How to earn 10,000 Avios with your next five Hilton stays

Hilton has launched an aggressive promotion with Avios to encourage you to move your stays across to them this Summer.

You can earn 10,000 Avios from your next five Hilton stays.  Importantly, there are no spend, brand or night caps.

It may even be enough to tip the balance if you were thinking of doing a mattress run for Hilton Diamond or Gold status.  Let me explain ….

Hilton St Georges Park pool

How the deal works

The current general Hilton Honors promotion, which runs until 31st August, offers double base points on all stays (triple points for Hilton Diamond members).  I wrote about this promotion here and you will find the registration link in that article.  You should register for that offer even if you intend to take part in this new Avios offer.

The new Avios promotion works alongside the double points offer.  You will receive both.

The Avios offer is outlined on this page, where you can also register.

In summary:

You will earn 2,000 bonus Avios on each of your next 5 Hilton stays

ALL Hilton stays count, at any brand, of any length of stay, of any price.  Reward stays may or may not count, as you would usually not receive miles – only points – on incidental spend on reward stays.

You need to register for the offer via this page

You need to change your Hilton Honors earning preference in your profile to ‘Points and Miles’ and set British Airways Executive Club as your airline partner

Stays must be completed by 31st August

This offer will work alongside the ‘double base points’ offer.  So, for example, for a member without status:

‘Points and Miles’ standard earning rate: 10 base Hilton points per $1 spent plus 1 Avios per $1 spent

Rate after registering for the Avios offer:  10 base Hilton points per $1 spent plus 1 Avios per $1 spent plus 2000 Avios bonus

Rate after registering for both offers:  20 base Hilton points per $1 spent plus 1 Avios per $1 spent plus 2000 Avios bonus

This is a pretty chunky rebate.  A spend of £50 would trigger, adjusting for VAT, roughly 1,080 Hilton points plus 2,042 Avios.  That is worth about £20-£25 to most people.  Hilton status members would receive even more.

Don’t forget to register for the ‘2000 Avios’ offer here and the ‘double base points’ offer here.

Hilton Venice

Why should you consider a mattress run to get Hilton status?

Hilton is currently offering a path to status until 31st March 2019 if you have status with another hotel programme.  Details are here.

Here are the rules:

If you have top tier status in another programme, you will get 90 days of Hilton Diamond with an extension to 31st March 2019 if you complete 8 stays in 90 days

If you have mid tier status in another programme, you will get 90 days of Hilton Gold with an extension to 31st March 2019 if you complete 4 stays in 90 days

Hilton status can be valuable.  A Diamond member is guaranteed club lounge access at properties with a lounge, plus free breakfast.  A Gold member is guaranteed free breakfast.  (Some brands are excluded from this, mainly Waldorf-Astoria.)  There are also upgrade and late check-out benefits.

The full list of Hilton Honors Diamond status benefits is here.

Let’s imagine that you can’t move 4 or 8 stays to Hilton within 90 days.  Do you, however, have a cheap Hilton property near where you live or work?

Let’s imagine there is a local hotel selling for £50 on a quiet Friday, Saturday or Sunday night.  If you booked yourself in for 4 or 8 one-night stays, you would earn 2,000 Avios on each of your first five stays plus double Hilton base points (triple base points if you are doing a Diamond challenge) via the other promotion.

Depending on how you valued the Avios and Hilton points, your net cost for achieving Hilton Diamond could be around £250.  Hilton Gold could have a net cost of at little as £100 after factoring in 8,000 Avios plus the base Hilton points from 4 x £50 stays.

This is a worse case scenario.  If you can manage a few Hilton stays from your existing travel plans, the net cost to do the extra mattress run nights would be even lower.

You need to think this through, of course.  Hilton Diamond doesn’t have much value if your travel plans between now and 31st March 2019 won’t feature a few high-end Hilton / Conrad / Waldorf-Astoria hotels, preferably ones with executive lounges.

For what it’s worth, I registered for the Hilton Diamond match before our recent trip to Asia and, through a combination of holiday stays, work stays and a couple of mattress run nights, I will hit the eight nights target.

You can register for the Hilton status match here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Chris Cannon says:

    I saw this on Johns LL site last night. Was a bit miffed to hear the promo started 15th May but wasn’t communicated!

