Exclusive: New images of the British Airways ‘First Wing’ in T5

The new First Wing at Heathrow Terminal 5 is due to open in the next couple of months.

This should radically improve the journey through the terminal for British Airways Gold card holders and First Class passengers.

Situated behind the current First Class check in area, it offers an integrated check in and security screening area which feeds you DIRECTLY into the Galleries First lounges.

Here are a few new CGI images of how it will look.  You start off here (click to enlarge):

First Wing British Airways Terminal 5

… which looks similar to the new Gatwick premium check-in entrance.  You move on to the check-in desks:

First Wing British Airways Terminal 5 2

… with the boarding pass scanner at the back.

First Wing British Airways Terminal 5 3

Immediately beyond that is security screening.

First Wing British Airways Terminal 5 4

You then turn left and walk down a corridor which brings you here:

First Wing British Airways Terminal 5 5

…. where you emerge by one of the bars in the Galleries First lounge (the area to your right if you enter via the current entrance).

First Wing British Airways Terminal 5 6

If you have a First Class ticket, you may want to head to The Concorde Room instead.  In which case, you need to walk through Galleries First, turn left and leave by the main entrance:

First Wing British Airways Terminal 5 7

….. and enter The Concorde Room that way.

It isn’t clear if the current door at South Security which takes you directly into The Concorde Room will remain or not.  It also, to be honest, isn’t clear if this is going to save much time for anyone flying from 5B or 5C, which is most long haul departures.  You would need to leave Galleries First, head down the escalator and make a long walk over to the transit train. The big winners may be Golds flying short haul.

All in all, it looks impressive and represents a genuine investment by British Airways in improving the terminal experience for premium passengers.  I look forward to giving it a try although I doubt it will be open by the time I fly to Asia in early April.

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  1. Noggins says:

    We were in the Concorde room yesterday. And I have never seen such tatty, worn and stained furniture other than in a junk shop. It was seriously awful!
    (Furthermore, service in F was not a patch on the ME airlines biz class service. Hardware was good)

    • The dining service in Concorde Lounge is odd, random waiters serve you, they always seem to be busy doing something else, not sure what. Compares badly to the CX First lounges in HKIA where they try their best to spoil you. My last flight 2 flights in F, the service was all over the place, 2 crew members to start with then one disappears for most of the flight leaving one crew member trying to serve a full cabin. Various things missed or forgotten from start to finish, then the ice cream for desert was a solitary scoop of ice – used to get better at school. On and on both flights they tried to give me a medium sleep suit when i wanted large – then got told they are trying to use up the mediums, so a deliberate mistake!

    • My last CCR visit was last August. It was packed by 1pm and most of the sofas were occupied by people using it as a bed…maybe it is just me, but I was a bit shocked to see a scene like that.

  2. Lady London says:

    I wonder what negotiations BA has done with BAA over this.

    The rest of us who are not currently Gold and not booked in First Class still get forced to go through a route of so-called luxury shops but actually mass market brands, in order to reach our flight. Does BA now get a premium for funnelling their most likely wealthiest set of customers past a set of shops that will have paid extra to be in this new corridor on the way to the First Class Lounge?

  3. Jason Brandt Lewis says:

    SO IN OTHER WORDS, British Airways finally caught up to Virgin Atlantic’s “Upper Wing” entrance . . . .

    • I think it is better than that. I found the ‘Wing’, when arriving by train, to be a major faff, not least the almost unmarked lift to get to it. It is a different story if you are driven to the car entrance I admit.

      • The virgin one is far easier from the tube or HEx than the new BA one… but only if you know the ‘secret’ short cut! There’s a door near the HEx exit that takes you straight up to the far end of the Virgin check-in area, where it’s a very short walk to the ‘private’ lift, a much shorter journey than the concourse length at at T5. Admittedly this is of no use to the majority of clueless passengers, but I’d have thought better of HFPers 😉

  4. RussellH says:

    OT – but still BA. More bad service


    The difference between BA in the main article and Singapore Airlines behaviour at the end of the article is a real eye opener.


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