REGISTER NOW – Hilton launches new ‘double or triple points’ promotion

I wrote a piece yesterday about the new ‘points pooling’ feature with Hilton Honors.  Today I want to focus on the new Hilton Summer promotion – which offers double or triple base points – which has just opened for registration.

To give Hilton credit, it is very straightforward with minimal small print:

You will earn DOUBLE Hilton Honors base points for every stay between 1st May and 31st August.  Diamond members will receive TRIPLE base points.

You can register here.


There is no small print except that you need to register in advance via the Hilton website:

There is no minimum stay requirement

Existing bookings still count

All Hilton Family properties (Hilton, Hampton, Curio, Waldorf-Astoria, Conrad etc) are taking part – there is no list of non-participating hotels – except for Hampton properties in China

You can earn the bonus on two rooms per night, as long as both rooms are booked in your name and the bills are merged together (this is important) so that you only pay one bill.

The full rules for the promotion can be read here.

Hilton double points

Should you get a Diamond status match for triple points?

If you have top tier status with another hotel programme, Hilton Honors will give you a 90 day free trial of Hilton Diamond status.  You can request a status match here.

You need to supply a screenshot showing your top tier status in another programme plus a screenshot showing a paid stay in the previous 12 months.

Gold status matches are also available if you have mid-tier status with another scheme.

If you complete eight stays (note it is stays, not nights) during the 90 days you will keep your Diamond status until 31st March 2019.  If you only manage four stays you will receive Gold status until 31st March 2019.

Even if you only had a couple of Hilton stays planned this Summer, you might want to request a Diamond match.  You would ensure Diamond benefits on those stays and you would receive triple points instead of double points.

The downside is that you may lock yourself out of a future Hilton Diamond match.  If the hotels you are visiting are unlikely to give you much for your Diamond status (ie they have no lounge so you don’t get anything from the ‘guaranteed lounge access’ benefit) you may want to hold back.  You may get a better deal by taking the Diamond status match later, assuming Hilton continues to offer it.  You need to make your own call here.


‘Double or triple base points’ is a decent offer and you should make sure you register here if you have any Hilton stays coming up over the next three months.

Whether you move your business to Hilton may depend on your new IHG Accelerate target – see my other article today for details on that.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. From my experience it would seem that Hilton do allow you to do a status match more than once. I took advantage of a previous status match (late 2015/early 2016) where they matched you straight to Diamond with no stays required (I matched my IHG Spire status). This was valid until end of March 2017. I didn’t really use Hilton much in 2016, but decided at the start of 2017 to move from IHG towards Hilton.

    As expected my Diamond Status dropped at the end of March down to Silver (which I had earned at that point for this year on Stays/Nights). The following day I requested a status match under the current status match offer (I’m still an IHG Spire) and they matched me back to Diamond the next day. I have in April completed the 8 stays required for the match, on the day that the 8th stay posted to my account an email appeared confirming my status until March 2019.

    I have to say that I do think that Hilton is better than IHG. I have been staying in a number of Doubletrees and think they are better than Holiday Inns and Hamptons are better than HIX. I have scored a load of points via the promos and have had good status recognition in the hotels. I have even scored upgrades to Suites on about 50% of my stays this year which is always nice.

    • They will do it more than once now, I agree. You can’t assume that they won’t change the rules in future though, and I wouldn’t want to unnecessarily count myself out.

  2. Marriott Travel Package (Via SPG Points)

    1. When do you get airlines miles? Just after booking or only after you have consumed the stay? Presume it is later
    2. Has anyone used it to book stay for a family (say 2 Adults + 2 Children under 12)? Again, I presume it probably depends on individual hotel but I am looking at Florida for Disney land

  3. Dominic says:

    I can’t make the link work to register – is it just me? I get a 403-forbidden blank page

  4. Thanks for sharing this and detailed description Rob.

    Does it matter if we are on Points & Points or Points & Miles for this promotion?

    And, in your opinion, which is better in general? It looks like Points & Miles is better value.

    • Genghis says:

      Doesn’t matter as it’s double or triple base miles. IMO points and points is better (1.5p / $ vs 1p / $) unless a promo is on (as it is now)

    • Points & Points is marginally better if you value a HH point at 0.33p and a mile at 1p, since you are getting 5 points v 1 mile.

  5. I’ve just got my diamond status match, which I’ve submitted 3th time.
    But I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay 8 times in 3 months.
    I generally stay 3 nights every weekday.
    If I book 1th and 3th nights via Hilton’s website, 2nd night via expedia, would this count as 2 stays?

    • No, the hotel would still link them together (and HH would do it even if the hotel doesn’t). You’d need to change hotel for the middle night.

