GOOD DEAL: Get 18,000 Avios for £146 – minimal effort required!

EDIT: this deal is now dead as the bonus has been cut to 9,000 Avios

I’ve written before about the generous deal between AerClub, the new Aer Lingus Avios-based frequent flyer scheme, and Ireland’s Irish Independent / Sunday Independent newspapers.

The deal has now got even better and you do not need to live in Ireland to take part.

You don’t even need to have an AerClub account.  The Avios can be dropped into a British Airways or account instead.

What is the deal?

You will earn 18,000 Avios points when you take out a DIGITAL subscription to the Irish Independent or Sunday Independent newspapers for €160 (£146).

This works out at 0.81p per Avios if you use a credit card with 0% FX fees.  If you use a card with a 3% FX fee the cost rises to 0.83p per Avios.

You can sign up via this website here.  At no point during the sign-up process are you asked for your home address, so you don’t need to be concerned about living outside Ireland.

Sunday Independent

This is a new deal.  You could previously only subscribe for home delivery.

If you live in Ireland, you may find the physical bundles to be more valuable.  These allow you to order a physical home-delivered copy of the Irish Independent and Sunday Independent every day for six months for €349 and earn 30,000 Avios on top.  If you don’t live in Ireland, or don’t have a relative who wants some free newspapers, the new digital offer is more suitable.

Note that you will need to cancel your subscription before it expires otherwise it will roll over.

Is 0.81p per Avios a good deal?

Yes.  It is difficult to lose money redeeming Avios for flights on this basis.

This is my general ‘what is an Avios point worth?’ article.  You’ll see that you should be getting well over 1p per point in most redemption scenarios.

Of course, if you are would actually read the digital newspapers then it is a very good deal indeed!

Irish Independent digital offer

How do you get your Avios?

The process is explained on this page of, which has not yet been updated to reflect the new digital package.

You will be sent a voucher code by email – a reader in the comments section was told it would arrive within 21 days.  You head to the Avios voucher redemption website here, select which programme you want to drop the Avios into and then input your code.  Easy!

The offer runs until 30th November.  The sign-up page is here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Mark newstart says:

    O/T … Looking for some advice looking into booking UC for the first time with virgin (thanks to ALL your help) we are based up north and would like to know what’s
    Your views in flying out of London instead of Manchester in order to experience the Virgin Lounge, But this would mean the four of us traveling down.
    Is the experience of the virgin lounge worth the trouble or would you say it just like other airport lounge?

    • It is better than almost all other lounges but not worth the trip from MAN!

    • CH is great and I really enjoy it but I don’t think I’d come all the way down from many for it. I believe you get better treatment in the lounge in many and there is a virgin rep in the lounge and you can have more food etc. Unless you have a cheap way to get here e.g. excessive avoid for a BA flight down. I’d go for the ease of flying from many.

      • Mark newstart says:

        that’s it Mark there is four of us and the extra traveling time and cost is it worth it.

        • I’d say no, the lounge experience is good but not worth the extra hassle. Enjoy UC!

        • In purely value terms, the trip down doesn’t seem worth it – but, if it was me, I’d do it once. I loved my first visit to Clubhouse and you shouldn’t look at memorable experiences in terms of value/£ alone. It’s a great memory. But having done it once I wouldn’t repeat the trip because subsequent experiences usually = diminishing returns 🙂

        • If you need a haircut it might be worth it 🙂

          Definitely don’t do it with kids as it will restrict your lounge enjoyment and increase your extra costs to get there.

        • ankomonkey says:

          I hope to book my first UC redemption later this week. Assuming I can get the availability I need and do book it, I fully plan to avoid a haircut in the weeks leading up to my CH visit, just to have it done in an airport lounge.

    • Depends on availability too. I went out from LHR and back into MAN when flying to BOS earlier this year. Took RFS EDI-LHR, wanted to experience the Clubhouse anyway but not a massive cost and it had the UC flight availability. Conversely on the way back LHR flights were full but MAN had seats (then got train back up to EDI extremely cheaply as it was early morning).

    • For me the LHR lounge is worth it! Also the drive through check in experience especially if you stay down night before and get a cab

  2. OT: I hit my BAPP 2-4-1 much earlier than anticipated due to family flights to Australia/Asia over Christmas. What do people move to after they’ve reached it? I’m generally looking to add to my collection of Avios but would be open to claiming any other sort of “prize” – whether a hotel room, upgrade voucher or whatever. Or I have the option to keep earning 1.5x on the BAPP. But that doesn’t seem much fun…

    • Amex Gold, SPG Amex, Hilton Visa (just for bonus) or IHG Premium all good options.

      • I think that the benefits/cost of AMEX Plat (rather than Gold) are justifiable for me. Although £750 spend on Hilton Visa is easy pickings. Thanks.

    • Refer your partner for a BAPP, pocket the referral avios, and then also pocket the signup bonus. whilst continuing to earn at the 1.5x rate. If you cancel your BAPP you’ll get a pro-rata refund, but the t&c’s for the 241 say you need to use it with the BAPP card, although there is nothing technically stopping you use another Amex card instead.

      • She’s on mat leave currently (and may not return to work at all), so don’t want to have to apply for anything in her name. Otherwise I’d be all over it.

      • I wouldn’t worry so much about sticking to the letter of the T&Cs

        • Indeed, I don’t but others might.. I haven’t told my wife this as she likes to stick to them!

  3. Did anyone receive the email with the voucher to redeem the Avios? If so, how long did it take?

  4. Received the two emails regarding the purchase, but no voucher yet!

  5. OT but topical, for me anyway.

    I have x3 BA 2-4-1’s coming up in the next 4 months and with the recent noise on FT about proactive downgrading I’m getting a little nervous.

