Bits: 500 Amex points or Avios for £10 Tesco spend, Aer Lingus launching Philadelphia, new Amex Hong Kong lounge

News in brief:

500 Amex points or Avios when you spend £10 at Tesco

A few readers have been in touch about a very generous offer which has appeared on their American Express online statements.

Once you have registered, you will get 500 Amex points, or 500 Avios, when spending £10 or more at Tesco by 3rd December.

Neither one of us has this offer (unfortunately), but it’s worth checking your Amex account for it, across all of your cards.  The offer is valid once for the first 50,000 members who save it to their card so it can’t be that rare!

Aer Lingus launches Philadelphia

Aer Lingus to launch Philadelphia this week

There are strong rumours that Aer Lingus will launch a new route to Philadelphia this week.  It will run four days a week from March 2018, using a Boeing 757.

This would be another excellent low-cost Avios redemption from Dublin to the US.  As a reminder – although we will run through all this again when the route is officially confirmed – business class redemptions for Avios on Aer Lingus tend to have under £100 of taxes and charges.

Centurion lounge hong kong

First American Express lounge opened in Hong Kong

American Express has opened its first ‘Centurion’ lounge outside the US.

A few years ago Amex launched its own proprietary lounge network after they lost their deals with several major airlines who used to let Platinum card holders use their lounges.

Until now these Centurion lounges were only at selected US airports, but with the opening of the Centurion lounge at Hong Kong International Airport Amex has started its global extension.

Platinum (and Centurion) cardholders can use the lounge for free and bring up to two guests.

The American Express Centurion Lounge Hong Kong website is here.  There is no word so far of any Centurion lounges opening in Europe.

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  1. Does the travel insurance bundled with Amex Plat cover End Supplier Failure? Like, if I had bought Monarch tickets on my Plat – would they pay for the replacement ticket on another airline?

    • They haven’t with me…… Am waiting the refund, but extra cost of my new tickets is my own problem…..

  2. Richard G says:

    I got that Avios offer. First of the ones I’ve seen on the site that I’ve actually managed to get in mine too. lol

  3. We’ve triggered the 2 for 1 flight on the BAPP card. Couple of (probably silly) questions;

    1. Does the voucher just appear in your Executive Club? Is it highlighted anywhere and is it clear how to use it (we’re newbies to this)?
    2. We will probably be flying to Abu Dhabi or Dubai next year. However we start in Leeds when it comes to our BA flights and route through T5. I presume the voucher only covers say the LON – DUBAI flight not the LEE – LON – DUBAI flights even though it we generally do this on one booking?

    • 1) yes appears in your account. When logging on to BAEC it should come up as an e-voucher with the voucher number, expiry date etc.
      2) It covers the whole trip, there would just be extra taxes to pay.

    • Kathy H says:

      Hello Tom
      1. The 2-4-1 voucher automatically appears on the primary Amex card holders BAEC account and you will get and email confirming this.

      2. The 2-4-1 voucher covers any domestic connection to Heathrow – in this case LBA-LHR only taxes, fees and charges are payable for the whole journey for both passengers, no extra Avios needed. If used for Club World or First tickets the domestic connection would be booked in CE, again no extra Avios needed.

  4. Genghis says:

    OT. 5k Virgin points just posted for keeping Virgin White and spending £1k

  5. OT: Cancelled my Plat and BAPP over the past few days – no retention offer of any sort.

    Then hit the SPG sign-up in about 4 hours!

    • Genghis says:

      I’ve only ever been made a retention offer once on SPG Amex double points for 3 months.

    • This is a bit hit and miss!

      I cancelled my Plat on Sunday. Tried to do it on chat but was informed that was not possible and must call. Agent on phone offered an extra 1MR per £1 as retention but I did not accept.

  6. Seem it only loads if you have the basic BA card.

  7. the real harry1 says:

    £15 Amazon worked fine – contactless as well

  8. Stephen says:

    OT: I am looking to book award 2 business seats with ANA (via Virgin FC) and there is absolutely nothing for the whole of 2018 (up to September) for Tokyo, flying out from Brussels, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Paris, Frankfurt or Munich! Is this a joke?! Is this how it is supposed to be?
    (I have used both United and ANA award search tools) — I am so frustrated!

  9. Sussex Bantam says:

    OT – is there any experience on churning the Lloyds card to get another bite of the “double points for 6 months” cherry ?

    • I’ve done it but have had the 2nd card since January and still no points have posted yet! I’ve already had £200 compo though, probably due some more.

      • My 26 wk time frame for missing points is up tomorrow – I’ve been told my points will all magically appear at the next statement which is the 18th – I won’t hold my breath!

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        Thanks Alex – how long did you wait between cancelling and reapplying ?

        • It was >6 months. I also got the 2+ years interest free again, which could be worth about £300 per year with a £10k limit. I invest the cash elsewhere.

  10. OT one for anyone – possible to book a single using the Avios upgrade voucher?

    My return seat disappeared underneath me as I was booking it which sucks, but still availability out on BA001 which I may as well use the voucher on if I can but site only seems to want to allow returns?

    • the real harry1 says:

      yes – people often do this then add the return (by phone) later

      • I can’t see how to select a one-way fare after selecting the voucher. I’m talking Avios voucher here, not 241

        • Genghis says:

          Anything that isn’t a simple return requires a phone call. My experience is that they’re very good

        • Charles says:

          You need to call Avios to book one way.

        • Mikeact says:

          Not sure where you thinking of travelling, but for what it’s worth, check out the ‘charges’ versus a round trip. In my case, it is so annoying re a trip to N America shortly with my wife. As it’s red eye back to the UK, I found a couple of Club World seats which would be ideal, but the BA charges are just totally out of sync with US carriers, so I’m using my Flying Blue stash for a couple of Delta Business seats, for a few Dollars each, likewise going out from AMS. The voucher will have to wait to be used for somewhere worthwhile.

  11. Thanks all

  12. Rob Brown says:

    If Amex were to create a large enough chain of these lounges do you think there is a danger they may stop the deal with Prority Pass?

    • Potentially in 20 years but until then ….

      PS. I am currently sitting in a pop up Centurion lounge with free Ruinart champagne at Frieze 🙂

  13. Sebastian says:

    They have a centurion lounge in Stockholm since May 2017, so there are ones in Europe as well.

  14. Does anyone know how long it takes for the 500 Amex points to register on the account after spending the £10 in Tesco?

    • Automatically adds to your running Amex total when the purchase credits and so goes across with your normal BA Amex points at month end.

      Note that if you ‘forced’ the deal onto a Gold or Plat card then it won’t work.