Bits: Avios launches targetted Super Boost promo, Lloyds brings back refer-a-friend!

News in brief:

Avios launches new targetted Super Boost promotion launched a new promotion yesterday to encourage you to increase your Avios collecting this spring.

Super Boost is a targetted offer which has gone to a minority of members.  None of my family have received anything.  If you didn’t get it, there is nothing you can do about it.

You need to opt in by the end of February and then collect a specific number of Avios before the end of April.  Irrespective of when you register, all earning from 1st January counts towards your target.

The bonuses are based on your previous earning activity and vary sharply.  For example, I saw one offering:

1,500 Avios for earning 18,000 points or 3,000 Avios for earning 25,000 points

but another reader got:

200 Avios for earning 400 points or 400 Avios for earning 600 points

Quite a difference!

Avios from all air and non-air partners count towards your target.  There is no leeway on the receipt of Avios, however – they must be in your account by 30th April.  If you have the Lloyds credit card, check what date your points hit to ensure that you don’t spend unnecessarily in the final month.

The easiest way to hit your target is probably from a Tesco Clubcard conversion although the cut-off date for the next voucher run is Thursday 26th January.  This means that you will struggle to do anything quickly to earn additional points this quarter.

Be careful about crediting British Airways flights to because you not receive any elite status bonus that BAEC would give and your tier points will be lost.

Bonus Avios will be credited to accounts by 31st May.  The full terms and conditions are here.

Lloyds Avios Rewards credit card refer-a-friend bonus is back!

I wrote an article yesterday moaning about the loss of the refer-a-friend bonus on the Lloyds Avios Rewards credit card

This definitely seemed to have died. I saw two separate tweets sent by Lloyds to Head for Points readers confirming it.

And then, a few hours after my article appeared, it was relaunched!  You can, yet again, receive 4,500 Avios points when you are referred for the Lloyds Avios Rewards card.

Meanwhile, I have been sent a document showing potential plans for the future of the Lloyds Avios Rewards card.  More on this tomorrow …..

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Paying tax on 31st January? Remember HMRC credit card fees have been slashed!
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  1. OT: Anyone knows what will be the first off peak day in 2018 for BA avios?

    • Guesswork on that one, maybe 4/5th Jan (if your v lucky)

      What routes you after?

      • It is a busy one from America to London, so hopefully I will be able to book the first offpeak back and save a bit of time off + cash 😉

  2. O/T but I cannot seem to find the answer after searching HFP

    I have ordered £600 of foreign currency from Moneycorp to pickup and pay at Gatwick tomorrow.
    If I use my BAPP card is the transaction treated as a cash purchase or just as a purchase with no fees. Thanks in advance

  3. Yes

  4. Richard Thomas says:

    I was offered 1200 Avios if I collect 4,500 and 2,400 Avios if I collect 5,500
    Not enough of a reward to make me spend on my Llloyds Amex over my BA Amex I think.

  5. Robert samuel says:

    Offered 4000
    If I collect 13000
    don’t think so

  6. Offered 4k bonus on 13k or 8k bonus on 17k. Do we think Amex MR or SPG transfers will count? If so easy 8k for me:) However nothing on wife’s account.

  7. the real harry1 says:

    O/T can anyone please remind me of that tip/ link on the cheapest way to buy cruise holidays? It was on here a year or so ago. ISTR it was in the States & the prices were typically discounted by over 50% vs UK prices. (Got an elderly neighbour planning a cruise.)

  8. O/T Hope someone can help. Virgin flying club only allows return bookings on ANA. If I wanted to use my virgin miles for HIJ-OKA and didn’t turn up for the return leg since I want to go OKA-HND because I don’t have enough virgin miles but have loads of avios and I book this part of the journey on JAL. is there anything I need to worry about not taking the return leg? Thanks

    • 1. Love the itinerary, Hiroshima still haunts me (everyone should be obliged to visit!) Miyajima worth visit while in vicinity.

      2 Back on topic, but am slightly confused by your dilemma? For domestics I suggest you use avios on JAL if possible as so cheap and no taxes plus they unsurprisingly have best network/ flight frequency.