    So lets say I rock up and get hit with bad news, what is the protocol to get the best out of a bad situation. Or a link to somewhere where this is covered, a lot of the threads are muddied by pro and con comments whether BA’s actions are proactive.

    First – Is it worth arguing (discussing the reasons for my demotion) and asking for proof that there are x number of golds ahead of me or whatever they come up with.

    Second – I would try everything to avoid the downgrade, therefore my preference would be to reroute on the same day (or following), in the same class, on the same or another carrier. Are they obliged to do this?

    I know this is unlikely but I’d rather be ahead of the game. BTW I have had a few 241’s over the years without issue and I know its unlikely.


    • The agents you speak to won’t be party to the factors that go into making this decision, or have any say in it, so you can bang on at them all you want but won’t get anywhere with that. And under data protection laws they would be sacked (and BA fined) if they did show you profiles of other passengers anyway.

      Chances are it won’t happen. This is not a policy, just an unfortunate few incidents that have been handled badly and widely reported and discussed. If it does happen you can ask to be rerouted the same or adjacent day (only BA or joint business, not other unrelated airlines) – obviously it will help if you already have a suitable routing (with sale availability) as they might not have much time to search but they’ll be willing to try what you ask. Or you can take the WTP seat they’ll offer and use the compensation to go somewhere else.

      But honestly, ‘mountain’ and ‘molehill’ spring to mind.

      • “Or you can take the WTP seat they’ll offer and use the compensation to go somewhere else.”

        £200 default “compensation” isn’t going to get you very far in business class.

        Be prepared for a long wait, and disheartening experience with customer services to obtain full compensation that you are legally entitled to under EU261/2004.

    • the real harry1 says:

      it ain’t going to happen and there is no noise on FT, just a couple of very isolated examples

      if it happens, don’t argue obnoxiously – you’ll get slung off the flight

      you can certainly try to get them to re-route you in your correct class on a later flight, they should be helpful

      I don’t think you can be re-routed on another carrier as your flight won’t be cancelled, just downgraded

  6. O/T
    I expect this one is for Genghis (or similar Amex churn specialists!)

    How long does the referral bonus take to arrive?

    As an Amex Plat holder myself, I referred a friend for the same Amex Plat card, who then subsequently applied using the referral link last Monday lunchtime – and received an immediate successful application decision online. I thought the 18K MR referrer bonus arrived in about 3-4 days?

    • For me, the referral points have always arrived the day before / same day that the referee’s card arrived. I’d wait a few more days and then look at following that one up.

      • Thanks Genghis! Do they only post overnight….or just as and when during the day?

        • I’ve never understood when Amex update. There seems to be an overnight run and a late afternoon run (where transactions, points and bonus / referral points post) but if someone has more detail than me, please post.

        • Not exactly scientific – but oddly they arrived literally minutes after the card arrived through the letterbox – about 1pm. They weren’t there at noon.

    • longest I waited was 8 days after the person i referred was accepted

  7. This ones a better deal that Groupon/Iberia. I bought 8K avios groupon deal for €99 (gbp 94). Should have waited for this one.

  8. I signed up, got confirmation but not the voucher to claim the Avios

    • I signed up, paid, got confirmation but not the voucher to claim the Avios

      • Yes, that’s how it is SUPPOSED to be. Read the T&C before signing up – you can cancel for free during the first 14 day and will get a refund, so the voucher will only be send AFTER you did NOT CANCEL for TWO WEEKS.

        The only Thing that scares me a Llttle is that the T&C say the avios voucher has to be redeemed by the end of June 2017… Obviously a mistake because they still have the offer only, so I took the chance.

    • John Hassett says:

      I am able to access the digital edition for free and do so most days. So whats the big deal here?

  9. Ot- got afternoon tea booked at the landmark hotel, London and wondering if joining their loyalty programme worth it as it states 10% off for dining?

  10. Isochronous says:

    Just signed up for this. How long for the Avios voucher to arrive in the email?

  11. twoclicks says:

    Can you do this multiple times from different email addresses?

  12. twoclicks says:

    Re. Different email addresses, ** for example, a separate voucher for BA, a separate one for Iberia plus and one for , using different credit cards if necessary (you can guess who needs to do an avios redemption quickly…)

  13. you do have to give a phone number though? so they might know you’re not in Ireland

    • The logical subscriber to an online version of an Irish newspaper would be an Irish person not living in Ireland ….

      • Mr(s) Entitled says:

        A logical subscriber, but not the. Much like smart phones existing long before 2014 so many people irrespective of physical location have moved their consumption online.

  14. For anyone looking at the 18,000 Avios for Irish Independent digital paper and is worried about how to cancel before any annual renewal I would suggest you email their customer services :

    They can advise best way to contact them from outside the Uk as you definitely won’t get through using 1890 which is a low call rate in Ireland. Trying to google research in Ireland is actually more difficult than you might imagine so I’d simply email them. I’ve signed up and the Avios code is emailed within 21 days of the signup.

    • Thanks LW.

    • Ruth Findlay says:

      I emailed to make sure I cancel the subscription on an ongoing basis – and they said I had to wait until “nearer the time” to cancel the subscription. I explained I’d probably forget and if it wasn’t possible to cancel now for a year hence where in the T&Cs does it say that. They emailed back to say it was now cancelled for future payments. I’ll keep an eye out nevertheless just to be sure.

  15. Just to add, Reachhome delivery reply fairly quickly too.