  2. They need to do better than that to convince me to stay at their hotels.

    I honestly don’t get how people put up with their style of service. (Queues at check-in, queues for breakfast, garish branding and nickel and diming. Always amazed that Ibis can swing for two bottles of water yet Hilton charge.)

    • I got 2 free bottles of the water from the shop as a Diamond at Hilton Garden Inn Hatton Cross!

      • The setup there makes you feel like you are stealing the bottles… once had someone staring at me while we were going up in the lift. Nowadays I don’t bother since I can’t bring them through the airport (I guess I could dump the water and refill in the lounge but it seems wasteful)

  3. Is there a cut off spend or number of nights where you shouldn’t change to miles and points? I’m currently on an 8 night / $1800 stay registered on double points for points and points.

    • You shouldn’t be on points & miles unless there is a miles promo, as you only get 1 mile (= avios) instead of 5 HH.

      You will get the double points regardless of which earning preference you have

      • But 1.5 Avios per $1 via Iberia …. which makes it marginal to taking the points.

      • Chris Cannon says:

        I always just stay points and miles. I find the promos balance out the faf of changing all the time. HH points are easy to come by especially at Diamond level. Avios less so unless you fly a lot and I don’t. Just cherry pick to maintain silver BAEC

    • Genghis says:

      So I believe the delta is P&P for 5HHs/$ or P&M for 1 miles/$ and 2000 miles. So let’s say value a mile at 1p and a HH at 0.3p. Using some basic maths it’s then x + 2000 = 1.5 x. Solve for x = $4k. So greater than a $4k stay you’re better off with P&P. Someone else correct the math…

      • Thanks, at 5 points per mile at 0.3 and one 1 mile per $, 1 pp/avios

        Points and miles in avios is 2000 + 1800 = £38eq
        Points and points 1800*5 = 9000 hh = £27 eq

        Ill change to points and points!

        • But …. if you do P&M, you should also look at the option of crediting to Iberia which is 1.5 Avios per $1

      • Or points and miles if I can learn to type properly!

  4. Registration page for the bonus 2000 avios per stay not really doing anything for me, I’ve entered the member no & password, gone through the captcha verification and click register and nothing. Tried chrome/IE, no pop up blockers.. working for anyone else?

  5. James A says:

    Thats it! I’m in. I will mattress run my way to diamond (was going to stop at gold, I have 4 stays planned already). Hello Hampton Liverpool airport!

    Hilton you crafty dogs.

    • Hampton Liverpool airport is quite a decent hotel. The Lever Gallery in Port Sunlight is well worth a visit, and free too.
      Another excellent 10,000 point hotel in the north is Hilton Garden Inn Sheffield Park which is on the edge of the Peak District.

  6. OT but Hilton related.please can someone help me how to apply for gold status.i have amex platinum.thank you

    • Alex W says:

      It’s in your Amex online account under hotel benefits somewhere. Have a click around.

    • Relaxo says:

      Its under the platinum benefits tab. The page might ask you to log in again. If it gives you an error msg you will need to register again within the platinum benefits tab.

  7. Relaxo says:

    Would this promo work with the public sector rate/code?

  8. Optimus Prime says:

    If you choose P&P and a Double Points rate – do you get double points on both base and bonus points?

  9. Does anyone know what matches to Diamond with hilton?

  10. Sussex bantam says:

    This article prompted me to take a look at upcoming bookings in BOS to find that Hilton have a ‘20% off in Boston’ sale currently.

    Bookings cancelled and rebooked to qualify for this offer at a substantial saving ! Cheers !

  11. Does the offer work on bookings already made via the app?

  12. Tocsin says:

    I signed up a couple of days ago, after a stay at Tallinn 21-24 May (LHR-HEL-TLL RIP :( ) – because the stay hadn’t yet posted, I presume, I got the bonus miles!

  13. Colin JE says:

    Does anyone know if Hilton give Gold if you register for Platinum, but then only complete 4 stays?

    • Apparently, yes, they do. And the wording on the site sort of says that, albeit not explicitly.

    • Mark LLL says:

      Yes, from older comments in this thread, Honors Gold at 4 -7 stays.

      • Colin JE says:

        Thanks Rob and Mark,
        Have applied (though it took three goes before the form came back as successful) and it apparently will take 5 days for them to apply the status. I had assumed that you had to ask for either Platinum or Gold when you applied, but you just say on the form what status you have with the competitor. Just need to see what I can manage in that 90 days. Shame it’s not measured in days instead of stays. I’ll have to do some hotel hopping between nights to manage 4 stays, but 8 will be a push.

