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New: up to 24% return with quadruple Accor points at Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure etc

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Our comprehensive review of the Accor Live Limitless scheme is here.

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Accor is launching a new ‘triple or quadruple points’ promotion today for stays in Europe (excluding France), the Middle East and Africa.  This could prove to be very generous indeed, with up to 24% of what you spend finding its way back into your pocket.

Accor is also running a ‘triple Avios’ promotion at the moment, so we need to compare the two as you cannot have both.

Sofitel Heathrow Accor

Let’s look at the new ‘triple or quadruple points’ offer.

This latest promotion is for triple or quadruple Accor points and NOT triple Avios.  Full details are here – YOU MUST REGISTER via the link.

It is ONLY valid for hotel stays in Europe (excluding France), the Middle East and Africa.

Platinum members of Le Club AccorHotels receive quadruple points whilst everyone else receives triple points.

You need to book between today and 23rd July (existing bookings do not count) for stays before 3rd September.  There is no minimum nights requirement.

If you have the choice, I would take triple or quadruple points rather than triple Avios.

Why?  Well, I think the logic is straightforward:

you can convert your points into Avios at any time, as long as you have at least 3,000.  This means that you are no worse off than taking Avios in the first place.

you have the additional option of using your points for Accor hotels vouchers at the rate of 2,000 points = €40

this offer is good for stays until 3rd September whilst ‘triple Avios’ ends on 30th June

Converting your points into Accor vouchers is more valuable than using them for Avios.  At the current woeful € exchange rate, you are effectively paying 1.72p per Avios point if you take 1 Avios point instead of 2 Eurocents of hotel credit.  This is terrible value.

Let’s look at how generous this offer could be if you are Platinum:

  • 2.5 Accor base points per €1
  • 7.5 additional Accor points per €1 as your promo bonus
  • 1.9 additional Accor points per €1 as your Platinum status bonus

That is a total of 11.9 Accor points, worth 23.8 Eurocents, per €1 spent.  On a pricey business trip this could be very lucrative.

How does this compare with the other Accor promotion?

I wrote about Accor’s other current offer, ‘triple Avios’, in this article.

Details are here.  You need to book and stay before 30th June.  Existing bookings made before 27th March do not count and should be rebooked.

The ‘triple Avios’ is based on what you would earn as a ‘Classic’ base level member, ie 2.5 points per Euro.  This means that you would earn 7.5 Avios per €1 spent which is a very attractive rate.  Status members would earn even more.  Some brands have lower earning rates.

This deal could work out very nicely.  Let’s imagine that you are spending £500 at a Novotel for a week.  That would be €600 which would earn you 4,500 Avios.  A status member would do even better.

Full details can be found on the Accor website here.

Are there any circumstances in which the current ‘triple Avios’ offer is better?

For most people, this new offer beats ‘triple Avios’.  If you are a Platinum member, it is a no-brainer because you get 4x points instead of 3x.  Everyone, irrespective of status, benefits from the flexibility of having your points sitting in Accor without them forcibly being converted into Avios.

If you have already registered for ‘triple Avios’, you can still take part in ‘triple or quadruple points’ instead.  Simply switch your earning preference in your profile from airline miles back to points.  Don’t forget to register for the new offer when you’ve done that.

Do not switch if your stay is already booked as the new promo is only valid for new bookings made from today.

The only reasons to take ‘triple Avios’ instead of ‘triple points’ would be if:

you are staying outside Europe (excluding France), the Middle East or Africa, so ‘triple or quadruple points’ is not an option

you will never get to 3,000 Accor points to allow you to convert to Avios and don’t want to have any ‘orphaned’ points in the Accor scheme

you can’t see yourself ever paying for an Accor stay out of your own pocket and have no use for the €40 vouchers you can get from points

You can find official details on the ‘triple or quadruple points’ offer here.  Registration IS required – I would do it now in case you forget.

PS.  If you are staying in the UK, this offer should also stack with the current bonus of 500 points for one UK stay and 1,000 points for your 2nd UK stay.  Details of that offer are here.

Accor Live Limitless update – May 2023:

Earn bonus Accor points: Accor is not currently running a global promotion

New to Accor Live Limitless?  Read our review of Accor Live Limitless here and our article on points expiry rules here. Our analysis of what Accor Live Limitless points are worth is here.

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Comments (22)

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  • Concerto says:

    De I need to deactivate the Avios offer if I want to participate in this one, though? Or is it just a question of changing miles/Avios earning back to points? Not an aficionado of Accor, so not sure.

    Concerning the offer where you get an extra night’s credit for a new booking, having finally found the TCs I can report that a minimum 2 nights stay is required, for those who received that offer.

    • Rob says:

      Just change back.

    • ThinkSquare says:

      It appears that you just change your earning preference. As far as I can tell, you didn’t have to register for the Triple Avios.

  • Jovanna says:

    OT: Can anyone throw some light on this? I received an email over the weekend notifying me that the ESTA would expire next month. I’d applied for it last July and, rather than the 2 year period, it expires July 2017. I didn’t check the period at the time and automatically assumed it would be 2 years. My passport is due to expire in April 2018. I checked the website and it says that an ESTA is valid for 2 years or until the expiration of your passport, whichever is the sooner. I’m at a loss to explain why it would only be granted for a year.

