New BA Holidays promo – NYC and other routes from £1,149 Club World including hotel!

British Airways Holidays has launched a special Club World promotion for travel over Christmas and New Year on five core routes. There are some great prices here but you need to book by Monday.

Click here to take a look at some of the deals available with Club World flights.

These prices would be excellent on a ‘flight only’ basis. When you remember that they come with a hotel thrown in, they are exceptionally cheap.  These are the ‘lead in’ flight and hotel offers based on Club World flights:

New York – £1,199 including three nights in a 5* hotel

Boston – £1,149 including three nights in a 4* hotel

Chicago – £1,149 including three nights in a 4* hotel

Washington – £1,149 including three nights in a 4* hotel

Toronto – £1,149 including three nights in a 4* hotel

These prices are based on two people sharing.

One of the New York hotel options, for £1199 is the InterContinental New York Barclay Rob reviewed earlier this year.

BA Holidays

Usually with BA Holiday you don’t have to pay in full when booking. Apart from a small deposit, you only need to pay the balance five weeks before departure. This means you can wait until November to pay the full amount.

Remember that you also earn a bonus 2 Avios per £1 for booking with BA Holidays on top of the Avios you will earn from the flights and from your credit card.

(One minor downside is that BA Holidays packages do not earn On Business points in BA’s small business loyalty scheme for the flights.)

If you fancy a short break over Christmas or New Year, these offers are worth considering.  You would also receive 280 tier points which may be a helping hand towards your requalification or promotion for next year.

The BA Holidays Club World promo page is here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Rob, was expecting last article of the day as tesco premium credit card as promised.
    may be there is still time for another article!

    • I pulled it at the last minute as tomorrow was looking a bit thin :-)

      Definitely lead story on Saturday unless something breaks today.

      • Lady London says:

        Unless stories break I am wondering whether you need to push yourself so much Rob. I’d be quite content if you did articles only Monday-Friday. Especially if you are dong 3 per day most of the year as that’s a lot of editorial to fill. Most of us have timetables that are radically different on the weekends with commitment to families and other activities that are scheduled all over the place.

        Other than if some big new breaks, do other readers feel the same as me? I know there is another side that from your point of view Rob, might mean you are happy to publish 6 more articles over the weekend… or perhaps not?

        • The articles are not the issue …. I do two hours of admin for every one hour I write articles (remember, I get 150 emails a day, 7 days a week, plus the comments on here and Twitter and Facebook comments) and that isn’t easily fixed. The little competition we are running tomorrow, for example, has taken about 5 hours of work to put together when you factor in negotiating the prize, the terms, getting client approval for the text, setting up the entry widget etc.

          However, Anika has sharply increased her hours as you may have seen from posting this week so that is balancing it out a bit. My plan is to try to stop working at weekends, apart from emails, and in the evenings.

  2. OT. I applied last week for an Amex. Anyway arrived yesterday with 15k limit.

    I currently have a 999 score and have a few credit cards.

    As the Amex will take a hit on my credit score is it worth applying for a couple of more cards? Such as the Nectar card and anything else with a bonus?

    Anyone know if you can have too many credit cards?

    • O/T My score went from 999 (has been for about 2 years) to mid 700’s overnight in September for some weird reason! I have checked CIFAS and trawled through my free noddle score – but nothing of any note! I’m hoping it’s gone back up to 999 when it’s updated in November!

    • I tend to cancel cards that I’m not currently using / have no use for. I’ve just worked it out and in the past 12 months I’ve applied for 10 credit cards, four current accounts, have changed electricity, phone and internet providers etc (all of which require credit checks). My credit score jumps around a bit but remains very high (and never been rejected for anything – my panic the other day after not having been immediately accepted for a rechurn on Virgin White was that MBNA wanted to move some of the credit limit from Virgin Black to Virgin White). If I were in your shoes I would apply for another one but buyer beware.

      • genghis, you are a busy boy

      • I knew u actively churned spg, platinum and bapp but didnt know u do the virgin ones as well,

        can u talk me through your churn strategy for the virgin ones?