      However…..this is Japan and

      3. Trains are fantastic (stations are gourmet hideaways) – but pricey unless u use consolidator ‘tours’ e.g. Japanican


      Rob – I hear you’re going back! Lucky lucky you. Have done Kyoto Nara (earthquake architect specialists a must visit!!) Osaka Hiroshima Miyajima Fukuoka Tokyo etc during last years Cherry Blossom – happy to offer any advice ‘if’ you wish.

      • I lived in Fukuoka for two years. Great place. Sounds like you enjoyed.

        My tips – get a JR rail pass if travelling around on mainland. If you’re after beaches / sun, Ishigaki is beautiful.

        • Thanks for the info Jeff/Genghis. We booked returned flights from LHR to NRT using the BA 2-4-1 voucher with Avios in CW. We then spend 4 nights Tokyo, 1 night Hakone, 4 nights Kyoto, 2 nights Hiroshima, 3 nights Okinawa and 1 night Tokyo before our flight back to London from NRT. I booked Okinawa to HND on JAL using Avios as well and intend to use Japan Railways for all the other parts of the trip. The only direct flight from Hiroshima to Okinawa is on ANA and they only allow return Virgin air mile redemptions. So I booked HIJ to OKA return but do not intend on using the return leg since it quicker for me to get back to Tokyo from Okinawa on JAL . Any risk in not showing up for the return leg e.g. OKA to HIJ? This has all been possible with the help of HFP and information gleamed from the comments sections. Thanks to all.

        • Nice itinerary. A few more tips:
          – Good free view from Tokyo Metropolitan Gov building in Shinjuku
          – Try onsen tamago (egg cooked in hot spring water) in Hakone
          – Go to Arashiyama in Kyoto (you can take a boat back to the town which is a nice trip)
          – Kokedera moss garden in Kyoto – book in advance
          – Nara is impressive for the Todai-ji, not far from Kyoto
          – If your itinerary is not yet set in stone, I’d recommend a night at Koya-san, just south of Osaka, staying in a temple overnight.
          – Stop off in Himeji to visit the castle when travelling to Hiroshima – best castle in Japan IMO

          Re flights, you should be OK.

        • Hi Genghis – absolutely, I now love Japan full-stop having spent considerable time during 2014/15/16. It’s a funny one, some people don’t like it (or quite possibly just don’t get it) and thats fine, but for some reason I really ‘get’ their culture and embrace/respect it.

          A viewing of Bill Murray’s Lost in Translation is worth it before anyone’s first visit.

          (theres a travel blog out there for some extremely wealthy – dare I say privileged – young chap who it seems does nothing but travel 5* around the world full-time, lucky lucky him; however he slated his experience of Japan – eg he didn’t fathom the concept of Ryokan – but all it told me was, I’m glad I don’t have to meet/socialise/work/be friends with him – plus the Japanese will be delighted he has long departed the country promising never to return – his words not mine – lol)

          May I ask, what you worked at in FUK ? (apologies if this is too personal a Q, in which case please just ignore it!)

        • Hi Jeff. I love ryokan – being brought vast quantities of quality grub for dinner and breakfast, things you would never order on a menu. Even better if there’s a private hot spring just outside your room. I recommend Kurokawa onsen in Kumamoto prefecture as the best get away (much better than Hakone but much more difficult to get to. The horse meat sashimi is fantastic! Anyway, I digress. I went to Japan on a scholarship post university and spent a year studying there. I liked it and got a job for another year in an international school before coming back to the UK to get a ‘proper job’.

  9. My offer was:

    500 = +200 boost
    2000 = +400 boost

    better than a kick in the teeth

  10. OT anyone get their miles and more 7x earnings at Best Western? I didn’t.

  11. ankomonkey says:

    I got the same 🙁

  12. OT:
    Message for Genghis- thanks for info re nationwide.
    Unfortunately my twitter account has been purely for collecting points and I have no idea how to contact people. I don’t know how twitter works

    Any chance you can send me the link?my twitter is @babymangoali.

    Thanks in advance

  13. I was offered 2000 points if I collected 8500 and 4000 points for 11000 points. I might actually make it if the 5500 missing points from currys appears in my account some time soon

  14. cristian says:

    can you transfer from TPC ?

  15. BillyBoy says:

    500 for 8500 and 1000 for 11000 hardly sets my pulse racing 🙂

    Oh well, free money I suppose…