Virgin Flying Club – what are the best partner awards, whilst we wait for Air France / KLM?

Potentially the biggest upheaval in the UK frequent flyer game in 2018 is going to be the addition of Air France and KLM as Virgin Atlantic Flying Club partners.

As I wrote here, Air France and KLM are, subject to regulatory approval (which will take a while), buying a 31% stake in Virgin Atlantic.  Virgin, Delta and Air France / KLM will form a joint venture to cover their combined transatlantic routes, sharing revenues and profits.

From a miles point of view, this has some serious repercussions:

You will be able to redeem Virgin Flying Club miles on Air France and KLM.  This opens up a huge new range of redemption possibilities.  Virgin Atlantic has become very USA-centric in the last few years but this new partnership will open up pretty much the entire world.  Having a Virgin Atlantic credit card or choosing Virgin over BA will become more attractive when you have such a wide choice of redemptions.

UK flyers who travel with Air France or KLM (which I know is a lot of HFP readers) will be able to credit their flights to Virgin Flying Club instead of Flying Blue.  It is likely that they will count for status, and that Air France / KLM will recognise that status when you fly with them.

I am quite excited – mainly because my wife has 1.2 million Virgin Flying Club miles!

Until then, you have to stick with Virgin’s existing airline partners.  I wanted to run through these again today, given that the deal with Malaysia Airlines has just ended.  Virgin America was also lost as a partner after it was taken over by Alaska.

Who are Virgin’s airline partners?

Virgin Atlantic is not in a major airline alliance, despite Delta Air Lines – a core plank of the Skyteam alliance – being a 49% shareholder.

Despite that, the airline does have a number of airline partners with whom you can earn and redeem Flying Club miles.  These include :

Virgin Atlantic

  • Air China
  • Air New Zealand
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Jet Airways
  • SAS (earning only)
  • Singapore Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • Virgin Australia

… plus of course Delta.

There is no standard redemption table (unlike with, say, Avios) and it is difficult to get your head around what is a good deal.  A few years ago, US blog View from the Wing published this piece on making the best use of Virgin Flying Club partner redemptions which is the most detailed discussion I have seen.

From the UK, the best options appear to be:

First Class, Air China, London to Beijing for 75,000 miles return (or Business Class for 63,000 miles) – this is exceptionally cheap

Business Class, Air New Zealand, London to Los Angeles for 75,000 miles return

In reality, you can pretty much forget the Air New Zealand option unless you want a regional flight.  It makes very little award space available from London for Star Alliance members, let alone partners.

You can also forget Singapore Airlines for long haul, because “Redemptions in Business Class and First Class on Singapore Airlines’ A380, 777-300ER and A350-900 aircraft types are not available” which covers virtually every aircraft they fly from Europe.

You CAN book the Air China redemption very easily.   In fact, I booked one myself last year as I wrote here.  Unfortunately it ended up being cancelled due to a change of plans.  Virgin appears to be able to access the same availability as Air China shows to its Star Alliance partners.

(There are some stories of Air China unilaterally cancelling Virgin Atlantic award bookings if they suddenly find that a flight is selling well.  I have no personal experience of this, either from myself or any other HFP readers, but I just mention it as a reported potential downside in booking with them!)

Tokyo is also a good choice

There is another good option – ANA, the Japanese airline.

Assuming you are based in the UK, these are the key numbers you need to know:

Economy return flight (London to Tokyo) – 65,000 Virgin miles

Business return flight (London to Tokyo) – 95,000 Virgin miles

First return flight (London to Tokyo) – 120,000 Virgin miles

Note that one way redemptions are not possible.

These are exceptionally good rates in Business and First.  For comparison, this is what you pay using Avios for a BA or JAL redemption:

Economy return flight (London to Tokyo) – 39,000 Avios off-peak / 60,000 Avios peak

Business return flight (London to Tokyo) – 150,000 Avios off-peak / 180,000 Avios peak

First return flight (London to Tokyo) – 204,000 Avios off-peak / 240,000 Avios peak

The price gap between Avios and Virgin miles is stunning.  Even with a British Airways American Express 2-4-1 voucher, it is STILL a better deal to use Virgin miles most of the time when travelling Business or First Class.

