Bits: Kimpton Amsterdam on points, BA dropping and starting routes at City

News in brief:

Amsterdam’s forthcoming Kimpton bookable on IHG points

OK, if you’re not a bit of a hotel geek the headline above might not mean much.  However, fans of Kimpton Hotels – the cult US boutique hotel brand now owned by IHG – have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the first European site in Amsterdam.  This will be a conversion of the Crowne Plaza in the city centre, pictured below.

Kimpton has now been owned by IHG for two years.  IHG has been very wary of messing with a successful formula, however, which is why Kimpton has retained its own loyalty programme and the hotels do not allow you to earn or spend IHG Rewards Club points.

Except … Kimpton Amsterdam (home page here) IS now available for IHG Rewards Club redemptions.  It is due to open on 26th June and is pricing at 50,000 points per night.

As a trade off, you will NOT earn Kimpton Karma Rewards if you stay here.  This may not go down well with Kimpton fans in the USA.

50,000 points is a little toppy, given that cash rates for the opening period are around €260 – €280, but I would still redeem at that level.  In fact, I will be redeeming at that level because I want to check it out as soon as I can!

Note that the hotel cannot be booked on the Kimpton website, either for points or cash – you need to use  Thanks to Gary for this.

Crowne Plaza Amsterdam Kimpton

Changes for British Airways at London City

British Airways has announced some adjustments to its London City services.

Flights to Hamburg, currently 3 x daily, will be suspended from 27th March

Flights to Angers, due to operate 3 x weekly during the Summer starting from 27th March, will not now happen

If you are booked onto either of these routes you will be transferred to a Heathrow service.

Instead, BA is launching a new route to Skiathos in Greece.

The timings are a little odd.  There will be three flights per week, but those days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.  The service runs from 26th June to 6th September.

BA will also offer an extra flight to Mykanos from City.  This will operate on Fridays from 30th June to 8th September, adding to the existing Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday services.

Avios and cash seats for these new routes are already available at

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  1. Lewis Watson says:

    Remember to use the Kimpton secret password at check in

    • Lewis Watson says:

      If they still do this anyway. Last time I was a t a Kimpton was before it was IHG. Does anyone know if it’s still a thing?

  2. Quick Q: how do you select your seat or pay to reserve seats on a booking made with avios points?

    • On BA? Go into and pull up the booking via the 6-character reference.

      • It’s a booking made on the avios site. When I log into our HH account I can’t even find any reference to the booking even though we have the email confirmation & itinerary.
        As it was booked through avios do I need to call up to reserve seats but it would be nice to be able to view availability.

  3. where2travel says:

    They’ll have to be going some to make the existing Crowne Plaza anything like a typical Kimpton.

    It’ll need more than a wine hour and yoga mat to make the hotel anything boutique-like. It is in a good location for visiting Amsterdam though and I did enjoy my stay at the Crowne Plaza a couple of years ago.

  4. “If you are booked onto either of these routes you will be transferred to a Heathrow service.”

    Even the Angers route? Are they going to start flying Embraers/Saabs from LHR, or start landing A319s at Angers? Either of those options sounds unusual…

  5. the real harry1 says:

    Update on my claim against BA for cancellation of free F&B on tickets booked before changes announced

    So I got knocked back after 5000 Avios ie 5x 1000

    BA say you won’t get more than 1000 Avios compo per person irrespective of number of tickets booked

    I’m keen to test this in law

    but worried BA could get nasty eg cancel my flights ie give me a refund instead – I got those flights nice & cheaply so that would be a bad outcome

    remember BA vs Virgin?

    so my current plan is to take my flights then claim in law retrospectively

    will probably write stiff letter to Cruz before then

    • Lady London says:

      @Harry do please keep us posted on your progress on this.

      • the real harry1 says:

        plus it seems I left all my screenshots of the ‘free F&B that you don’t get with LCCs’ at our place in the sun 🙂

        nae problemo, I thought I emailed them to myself but I’ll just get them at Easter anyway, I am actually quite worried by BA’s ability to be vindictive/ nasty so it all works out nicely re: timing

        I have got a couple of journos interested already

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Once you board could they claim you have retrospectively accepted their new terms of travel?

      I know Car hire and hotels can be cheeky like that can’t they?

    • We got 4000 each, a thousand for each of the four sectors we had booked. Total 8000 between my good lady and I.

      Took some pushing, initially the standard1000 and then the other 3000 after some email tennis. I was happy with that.

  6. Completely OT sorry. But out of the blue my parents mentioned they’d like to go to Sydney for Easter. They don’t mind going ex EU. I know recently there have been a few articles about these flights but I wasn’t paying attention as it wasn’t something I was interested in and now it looks like the offers/sales have expired.
    Anyone has any suggestions on where I should look for the best prices in business? Thanks

    • Vietnam Airlines is doing £1600 from Heathrow on brand new 787s I believe.

      The Malaysia £1500 deal is over – at least to Sydney.

      Sub £2k is always available, even if it is China Southern ex Amsterdam …..

      • If your parents go with Vietnam and have a long layover in SGN, tell them to call the airline at least 36 hours before travel and book the free city tour and day hotel. Made for a very nice treat on my way to and from Aus last month.

  7. Apparently Angers dropped has something to do with the airport closing to all civilian flights., due to a loss of subsidies and ATC personnel.

  8. “Flights to Hamburg, currently 3 x daily, will be suspended from 27th March”
    good job my flight from Hamburg to City is on the 23rd March then….as I was looking forward not to buy on board….

  9. 40 years ago Mykonos and Skiathos were over-done and unatractive, Does it take two generations to die off for these places to become attractive?

    The number of times I saw cruise ships come in, prices and adrenelin levels triple… Decades ago.

    Mykonos and Skiathos were never attractive. Never. There are 2000 inhabited islands in Greece. The ones with airports tend to be most like the mainland.

    • Folk cannot help when they are born.

      Those travelling today have so little left to explore and so little time within which to do it.

      I held a long nurtured desire to go back and see some places I knew well from the 1990s but I have not, certain as I am that as they were discovered by the internet generation, they have become shadows of their former selves and fallen foul of the capitalistic excesses which allowed us to visit them in the first place.

      We need another world to explore as we’re nigh on done with this one.

      • the real harry1 says:

        I first went to Koh Tao in 1988, it was beautiful, cheap, unknown to the masses & wonderful.

        I bet it’s still pretty good now but nothing LIKE as good 🙂

        Koh Samui was getting developed and pretty horrible in parts – with the full moon parties already started on the island in the middle Koh Pha Ngan – very sad place once a month & the party-goers simply didn’t know it…bet it’s carnage now

        • I was in Samui before the inside roads were built and what accommodation there was was dispersed between almost forest like plantation. A few years alter, it was still semi idyllic but the magic was waning. Now it is a metropolis with overpriced everything and shit attitudes.

          Koh Pha Ngan is a money pit for those who run the island like a mafia fiefdom. As the recent murders show, nothing is allowed to stop the cash machine from functioning.

          I lived in the South Andaman, travelling largely on big engine long tail boats heading off into the ocean with no idea of where we were or whether we would survive; sadly some did not.

          What was great back then might well be good now but it won’t be as good. just look at La Residencia in Deia, my Mallorcan home from home. It was fantastic until it was destroyed and can never be reclaimed.

    • Completely disagree.

      • the real harry1 says:

        yep had a perfectly pleasant holiday in Skiathos with a girlfriend nearly 30 years ago, it was lovely