Bits: Heathrow Express discount, earning miles at Waitrose is back, Accor 3x last chance

News in brief:

Heathrow Express adds discount fares for August

Good news for anyone flying from Heathrow next month.  Heathrow Express has just revealed special off-peak fares during the full month of August.

During off-peak times, which includes weekends and bank holidays, a single fare will cost £15.  A return ticket will cost £25. Peak-times are Monday – Friday 7am – 10am and 4pm – 7pm.

Tickets can be booked online, via the app or bought on the day at the station.

If you book by 23rd July you can still use the current Amex cashback offer. You get £10 cashback on a £50 spend which would cover two return tickets, taking the price per person down to £20 return.  And remember that kids travel free, even with this offer.

Heathrow Express

Waitrose returns to the Virgin shopping site

After a brief hiatus, you can again earn Virgin Flying Club miles when shopping instore at Waitrose.

But how many miles?  I can’t help you with that!

If you visit the Virgin / Waitrose page without being logged in, it says you will earn ‘from 1 mile per £1 – log-in and view your offer’.

If I log in, it jumps to 3 miles per £1 which is exceptionally generous.  If I log in as my wife, the text remains at ‘from 1 mile per £1‘ – this is on an account which has never been used for instore shopping.

So, it is confusing.  The best thing to do is to register your credit card with Virgin via the link above, forget about it, shop at Waitrose as usual and see what turns up.

Le Club AccorHotels logo

Last chance to get 3x or 4x points on your Accor stays

When I did my round up of the best current hotel promotions yesterday, I missed off the latest Accor deal due to some confusion over the closing date.

As it turns out, you still have 48 hours to book!

Le Club AccorHotels, the loyalty scheme for Ibis / Novotel / Sofitel / Mecure etc, has very generous triple or quadruple points offer in Europe and the Middle East.  You can register here and my article on it is here.  Book by Sunday, 23rd July, for stays by 3rd September.

Accor has a similar 3x bonus offer for the Asia-Pacific region.  Specifically, it covers:

Cambodia, Greater China (including Hong Kong ,Taiwan & Macao), India, Indonesia, Japan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Fiji Islands, French Polynesia, New Zealand

It is also a good deal.  Again, you will earn TRIPLE base points on every booking you make and complete before 10th September.  However, the Asia-Pacific offer does NOT require you to book now.

Even if you have no Accor status, you will be earning 7.5 points per €1 equivalent you spend.  This is worth 15% of your spend back in Accor vouchers or (if you credit to Iberia Plus and not British Airways) 7.5 Avios per €1 spent.

Status members will do even better.

You need to register via this page of the Accor website.

Bookings made before 10th June will not count so, if you have existing flexible bookings, you should cancel and rebook them as long as the price is no higher.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Frenske says:

    Those with a (123) Santander account don’t be to quick to use Amex in Waitrose. Under My Offers you’ll find 5% cashback for using the linked debit card. A 10% for Morrisons too.

    I wonder if there is a link between the end date of the Waitrose money off vouchers and earning Virgin Miles to avoid double rewards.

    • Surely you can register your Santander card for Virgin miles.
      I have had Lloyds cashback (5%) and Avios (1.25 per £) as well as Virgin miles when shopping at Waitrose.

      • Having said that, if you can get 10% cashback at Morrison’s you would be better off buying a John Lewis/Waitrose gift card there and getting 2.5% cash back from Morrison’s so over 12%.

    • Sadly I never seem to have any 123 offers – I queried this with Santander before and they waffled about it all being customised based on spending, but I don’t want to miss out on my usual points/cashback by putting lots of spend through on the 123 debit card on the hope of getting some offers! By comparison the Nationwide offers are all available to everyone.

      • Nick M says:

        I don’t think I’ve been able to see any Nationwide offers (unless I haven’t been looking in the right place?) – admittedly I think the only time I’ve used the debit card was to change the pin…

      • You don’t have to spend much, but yes with LBG/Santander you do need to use the card to trigger the offers starting. Took me ages before I worked this out but when I did I made 5-10 very small transactions over a month (mostly TfL bus journeys) and then they came flooding in :)

        • OK thanks – might add it to Curve and put a few low value Tx through to see if anything triggers!

      • Many years ago, I asked why I never got any offers on my Debenhams card, but Ma got loads. They gave some feeble response about spend and I said that I had spent loads with them, but had been cheesed off with not getting the offers and gone elsewhere. Never got any more offers, so shopped elsewhere.

        I haven’t had any Tesco coupons for a couple of years, so don’t care about not shopping there any more.

        • I never received any marketing emails from Tesco when other family members were getting them all the time – I switched email address from my address to my address and emails started coming through straight away!

    • RIcatti says:

      I never have offers on Santander Debit card.

      It seems that their marketing/system have a perverse idea that only people who do shopping on the debit card should get the offers.