Even better, there are no fuel surcharges added to ANA redemptions using Virgin miles.  You will have to pay the usual Air Passenger Duty, Heathrow departure taxes etc.

Anika flew down to Tokyo with ANA at Easter and you can read her review of ANA’s Business Class product here.  It is good.

But in general …..

There is a Flyertalk ‘sticky’ thread dedicated to the problems of booking partner redemptions on Virgin.  It is not an easy process.

Apart from Delta redemptions – which are easy to get as long as Delta is opening seats to its own members – Air China does seem to be your best bet in terms of actually getting a seat.  There are also good reports of booking seats on ANA (there is a dedicated Flyertalk thread on that).

You will have a better chance of getting flights on other partners if you are looking for regional flights rather than long-haul tickets from the UK.


There are some interesting opportunities for booking Virgin Flying Club redemptions with their partners.  In truth, though, it is a confusing mess – especially in terms of being able to actually book – and the arrival of Air France KLM as partners will hopefully be a step change.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. what is the point of comparing the number of virgin points needed UK-Japan with the number of Avios needed UK-Japan. They are different programmes with different earning ratios. The status card bonus is different and the points you earn for a similar route are different. It reminds me of my dad comparing the price of things in Ireland years ago and saying they were cheaper.. although forgetting that Irish pounds and UK pounds were different currencies and the exchange rate was not 1:1

    • If you earn primariliy through flying then agree.

      If instead your prime route is card spend, clubcard, shopping portals etc then its an extremely valid comparison.

      • I would disagree. Virgin Shops away & Card Miles are not paritry with BA CC or shopping portals

        • Most people will give a mile a value. Then use whatever value you give them (mine is 1p) to decide which CC or shopping portal gives the most return.

          choosing 3 mile vs 4 hotel points is bonkers unless you give them value.

    • Exchange rate from MR, HR and Tesco is identical so seems a fair enough comparison to look at to me. Obviously if you earn miles by flying and have status with one vs the other that will markedly change things, but I tend to value both at around 0.75p.

  2. Simon Miller says:

    O/T sorry!

    I cancelled the Gold Amex card in March – my cancellation letter is dated 23 March. So if I apply for the Platinum card now, will I be ok for the sign up bonus? i.e. is the cancellation letter date the date AMEX use to determine whether six months has passed? Thanks!

    • Simon Miller says:

      PS Just looking at the letter again it says my gold card account was cancelled on 21 March, so presuming I’m fine to go ahead now?

  3. Oh Matron! says:

    Had a jet airways flight booked between Delhi and Bengaluru yesterday. They had a sign up asking for up sell opportunities, which I duly did. £100 from economy to business. Whilst it’s only a 3 hour flight, the service was good, as was the rather good breakfast (I skipped the curry) and the extra tiers points (I wouldn’t have earned any in economy) won’t go amiss! A bit of a bargain. £4 per tier point. I’m normally happy around the £6, but the 75 tier points in Delta 1st has dried up now 🙁

  4. Any tips for effective ways of earning 1.2 million virgin flying club miles?

    • the real harry1 says:

      I was thinking about getting another 400K with the 20%+ promo!

      got my first 100K with the company Amex, been stuck there these last 17 years! 🙂

      new alliances put a new twist on it etc etc – just what I was hoping

      the real answer to your Q is: get your employer to fly you in Business or First a few times

    • Virgin Black card, churn a few times. Virgin white, churn a few times. Sign up via the lounge at Heathrow for better signup bonuses. Pay HMRC is my biggest single earner. Easy 150-200k per year

      • steven laity says:

        What timeframe did you leave between successful churn of white/ black cards allowing you to get the bonuses again?
        I thought MBNA was tight with the bonuses and you had to wait a few years before possibly being able to get bonus again on previously held cards

    • Shops away is a good way if you can find a suitable merchant along with the black card for Amex and Visa spend.

      Problem for me is where to spend as the availability on virgin flights is often poor.

  5. Does anyone know if it’s possible to transfer Jet Airways points into Virgin (or anywhere else!)?

  6. Can I get partner reward flights for my son with my Virgin miles? I know you can on Virgin flights…