        • It’s something I’m currently trialling as RTS reported back on Sunday having received the bonus again after having previously cancelled. I will report back too I guess in a month’s time once I’ve spent the £1k to get the 10k Virgin miles bonus (again – hopefully)…

  3. Anyone know if IC’s tend to honor Ambassador benefits when booking through BA?

    • It depends on the hotel… in my experience its about 50:50. Best option is to email the hotel direct after the reservation has been made and ask them to note your status on the booking.

    • I’ve had them honoured twice when booked as an express deal through Priceline – no questions asked. The first time I was joining the Ambassador Program at the check in (Boston), but the second time (San Francisco) I simply emailed my membership number prior to arrival.

  4. Great deal!
    Is there any easy way to see seat availability (the specific seat plan of unselected seats as opposed to the number of seats) before booking with BA?

    • Unless you are flying from Gatwick, why would you want to fly BA? There are AA codeshare flights available. You can see AA seat availability on the AA website and reserve seats FOC on AA flights.

    • On BA, you don’t pay for the tickets until the very end of the online process (basically, you pay AFTER your seat selection has been done), so just go through the booking process and if you’re not happy with the available seats, abort the booking / change planes :)

      If you want to save more time, do your checks using a “flight only” booking

    • Lady London says:

      You can do a dummy booking just don’t buy at the end.

      A couple of times when BA;s website wasn’t functioning properly I found that the seat I hadn’t yet paid for still being apparently locked by the software, meant it gave me another seat instead. Basically you can see the seat before you decide to pay for it on that transaction… or not. It has been known on dodgy train software too.

  5. I’m not going near the US with the £ as it is. I thought NYC was expensive in early June so God knows what it would be like now. Good BA deals though. Linked to a downturn in TATL business?

    • But surely the £ would make coming to the UK a bargain so more Americans coming here and less Brits going there would even itself out over TATL wouldn’t it?

      • I seriously doubt the UK is a Christmas break destination for Americans the way New York is for us!

        • London is pretty dead between Christmas and New Year, not a lot going on for tourists. Remember that in the US many shops are open on Christmas Day in the afternoon.

          We usually go to Pret A Manger in South Kensington on Christmas Day (we being me and the kids, whilst my wife and her parents sort out lunch) and it is always packed with foreign tourists looking very lost because literally everything – except Pret and Starbucks – is shut. Obviously if you go to Edgeware Road or Whitechapel it is business as usual on Christmas Day but those are hardly tourist hot spots.

          • All tourists should be encourged to go to Needoos in Whitechapel.

          • Nothing wrong with Needoos or shalamar, great place! Work just opposite great for a cheap kebab roll after work!

          • Haha if you want dead try Sydney (Oz) on New Years Day – lots of bars and restaurants shut too, really took us by surprise!

        • Fair enough, but I’ve never really understood why you would want to go to NY for a Christmas break anyway. Could think of much more christmassy places (or much less if that’s your preference). But each to their own I suppose.

          • I have my first 241 redemption to NYC for Christmas in F. Hope it won’t be dead!

          • Christmas in NYC is my favourite time to visit. Not dead by any means but manageable, much less crowded than NYE.

            We had the Empire State Building on Christmas day to ourselves a couple if years back!

        • Agree, I don’t think London is going to be the typical tourist destination regardless of the exchange rate. Would like to do New York for christmas but the exchange rate does have an impact on an already price destination.

          • *pricey

            Then again for only 3 nights the exchange rate won’t really matter if your just eating out and not shopping a lot.

    • There are Business Class deals every Xmas. Usually more flexible than this. I went from LHR to MIA for £1000 in 2014 and for £1500 in 2015.

    • Your hotel and flights are paid for …. how much else would you spend? Unless you were planning to go on a crazy shopping spree, the exchange rate movement is unlikely to impact you hugely if you are only buying meals and getting into tourist attractions.

      • We managed to blow a couple of grand in four days without really pushing the boat out; we stayed room only with no lounge access. We saw a couple of shows and ate out 3 times a day!