  2. Andrew says:

    1 mile per £1 for me

    • I have 5 miles/£ offered on Wairose from Virgin and/or 5% via Santander, but I also get ongoing Ocado offers of £10 off 3 x £40 spend, so I am in danger of buying from Ocado / Waitrose for the sake of spending.
      I’m getting worried – maybe I should just stick yo my local Aldi and save the cash?!

  3. Natalia S says:

    5 miles per £1 for me and my husband. We’ve got TSB Visa debit cards registered (as they give 5% cashback on contactless payments till September 2017), paid with them several times when previous Virgin-Waitrose offer was active, and none of these transactions got tracked with Virgin. I wonder if something is in place not to allow double-earning?

    • I have had these points on a Lloyds Avios credit card which also gave me Avios and Lloyds cashback.

      • How do you get Lloyds cashback?

        I’ve seen it mentioned a few times but I when I log into my Avios Rewards account I don’t see any cashback offers.

        • They call it everyday offers, should be on the left hand side when you log in. You do need a current account with them to get it though.

          • Ah that will be it then as I don’t have a current account.
            Might open one up…

    • Do you by chance have the same card registered with the BA/Avios store as this does cancel it out…

  4. 5 mile for £1 for me

    • 4 per £ for me!

      • memesweeper says:

        3 per £ for me… wonder what on earth the logic is?

        3 is the tipping point at which I’ll pass Tesco and head for Waitrose, so for their sake I hope it tracks and stays at 3+

  5. Cheshire Pete says:

    Just to mention I used the Heathrow Express the other week and only spent £48.50 plus at the ticket office. Contrary to the t&c’s stating £50 plus must be bought online the offer triggered for me.

    • Phillip says:

      I have not stopped receiving miles from shopping at Waitrose even when the offer was meant to be on a hiatus! How many? That bit isn’t clear. Sometimes 3, sometimes 5 and only once, 1 mile per £GBP!

    • Kinkell says:

      Likewise I bought HE tickets. , and my Amex offer was spend over £45 to get the £10 credit. Seems that some folk have £50 spend and others have £45. I needed 2 lots of tickets in August, so a bit gutted to lose out on the August HE cheaper fares . Oh well..

  6. Greenpen says:

    Just to add to the number of Virgin miles at Waitrose offer, but mine page says “From 1 mile per £1”, so who knows what I’ll get! All adds to the fun I suppose.

  7. Graham Walsh says:

    5 miles / £1. Not shopped in Waitrose for ages.

  8. Steve-B says:

    O/T sorry, does anyone have experience of linking two Amex SPG cards to one Starwood account – does it cause any problems?

    (I hastily referred my wife for a SPG card last night and entered in my Starwood account number but in hindsight wondering if I should have set up a second Starwood a/c for her first.)

  9. Andrew says:

    Just checked the staff offers through my company’s benefits site…

    1 point for every £1 spent at Waitrose up to £59.99
    4 points for every £1 spent at Waitrose over £60.00

    100 points = £1 BACS transfer.

  10. Me: Never shops in Waitrose £1 per point.
    O/H: Does most of the food shopping at Waitrose £3 per point.
    I sense no logic.

  11. Roger I* says:

    I’d love 5 points per £ (or even 1) but I’m getting 0. :( Shopping since late March and no points credited to VFC.

    Not a great WR shopper (The Boss goes elsewhere) but willing to expand. 22 transactions listed online, of which 17 approved and 5 pending (3 from June, 1 from May and 1 from April. 1,140 Approved miles, 220 pending miles.

    We have 4 payment cards listed between us (AA, BA and VS Amex and Marriott MC)

    I’m well aware that loyalty works mainly in one direction, and it is difficult to see that WR, Shopsaway and I are having a worthwhile relationship. I could try and find 5 till slips to retroclaim 220 miles, but is it worth the hassle? And surely some approved miles should have turned up in my VFC account, even if they are only transferred once a month.

    What am I doing right/wrong? 😀

  12. 1 for me and 1 for Mr Cate. We go into Waitrose at least two times a week. Kudos to those who got 5 :-)

    • Roger I* says:

      Can anybody please suggest what I should do next to get miles transferred to VFC?

      Shopping since late March and no points credited to VFC. 22 transactions listed online, of which 17 approved and 5 pending (3 from June, 1 from May and 1 from April. 1,140 Approved miles, 220 pending miles.

      We have 4 payment cards listed between us (AA, BA and VS Amex and Marriott MC).

      Thanks. [precis of earlier post]

  13. Mine shows 1 for £1 and that’s what I got on my last visit 4 days ago.

  14. Drolma-la says:

    It’s a slippery offer. Checked 3 days ago and saw 3 points/£1. Checked just now and saw “from” 1 point/£1. What does this mean? Has anyone seen any points from this yet?

  15. Waitrose – 1 point/£1 offer showing.

    Purchase tracked on 21st July (first since mid June) – and i think it really is 1 point per £1.

  16. Mine shows 1/£ on the main SA page and 3/£ on the Waitrose Instore page. I got 3/£ from my shop there on Sunday.