Slightly OT: £10 Tesco gift card for £5 via Mighty Deals

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Long-time readers may remember a special promotion that website Mighty Deals ran with Shell Drivers Club last year.  For under £9 you could buy 2,000 Shell Drivers Club points, convertible into 2,000 Avios points. Mighty Deals has a good promotion running with Tesco this week. For […]

Choose Avios or the new Clubcard Boost? And a potential loophole (or not …)

Clubcard vouchers

Tesco has launched another round of Clubcard Boost.  This is the promotion which allows you to spend your Clubcard vouchers instore or online for double their standard face value. The instore offers are pretty useless, as this page at shows. You can only double […]

360 Avios with CDs (not pre-orders) from Tesco Direct from £4.50!

Calvin Harris

Tesco Direct is running another CD promotion with bonus Clubcard points, which can be turned into cheap-ish Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles. Unlike recent pre-order deals, this offer is for CD’s which are already in the shops.  This means that are cheaper because they […]

1,200 Avios points with ‘The LEGO Movie’ for £10 from Blinkbox


Tesco is really making an effort at the moment to encourage people to use Blinkbox, its digital movie and book service.  First we had the chance to earn 100 Clubcard points for buying a £1 ebook (still running) and then 1,000 points and a free […]

New Tesco CD pre-order deals for 360 Avios or 375 Virgin miles


Tesco Direct has launched another raft of bonus Clubcard point deals on various CD pre-orders. The CD’s sell for between £10 and £13 and you will receive 360 Avios (ie 150 Clubcard points) for each title you buy.  Now 88 offers 200 points so 480 […]

Worst … Tesco … Clubcard … promotion … ever ….

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We have seen some really good offers from Tesco recently offering bonus Clubcard points.  These allow you to pick up Avios points and Virgin Flying Club miles very cheaply.  The Blinkbox Books and Game of Thrones deals are still running. And there was this offer […]

4,800 Avios for £20 via Blinkbox Books – extended to 31st July

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Blinkbox, the Tesco-owned streaming media company, has extended its current ebooks promotion until 31st July.  It was meant to finish on Monday. The Blinkbox Books homepage is here. This is how the promotion works: You receive 100 Tesco Clubcard points (worth 240 Avios, 250 Virgin […]

Last chance for 3,600 Avios with a £60 Tesco grocery order

Tesco Clubcard

This is a final call for anyone who has yet to use the current Tesco Grocery bonus code to earn an easy 3,600 Avios or 3,750 Virgin Flying Club miles. Using code XXPJPY, you will receive 1,500 bonus Tesco Clubcard points when you do a […]

Five frequent flyer perks I still get as an old-timer but you can’t!

Credit cards

I received an email from a reader on Sunday asking whether Amex Platinum cardholders still get a free British Airways Premium Plus American Express card (they can’t!).  It made me think about something …. What perks do I have via ‘grandfathering’ that are no longer available […]

Final week to get 4,800 Avios for £20 with blinkbox books

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I wrote last week about the very interesting promotion that Blinkbox, the Tesco-owned digital media group, was offering to people who download ‘Game of Thrones Series 4′. In all the fuss about that, you shouldn’t forget the similarly valuably deal that the new Blinkbox Books […]

2000 Clubcard points (4800 Avios) with Virgin Media packages

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Tesco Clubcard does not mention anywhere that Virgin Media is one of its partners.  I was therefore a little surprised to see that Virgin is currently giving away up to 2,000 Clubcard points (4,800 Avios or 5,000 Virgin Flying Club miles) when you sign up. […]

1000 Clubcard points and a Finest Pizza with ‘Game of Thrones Series 4′!

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It’s good to see that someone at Tesco still has a sense of humour despite the terrible financial results recently! Blinkbox, Tesco’s ‘video on demand’ subsidiary, is running a new promotion to celebrate the release on ‘video on demand’ of Game of Thrones series four. […]

Still going! 1200 Avios for a £5 video game pre-order in Tesco

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A promotion in-store at Tesco last week offered 500 Tesco Clubcard points – 1,200 Avios – when you paid £5 to pre-order specific ‘coming soon’ video games. This promotion closed for most of the titles on Sunday evening, although yesterday it was still working.  We […]