What is Bink? (And how can it win me 100,000 Avios this week?)

Our lead article today – click here – is a fantastic competition to win 100,000 Avios!

The competition is sponsored by Bink, which is a very impressive new loyalty app.  Bink has partnered with Avios to allow you to earn Avios points on your day to day High Street shopping – without needing to show your Avios card!  All you do is pay with a payment card you’ve registered in Bink and the Avios will be added to your account a few days later.

Bink is based on one simple premise – why should you need to show your loyalty card when shopping when you can already be identified from your payment card?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you earned Avios and other loyalty points automatically?  If the retailer recognised your payment card and automatically put the points or other rewards into your account?

All of this is possible with the Bink app.


How does the Bink / Avios partnership work?

Avios has embraced Bink as a key partner and is using it to work with High Street retailers who want to offer Avios points as an incentive.

If all goes to plan, you will soon be able to earn Avios points at various different High Street retailers.  You won’t have to show your Avios card when you purchase.  All you do is pay with the payment card you registered in Bink and the Avios will be added to your account a few days later.

The way it works is that Bink has partnered with the major payment card companies, including American Express, to get access to their transaction feeds.  You simply register your payment cards and Avios account (don’t worry – they use market leading encryption to ensure that your data is secure) in Bink.  Bink searches purchase data from its participating retailers to identify your transactions and then automatically adds Avios to your account.

PizzaExpress is the first Avios / Bink partner

PizzaExpress is the first High Street partner to sign up with Avios and Bink to seamlessly earn Avios points.

  • You collect 3 Avios per £1 you spend on Friday and Saturday
  • You collect 6 Avios per £1 you spend from Sunday to Thursday

All you need to do is:

  • Download the Bink app
  • Add your Avios card details
  • Add your payment card details
  • Link your Avios account using your last name
  • That’s it!

You do NOT need to show the Bink app when you pay.  You do NOT need to show your Avios card when you pay.

On one of her tougher HFP assignments, I sent Anika down to PizzaExpress to test Bink out (and got an expenses claim for my trouble).  Avios points successfully posted to her account a few days later:


More Avios retail partners coming soon ….

PizzaExpress is just the first of a number of High Street retailers coming to the Bink platform which will allow you to earn Avios points from your day to day shopping.  Further retailers will be unveiled over the coming months.

Even if you don’t eat at PizzaExpress, it is still worth downloading the app now.  Once you have downloaded Bink and added your payment cards, there is nothing else to do.  You will automatically start earning Avios from new partners as they launch.  You will also be entered into our competition.

Bink has far bigger plans too …..

The partnership with Avios is just the first element of Bink to roll out.

Going forward, they will be working with other major retailers to allow you to automatically collect loyalty points from their own in-house programmes without having to show your loyalty card.   You would simply pay with your Bink-registered payment card and Bink would tell the retailer to add the relevant points.

It will also prompt you to sign up for loyalty programmes if you shop at a participating retailer using your Bink-registered payment card.  There are probably retailers where you don’t bother signing up for their loyalty schemes because you can’t be bothered to deal with another card.  Bink will prompt you to sign up after visiting a participating store, it will award you points for the transaction you already made and will automatically credit you with your points going forward – with no effort on your part.

Bink is currently developing partnerships with Morrisons, Arcadia Group, PizzaExpress, Avios and River Island amongst others.

Bink is free to join and free to use

You will – at some point – end up signing up to Bink if you are a keen Avios collector.

However, signing up this week will give you a chance of winning 100,000 Avios points in our exclusive Head for Points competition, so why not do it now?  

The app is free to download and free to use.  You can find it on the Apple Store here and on the Android Store here.  Full details of how to download the app and enter the competition can be found in my other article which you can read here.

PS.  All references to ‘Avios’ in this article refer to avios.com and not British Airways Executive Club.  You can only link avios.com accounts to Bink.  You can move the points to British Airways Executive Club, free and instantly, using the ‘Combine My Avios’ function on either avios.com or ba.com.  If you only have a British Airways account, you will need to visit avios.com to open an account there before you can enter our competition.

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  1. Rhonal Hernandez Esquivel says:

    I’ve been trying to link my avios account with the bink App but that is not working! Any suggestions?

  2. I’ve noticed my Hilton HHonors VISA (run by Barclaycard) isn’t supported by Bink.

    Presume Barclaycard want to keep all their transaction info to themselves, which is why it’s also not supported on Android Pay etc.

    • My HHonours Visa works on Apple Pay, not sure why they wouldnt support Android Pay too?

      • For some reason Barclaycard seem to want to do their own proprietary thing on Android, same as Amex :(

  3. Lady London says:

    This is definitely one to be a first mover on.

    It will increase the amount of Avios that are overall issued. We all know where that leads. The only way is to try to stay ahead of it by hoovering up the generous signup bonuses now

    OT but I’m a bit worried to see so many intermediaries piling up in purchase chains. Surely this will lead to higher prices for all? This kind of feels like a bubble.

  4. Laurence Anderson says:

    When are these guys going to get the message that not everyone has or wants an iPhone. Windows phone app please!!!!!!!!

  5. +1

    I see nothing in the description which necessitates having to carry the software around.
    It seems that one could one load everything into a stand-alone PAYG ‘phone.
    Does the program run on their server?
    If so, it would seem that having set it up one could then leave said ‘phone switched off?!

  6. RussellH says:

    Hear hear.

    We do not all have ‘smart’phones, nor any desire to get one, frankly. I cannot practically make use of a mobile at home – it is cold in the garden and on the roof at this time of year, so a £5 top-up to my ASDA SIM lasts around 9 months.

    I have plenty of handsets left from when I had a business contract, so I do not see me ever again getting another. And they all have proper keypads, not a wretched touch screen.

  7. +1
    Surprised to see this is not available on PC. Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE and others) are ubiquitous and agnostic about content (ie you don’t have to write an app specifically for the platform). I’m firmly in the Windows camp for PC and phone, so I’m out.

  8. Totally agree. Spent an hour the other day trying to set up my Amazon Echo via an app before finding out I could do it on my laptop with a decent sized keyboard and screen.

  9. +1

  10. I agree that Bink does not need to be app based – it would work perfectly well as a desktop solution for what they are doing with Avios.

    The longer term Bink plan does make more use of the app though. For example, if you add your Costa card to Bink then you can have Costa scan the barcode shown in Bink instead of having to add and open the Costa app.

  11. RussellH says:

    I would rather they used my Costa card around their steam and hot water than any sensitive electronics

  12. Right but costa card doesn’t need to be an app either.

    Anyway you should be getting a new costa card every time you get enough points to redeem for something you want, as you get 100 points = roughly 93p (as no points earned on redemptions) for registering a new card.

  13. That’s how I understand it.

  14. Yep, that’s exactly how it works

  15. the real harry says:

    +1 I don’t do state of the art phones & I doubt whether my glove pocket emergency brick can do apps :)

    plus I don’t trust my kids not to use anything I put on their phones or devices not to cost me serious money – they’d have my card details, after all

    my wife I’d trust but she’s losing patience with all this & currently we’re a few months late churning Gold as she refuses

    so yes: PC would be good lol

  16. Dirtyneedebluesky says:

    Thank you The Real Harry