BA and Hilton launch confusing ‘up to quadruple Avios’ promotion

British Airways Executive Club and Hilton Honors have launched a new mileage deal for the Spring.

For some people – but not many – this may be more attractive than the main Hilton Honors ‘2000 bonus points per night’ promotion.  I outlined the ‘2k Every Day’ deal in this article.

The BA / Hilton promotion can be found here.

It is valid for stays until 30th April.


If you choose to register for this offer, you will receive:

double Avios on your second stay

triple Avios on your third stay

quadruple Avios on your fourth and subsequent stays

You should compare this with:

2,000 bonus Hilton points for every night

which is the alternative offer.

As a reminder of the earning rates:

If you choose points, you earn 10 base points and 5 Hilton Honors bonus points per $1 spent

If you choose miles, you earn 10 base points and 1 British Airways Avios per $1 spent

There is no easy answer to which offer is better.  It depends on how much you are spending and how many stays you will do.

However …. I would value 2,000 bonus Hilton points at £6 – £7.  You also need to factor in the value of the extra 5 Hilton points per £1 under the ‘points’ option.

I would value an Avios point, for the purposes of this example, at 1p.  For most people, you would struggle to get more than £6 per night of value from ‘up to quadruple Avios’.

It only makes sense if you are doing lots of stays this Spring (so you will hit the ‘quadruple Avios’ level quickly) and those stays are of high value per night (to outweigh the value of the flat 2,000 bonus points under the alternative option).

There are two other problems with this offer:

There is a list of non-participating hotels, but the link to the list is dead.  The main ‘2,000 bonus points per night’ Hilton promo has NO non-participating hotels.

In theory, bookings under ‘quadruple Avios’ must be booked via – but that URL just loops back to the promo home page.  I don’t believe this is actually true – it is only mentioned in the small print, not in the main text, and the small print also says that you can book by telephone too.

My verdict

Unless you are desperate for every single Avios you can hoover up, 95% of HFP readers will get more value from the main ‘2,000 bonus points per night’ Hilton promotion this Spring.

There is also the possibility that Iberia – which has a better Avios earning rate with Hilton than British Airways Executive Club – launches its own Avios promotion.  This is likely to be more generous than this BA offer.

That said, nothing stops you registering for both offers and switching your account from ‘points’ to ‘miles’ for each stay.  The registration page for ‘up to quadruple Avios’ is here.

(PS.  The photo shows the impressive 33-room Gran Hotel Montesol in Ibiza which we reviewed here.)

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  1. Plus 500 points for booking via the app.

    • It’s much better to go through your points back site of choice.

      • I agree. I’ll get 3000 Avios for going through shopping portal. Much better than 500 Honor points. Plus I found the prices on the app weirdly higher than the Hilton website in some cases!

        • I’m finding the Avios shopping portal lately getting as patchy as TCB was for Hilton. I’ve got over 4000 Avios due from several stays which were well over 60 days ago and they still haven’t credited only tracked. The shopping portal team keep telling me to wait as Hilton are still to confirm them.

          • I’ve found Virgin Shops Away to be excellent. I’ve had quite a few points from them recently and everything has tracked.

          • The two portals are, at the back end, identical ….

          • Interesting – didn’t realise the sites were essentially the same. So theoretically a purchase should track equally well on both? What about Gate365?

          • Same ….! Run by Collinson, who also own Priority Pass oddly.

          • They do track but just don’t become payable even 60 days after the stay has been completed. They still sit on my account showing as tracked. 2400 was from a stay completed in early November (so almost 100 90 days ago now), 900 from a stay at the start of December (so over 70 days ago now), and another 700 also at the start of December. I have a few more from this year which are also showing as tracked but this is beginning to look like the TCB Hilton deal.
            When I decided to try booking Hiltons via the portal the first 3 stays all paid up promptly. Since then they’ve just sat there.

          • Were they prepaid or flexible?

            I’ve found a significant trend towards the former tracking and paying out OK, and the latter not..

          • Chris, they were flexible. Probably a good point that they are poorest at paying out.

  2. Rob, says its an alternative..

    I’ve already signed up for 2k every day..

    Any data points as to why this offer will definitely not stack on top?

  3. Why are you saying it’s an alternative, Rob? You should get 2k points per night if registered for that offer, it doesn’t matter if you have picked p+p or p+m. You’re only giving up 5 Honors points per USD (of p+p earning preference) to opt for this offer.

    There’s also a 500 AA miles per night promo available that may appeal to some and would be worth highlighting.

    • I totally agree, they may stack.

      Once someone sends me a screenshot showing they stack, I will run another article!

      • I’m staying at a Hilton tonight and have registered for both offers. I’ll let you know what happens when the points credit to my account (typically around 3 days).

      • I won’t have it for this promo but will have it for the AA one from this past weekend once it works it way through the Hilton website. Based on past experience with lots of Hilton promos though I’m certain it will 😉

  4. Any ideas if a Hilton sale will be due soon? missed out the Winter one as couldn’t commit to dates.

  5. Now have points detail from my stay and it’s exactly as I expected. I had p+m selected to take advantage of the AA promo and received the following…

    2017 HH1 2K EVERY DAY 0 4000 0
    Base Points 2402 0 0
    DIAMOND VIP BONUS – 50% 2017 0 1201 0
    AA Q4 500 MILES PER NIGHT OFFER 0 0 1000

    • Nice, that’s me signing up,.. :)

    • What's the Point says:

      So the expectation is….that if you opt in for the Avios promo you will also get the 2,000 HH points as well?

      • Yes, they’re two totally separate promos. If you register for 2k/night one then you get it regardless. The AA and BA bonus ones are only if on points plus miles (Hilton IT glitches aside, they have sometimes credited as bonus points when on p+p!). Remember the airline programme at time of booking is fixed and can only be altered by reception staff, whereas you can pick p+p or p+m earning style yourself.

  6. Slightly frustrating that the offer was eligible from 1st Feb and has only just become widely known about. I had a lower value stay last week and have expensive 3 or 4 night stays coming up. Would have been good to have progressed to double points for second stay!
    Not sure this promo is ideal for somebody with a two or three stays in next couple of months. More suited to a weekly traveller who can exploit the quadruple points several times.

  7. Slightly O/T
    I have Hilton Diamond status through a status match I did with IHG Dec 2015 ( Thanks to HFP) . I believed my status ran until around March this year but I can’t find any expiry date on the app or in my account. On my Hilton account overview it confirms Diamond status and says “To maintain Diamond status in 2018, you need 60 more nights”
    What’s the chances I will have it for the rest of 2017?
    Thanks in advance

  8. Quick question on this promo.

    If I register for the promo and leave my preference as ‘points + points’ for three stays, then change to ‘points + miles’ for the fourth, will I earn quadruple avios for that stay? (and any subsequent stays), or do I need to have three stays post under p+m for the reduced rate first.

    I can’t see anything in the T&C that suggests this wouldn’t work.

  9. Booked a points stay (4 night) and got 5th free. Currently staying at the hotel. I have made some calls and also bought a travel adaptor that got charged to the room. Will these two charges be enough to trigger the 2k points per night at checkout? I am checking out tomorrow but my account is not showing even Myway 1000 points. I am a Diamond member.

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