    I’ve a trip to New York in August, so I’ll need to make another application and then another application come April when I receive my new passport.

    • Mark LLL says:

      I think you can elect to renew your passport as early as you like, so if you do that now you would be able to apply for a two year ESTA covering both planned trips.

    • Alan Young says:

      Just checked my wife’s and that is valid for 2 years (Expires August 18), my application last year was rejected due to visiting Sudan so had to get a £200+ visa. Did you get your ESTA directly from the US Government or through a 3rd party rip off.

    • Lewis Watson says:

      You are allowed to have two valid British passports at once.

    • RussellH says:

      An ESTA expires EITHER two years from date of issue OR when your passport expires, whichever is sooner.

      • Jovanna says:

        Not mine. ESTA issued July 2016, expires July 2017. Passport expires April 2018.

  • ThinkSquare says:

    I’ve never had notification of an ESTA expiring. Could it be a phishing email?

    • Jovanna says:

      I applied directly. I paid $14. I’ve checked the actual ESTA website, with my reference number, and it confirms the expiry of July 2017. In addition, I printed off the confirmation and on re-checking the document it also states July 2017 as the expiry date.

    • wgbalf says:

      I received an email in Jan this year stating my US ESTA was about to expire in Feb.

    • Fenny says:

      I get them. Only ever applied via the official site.

      I find the reminders useful, especially if I haven’t been to the US for a while, as I can usually find the email saying when the expiry date is.

  • Tony says:

    My wife and I have been excellent Accor customers over the years but they’re now beginning to PMO.

    We were caught up in the BA fiasco on 27 May and therefore didn’t manage to take up our one night stay in Bangkok in our favoured Novotel on 28 May. This was their most expensive room, FWIW.

    I was most courteous and emailed ahead to inform them that we wouldn’t make the booking. It was a non-refundable reservation but would at least expect that we were still credited the points. This also provided the hotel to offer out the room and double their money. We also checked in online two days prior.

    I also would have expected the booking to be added as ‘Validated’ to the Accor Places app.

    Am I being unreasonable?

    I will have a moan to their customer services on our return to the UK but don’t expect a positive outcome at all. So, all in all, probably time to look to other chains loyalty programmes. Accor isn’t great, anyway, but come on.

    • Tony says:

      Sorry, just to clarify when I say Accor isn’t great, I meant their loyalty programme. We really like Accor hotels but they have PMO in the past when I had a live online chat with their customer service team requesting lost points and they insisted that I had to evidence the hotel bill. FGS, we paid for the hotel and stayed there. How hard would it have been to check their reservation system for confirmation rather than put the onus on me?

      If I don’t get a satisfactory outcome this time then that’s it.

    • Genghis says:

      1) You claim on travel insurance and so have non-refundable room costs refunded
      2) You’ve not lost out and you didn’t stay that night so why be awarded the points? I don’t see an issue TBH

  • Me says:

    1. No linkage with Accor, thus immaterial point.
    2. Tony will have lost out (having to claim via insurance even, hassle factor, excess payable etc)

    I fully agree with Tony’s point, Accor ‘should’ award points when a room is prepaid & non-refundable, especially in this circumstance where the predicament is clearly not of his making. Just like mattress runs, where someone checks in and then promptly walks out & goes home (a process performed by some on this site, whether time is taken to ruffle the bed duvet or not). In essence it’s the same thing, indeed the mattress run analogy is more immoral/dishonest; at least Tony afforded Accor the opportunity to resell their room (or upgrade a differing customer from a lessor room to his now vacated room)

    (I also agree Accor are being awkward by requesting the hoop jumping…although other hotel groups act similarly unfortunately)

    • Rob says:

      It won’t happen. If it was allowed, you would find low-cost hotels in cheaper parts of the world suddenly filled with no-show bookings. That sounds great, but actually the hotel needs you to check in because it also relies on guests spending money in bars and restaurants to survive.

      I am guilty of this myself, having booked a £5 hostel in Bangalore 2 years ago because I heard (correctly) that the owners checked you in anyway and so it would count as a Rewards credit. This kept my credits alive for another 12 months. There is a good reason why I didn’t write about on HFP.

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      I’m not sure of any hotel chains (or airlines) who award points if the room is not used/flight not taken. If they did then there would be many more options in terms of booking really cheap rooms across the world in order to achieve status benefits.

      I get the BA farce may seem like extenuating circumstances but the same could be said for illness etc. I’d claim the lost costs on your travel insurance and move on…

  • Alexey says:

    OT – but accor related … I’ve got email recently from aeroflot bonus program which now has accor as parner , saying that “now you can stay one night per year free in ‘their’ hotel ” – I assume that include Novotel in SVO and few others … but can’t find any further details … anyone heard about that option ?

  • Leif says:

    Just a watch-out: the T&Cs suggest you need to book direct to benefit – it would seem travel agent bookings won’t be eligible.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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