    • Mark LLL says:

      Sorry Rob, I did not see your reply before I posted.
      My connection quite slow :-)

  14. Mark LLL says:

    Maybe next time you speak with your contacts at Hilton you could amuse them with this silly IT anomaly from their online credit card application pages:

    I would like to apply for the Barclaycard Hilton Platinum Visa credit card but the online application form rejects my Isle of Man address – I tried with and without my postcode.

    I assume that Barlays do not accept applications from IoM residents – fair enough.

    Oddly though, Barclays online Eligibility Checker form seems perfectly happy with my IoM address.
    I say seems, I have gone only as far as completing the online eligibility check form but have not actually submitted it. My home address is listed in their forms address field 😉

  15. But wouldn’t separate bookings of consecutive nights get treated as 1 stay by Hilton? That’s what they told me when I asked on their chat. They said even if you booked each night individually and checked out and back in each day it would still be considered 1 stay for all the nights that are consecutive…

    • Correct. And irrespective of how the hotel processes it, HH IT can manage the ‘not entirely tricky’ task of merging consecutive nights into 1 stay.

      • Barras says:

        Presumably you would be okay though if you switched properties if feasible? I.e. three consecutive nights booked at Hotel A, then B, then A – would then count as three stays?

  16. I am 1 stay away from my Diamond status match offer of 8 nights.

    I need to do a mattress run but all hotels near me in London are very pricey. Do I need to go to the hotel or can I just digital check-in to a hotel further up North and not physically go there?

    • You must turn up. Innkeepers Act in the UK requires you to sign at a front desk irrespective.

      Hatton Cross is only £65 or so on quiet nights.

  17. Andrew H says:

    Are Points and Money bookings eligible for this avios offer?

    • I’ve seen reports of full points redemptions getting the Avios so I’d have thought so – nothing to lose anyway!

  18. Has anyone seen anything hit BA accounts yet? 3 stays in my Hilton account showing as the 2000 avios offer but nothing in BA.

    • MattyB says:

      Seems we may be waiting some time….

      Allow up to six weeks after check-out, and after promotion has ended, for miles to be credited to your account

      • Thanks. I have a few stays as Matt above where it’s showing the bonus points in my Hilton account but not yet in my BA account (although the double points from the parallel Hilton offer have posted to BA). Hopefully all will be ok, just have to wait to end of promotion period.

        • I’ve got nothing showing up so far Avios-wise on a redemption stay – am dubious they’ll post, but we’ll see!

  19. I know all these people personally and they are great. They genuinely could not be more helpful to us and we have a better Hilton relationship at present than we do with SPG (post many job losses), Marriott, Hyatt or Carlson. Take it up with the portal which refuses to tell you Hilton’s rules for paying out.

  20. Nate1309 says:

    I have had points post in the past. I do have some pending at the moment, one set from January. Not declined but pending would you have chased this up by now?

  21. 1nfrequent says:

    If your employer is signed up to Corporate Perks then the earning rate for Hilton there is better than at the Avios store – currently I’m getting offered 10 points per pound.


  22. Jordie says:

    i chased mine up from january and then they posted ina couple of days

  23. Hilton also changed their affiliate network last year and avoided paying out on lots of claims. The Hilton Honors folks are maybe OK but as an organisation I certainly wouldn’t trust them when it comes to any form of cashback – as a customer I don’t really care at which level (or with which sub-contractor) the issue is, I just know that the Hilton brand is being damaged as a result. I agree that I wouldn’t bank on getting any cashback for Hilton and view it as a total surprise onus if it does actually post!

  24. Targeted, I think.

  25. As mentioned in recent comments here, good luck with payout from Hilton via any cashback/points website!

  26. barnaby100 says:

    We have just had 80,000 miles taken in 2 chunks from Virgin for Hilton says over the past year that paid out at the time. They were commissionable. Very frustrating. So even if you get it they may claw it back

  27. That is odd. Are they retrospectively changing the rules? They want to stop paying out to HH members but I doubt it would be retrospective.

  28. They seem to have a silly system where they approve stays but then seem to go back on them later – not sure if it’s their intermediary or Hilton themselves. Regardless of who’s doing this it makes it very unappealing to booking with them via cashback or points sites though and isn’t great for the Hilton brand!