points with ‘Points and Miles’ by registering for both offers.

Two more things to note …..

The registration page for triple Avios refers to a list of non-participating hotels. The link is not a link, however, so it isn’t clear if such a list actually exists or not.

Secondly, the rules say “Offer available for new bookings made between 5 October ….”.  Existing bookings may not count and, for safety, you may want to stick with ‘points and points’.

Remember that you MUST register for these offers.

The link for the new triple Avios promotion is here.

The link for the main ‘Double Up’ double points promotion is here.

PS.  The picture above is the new Hilton Paris Opera we reviewed here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Worth noting a discrepancy – on the BA site the T’s & C’s say it’s bookings made after 10th Oct, Hilton site says it’s after 5th Oct.

    For most people this won’t make a difference, It just happened to for me. I’d guess Hilton version is the one to follow.

  2. Does double up on points and points not earn 30 HH? (I am assuming you double the 10 base points and the 5)?

    • Double points would earn 25 points as the 5 points you elect to earn throughout the “points & points” option aren’t classified as “base points”. However, as someone has just mentioned, booking through the app gets triple points so you’d get 35 points/$ in total not including status bonuses or additional points earned through credit card spend.

  3. When registering the site suggests that the Douple up can be Triple Up if stays are booked via the Hilton App

  4. Sussex bantam says:

    Although booking through the app means you can’t book through avios.com who are currently offering 6 avios per £. It’s too early in the morning for me to work out which is the better deal although I’m sure someone cleverer than I will be along in as second…

    • :) snap. 6 avios = say 6p. 10HH points = say 3.3p. Almost double better off going through avios portal.

  5. Thought you might run this today Rob, glad my tip was of use, that pic also isn’t wasted on me either.. (Assuming its from a WA)

  6. Tried to register on my phone and just get taken to a join hilton form. Anyone else having issues?

  7. The key point is that the offers aren’t mutually exclusive. All you’re doing is giving up 5 HHonors points per USD you would have received with points+points in return for the triple Avios with points+miles. The rest of the points received (base, promo from Double Up +/- mobile booking, status bonus) all happen regardless.

  8. PLUS
    10,000 POINTS
    for every 10 stays.


  9. Links in this article are broken. On Chrome/Windows, a new tab opens the link is clicked, then closes by itself. Not sure what the issue is.

  10. If Avios is doubled if credited to BA, does that mean it’s better than crediting to Iberia?

    BA usual rate $1 = 1 Avios
    BA promo rate $1 = 2 Avios
    Iberia usual rate $10 = 15 Avios?

    • Typo, I meant if Avios is tripled if credited to BA

      BA promo rate $1 = 3 Avios, which beats Iberia?

      If that’s right, I’m surprised you forgot to mention this 😛 the usual advice is to credit to Iberia rather than BA.

      • A similar IB promo may emerge or may not. I did not want to complicate things even more by bringing that into it at this point.

  11. BlueThroughCrimp says:

    Slightly OT.
    I booked a Hilton (The Doubletree at Imperial Wharf) in the recent sale, and still had the Amex £50 cash back offer saved to my card.
    Now that the charge is showing on my Amex statement, when will the cash back trigger? Now, or on check out?

    • I was in the lobby there on Sunday. It looks quite nice. If you’ve got kids, the Gambado soft play centre next door is good.

      Give it 3-4 days from the charge appearing and then potentially contact Amex, although I bet they will tell you to wait 28 days (although nothing changes!).

      • BlueThroughCrimp says:

        The only kid is me – I’m down for the Scotland game at Wembley and a trip to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour.
        So tragic to magic in one long weekend!

      • Amex will resolve quickly through the message centre if there are any problems. I had an issue at the weekend where the hotel name on the card terminal when I checked out differed to the official name on the Hilton website and offer list.
        Problem solved in a couple of hours after dropping a message to Amex.

    • Normally within a couple of days of charge fully being processed IME.

      Any issues, don’t worry – Amex will definitely sort it for you to make sure you receive the credit.

  12. Richmond says:

    Got my triple avios but not sure it was worth it. I will stick to double/triple HH points.