      • All depends on where you are going of course, but I did Washington DC earlier this year…

        Having booked very early, had (economy) flights for £420, Crowne Plaza in Crystal City Paying the equivalent of £99 a night including the $10 a day breakfast for 2.

        Almost everything in DC is free to get into, Crystal City is a pleasant walk to most DC attractions, we were so stuffed by the generous breakfasts that lunch was very light and Crystal City prices are quite reasonable for dinner.

        I returned with most of the cash that I went with!

    • $ being expensive – it’s only a 3 night trip…

  6. OT: Curve’s new pricing is free for blue and £50 for black, glad I got a refund of the £75 now!

    • TGLoyalty says:

      But you would have got reward credit if you had spent £1k

      £45 on my £35 Blue card so still £5 up vs the new pricing and earned lots of points in the meantime

  7. Mud Island Mlungu says:

    New offer from Groupon. Not sure how guaranteed you are for availability…

    • NOT valid on cheap non-refundable tickets, which is why I haven’t covered it. You need to buy a pricey REFUNDABLE ticket.

      • The discount is applicable only to the airline fare and does not include taxes, airports costs, surcharges – i think the main issue

  8. These five cities were on flight only offer from Paris and Amsterdam about three weeks ago with availability over xmas and new year. Pricing was around €900 and you could use avios to bring the price down a further €240. So a very good deal, but not picked up by HFP.
    Great Qatar deals also this week to Australia, but again missed by HFP.
    Maybe less of the pay per clicks and hotel reviews, but more on information on great fares and earning tier points?

    • Adelaide from Zurich, on Qatar, was covered this week 😉

    • Sean, less of the critism please, and a bit of praise where praise is due! If you noticed these fares, you can also do your bit by emailing Rob, like many of us do! He can’t see every offer out there, you know. He is grateful for alerts. Like last years brilliant QR sale, l actually posted it here in OT before it went out. So it all helps. Hotel info also useful for many people here.
      Also, this is a free service to us, so be grateful. You can work out the avios and TPs yourself actually, as we all do now on this site.
      Those you mention were covered too.

    • You mean this deal to Australia? –

      Feel free to drop me a note if you spot anything, or just post it in the Comments here and I will take a look. We only have so many hours in the day.

      • My apologies Rob. I didn’t get that email.
        Got the three morning ones, but nothing else that day

        • It wasn’t emailed because it came up during the day so I slotted it in as an extra article. That happens sometimes. Often they will be added to the email the next day, but in this case I didn’t bother because it looked like most of the seats would have gone by then.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Rob, you seem to have picked up a few trolls recently, odd that people will waste their time with that sort of stuff.

        Remember you meantioning a comments type section where we could discuss deals etc rather than going OT every day on an article to cover the same topics. E.g. Curve, QR discount fares, Etc. Any luck?

    • Agree with Polly – this is a free service so if you don’t like it don’t come here. I actively avoid Flyertalk now because it’s become so tiresome with trolls and I’m hoping HFP doesn’t go the same way.

      • Fair criticism is always welcome, but at the end of the day Anika and I are probably knocking out more words per week (across here and Shopper Points) than the combined staff of as well as attending a substantial number of meetings and events.

  9. Jason Titter says:

    Can you add a new On Business number to an existing booking? Or can On Business only be done at time of booking?

  10. OT : in case not covered – 40 amazon voucher on 100+ gbp booking on trip advisor + review :

    • Only users who have previously booked a hotel on TripAdvisor through “Book on TripAdvisor”. Previous booking(s) must have been made with the same email address used for the booking qualifying for the TripAdvisor app £40 offer. 1st time bookings do not qualify for the TripAdvisor app £40 offer.

    • Thanks for the reminder. I covered this a few weeks ago but with little enthusiasm from the readership!

  11. OT – Has anyone used IHG best price guarantee?
    does this also apply to flexible booking too? I am looking at a hotel which is about £25 cheaper on

    I have looked at room type etc and both sites list the same room type, guests etc.
    Do I have a valid claim here?

    • Yes, used for IC Berkeley NYC – approved within 2 hours and refunded by the Hotel. Saved 150 pounds. Was too. There is a thread on FT on how to structure your claim correctly.