      • Thanks very much,
        Since you are here, I have another expert question.
        I’ve earned companion voucher with my BA Premium Card, and downgraded to regular BA card.
        Now, on my online banking, it says “Spend £7000 more by Nov 2018 to get companion voucher”. Is this for real? Would I get another voucher?

  6. Need a bit of help here please – I plan to stay in a Hilton property for the first time soon and therefore want to join HH. Does Hilton have some sort of sign up bonus to join the program? Thanks!

    • There used to be a referral scheme, albeit only for 1000 points, but it is now dead I think.

      • Cheers Rob!

        • the real harry1 says:

          did you know you get Gold Status by taking out the Amex Platinum card?

          others can tell you what sort of upgrade & benefits Platinum gets you in HH.

        • and don’t forget the HHonors Barclaycard which will easily give you a free night (and OH with another card).

  7. The Original Nick. says:

    For future reference, currently sat in the executive lounge at the Hilton T5. Copious amounts of wine brought out and food. Kebabs are superb too. Overall opinion: excellent. Hotel is very nice too including the staff.

  8. Great tip, thanks! I’ve just applied for the status match to IHG Spire Elite and have signed up for this promotion too. Got a few stays planned in the next 3 months and will give Hilton a go.

  9. When is the next Hilton (European) sale likely to be?

  10. Genghis says:
    • the real harry1 says:

      yep – thx but old news on these boards, I think you were travelling & doing something more fun with your better half – as you are wont to do! 🙂

  11. Patrick says:

    On Tuesday I booked a room using the voucher from the credit card sign up. I was stuck in Helsinki airport due to a flight cancellation and was browsing the Hilton site to see if there was a free international number I could call. Turns out there is option for them to call you, which is free! I tried this, and within about 20 seconds my phone rang, and there was an American accent at the other end. I wanted a room the Stockholm hotel for Saturday (tonight), either she didn’t know her giography or didn’t understand me, as I had to spell it….. Room was finally booked though.

    Then I was asked, “would you like me to connect you to someone else who can tell you if you have any special offers, and you get 500 bonus points for this option.” So I said yes, and after giving the second person my hilton number, I was told I had no offers…. and he hung up! However 500 points have appeared in my account.

  12. Do any of the readers know if Hilton offers for Gold members an accelerated option to get Diamond? I don’t have an equivalent status with another chain so can’t ask for a match. Thanks.

    • Doesn’t hurt to ask, but I am guessing ‘no’ because if they did it would look pretty similar to the current promotion which DOES require equivalent status with another chain.

  13. O/T but Hilton related.

    I’ve just been status matched to Diamond and have a trip to Helsinki lined up to take advantage of it. I’m wondering where else I could consider going on a mini mattress run to get to 8 stays and keep it. Where’s best to look for the cheapest Hilton properties to visit to achieve this?

    • Aberdeen has some pretty low prices for hotel rooms and quite a few Hilton properties. If you’re over in the USA at all then lots of Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inns in out of town locations that can have good deals – did Route 66 a few years back and had some pretty decent value accommodation in those properties!

    • The Hilton website shows you all properties within a certain zone which you can define (5 miles, 10 miles etc).

      If you’re in London the Garden Inn at Hatton Cross or one of the Croydon properties are a decent bet if you are reliant on public transport. Because this is a bit of faff, though, I would try to fit them into existing travel plans where possible.

      Do the maths too. Will you get enough value by March 2019 to make use of what you will spend? Whilst Diamond gets you lounge access, for example, not all hotels have a lounge.

      • Thanks for the tips! Sorry, should’ve mentioned I’m UK based. I did think it was a bit ambitious, but good to know where to look in case anything crops up. I’m certainly looking forward to making the most of the experience in Helsinki. With regards to the potential room upgrade – do I need to do anything in advance, or do I just hope for the best when I arrive?

  14. New to Hilton. Is points + points or points + miles generally considered to be the better option?

    • Genghis says:

      When there is not a promo on:

      Points and points = 10HH + 5HH points per $ spend
      Points and miles = 10HH + 1 mile per $ spend

      So the difference is 5HHs (@0.3p = 1.5p) or 1 mile (@1p = 1p)

      So I would default to points and points

      • Thanks for replying Genghis. I’ve had a trawl through the partners and see Virgins Atlantic and Australia are 2 miles per $. As I’m trying to get Singapore miles and they aren’t that easy to earn, I’ll think I’ll go for Virgin Australia and transfer them to Singapore – effectively 1.5 SQ miles per $.

      • My view exactly!

      • Although of course even when there is a points promo on you can still collect miles, it’s only if it is a miles promo that you need to ensure you have switched earning to the relevant FF programme.