Code for 1,000 Avios for opening a BMI Diamond Club account still works!

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I must admit, I was pretty surprised when I read this Flyertalk thread, but it seems that it is correct.  You still receive 1,000 BMI Diamond Club miles – instantly – when you sign up for BMI Diamond Club (link here) and use promotional code 1JA1KD.  I tried it yesterday and it works!  However, I expect BA to close this down pretty quickly.

(If there is already something in the Voucher Code box when you click on the link above, delete it before adding the 1JA1KD code.)

Since July 3rd, you have been able to transfer BMI Diamond Club miles to British Airways Executive Club Avios, using the BAEC ‘Combine My Avios’ function in Manage My Account.  You cannot transfer BMI miles into an or Iberia Plus account directly, but this is easily worked around by transferring them first to BAEC and then to or Iberia.

So … if you or anyone in your family does NOT have a BMI Diamond Club account but does have an Avios account, here are 1,000 easy miles.  Sign them up to BMI Diamond Club and then transfer the 1,000 mile bonus out.  You must have a matching date-of-birth in your BA and BMI accounts in order to do the transfer.

Note that you cannot do this for children because kids can only join Diamond Club via a family account, and the sign-up form for that does not allow you to input a promo code.

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  1. Seems they have closed the loophole already.

  2. Mightyrailroader says:

    Well, it worked at 0955 16 August, 2012. Miles in BAEC within 5 mins. Odd, but good if you can make it work. Smithy

  3. You did something wrong, Darren. I just tried it again and it worked fine, that was 10.03am.

    • Just tried it again and it worked. 😉 Thanks

      • angela rogan says:

        this isnt working for me because the field for the code is uneditable, im unable to delete the code already in place

        • I can edit it in Safari on an ipad, so try a different browser. Failing that, go into the form via, it may make a difference.

        • I had the same problem – if you click the Create link on top of the bmi homepage, then click on Sign Up underneath, it comes up with a disabled voucher code field.

          If you use the direct link to Diamond Club that Raffles has given in his post, this should come up editable (defaulted with ‘OWE’ which you should delete).

  4. pazza2000 says:

    I think this has now been closed. Transfer fails at final stage (all acc details matching)

    • If you’ve got the 1000 miles but they won’t transfer, it is probably because you do not have a Date of Birth and email match between your BA and BMI accounts. They won’t close this down by making a complex change to the transfer software, they will do it by cancelling the code (which they haven’t yet!).

      • pazza2000 says:

        DOB/Email/Name match. I can see the balance, and it is only at the final stage when the move fails, and then going forward you can access your BMI account via ‘combine my avios’ but given access to no balance.

        • Comments at View from the Wing suggest problems today with all BMI to BA transfers, even with existing accounts. When this is sorted you should be able to move the 1k out.

  5. View from the Wing comments suggest that the transfer process is now working ok again.

  6. Kadence says:

    None of the BMI accounts I just created are showing 1000 miles

    • Kadence, you are doing something wrong then, because I just did one 2 minutes before posting this and it still works PERFECTLY. Did you delete the code in the Voucher Code box and add in 1JA1KD?

      • Kadence says:

        i just tried setting up an account for my daughter using Chrome, no go. I have a screen shot w/ the code in there…still doesn’t work

  7. Just did it, works in Firefox. Thanks. BA / Avios owe me 2500 avios, so that’s 1000 down.

    • Over 1,000 new DC sign ups in 30 minutes…..that’s 1,000,000 Avios. Redemptions are going to be scarce at this rate.

  8. DaninSTL says:

    Worked for me as of today but make sure your not logged into or cookied by the BA site and do it through the BMI site link seemed to help me.

  9. PanGalactic says:

    Just created 2 brand new BMI accounts for my sis and her boyfriend and transferred the 1000 point bonuses to their newly created BAEC HHA and it worked just fine.

  10. Kadence says:

    Two accounts I created today FINALLY gave me the 1,000 miles, it must have been my work computer that didn’t like the code. But today I can’t get the invitation email for the household account to show up at the address I sent it to and I can’t log in to the BMI account account I made for my husband….. IT maintenance maybe?

  11. Definitely fixed now – just set an a/c up for my partner and no miles have been awarded. I got mine on Sat though so thx for the tip.

  12. reuvenhunt says:

    Did I join the party too late?
    Just opened an account and the mileage balance is showing a big fat ZERO.

    • Yes! Sorry!

      • reuvenhunt says:

        I heard that some people who opened several hundred accounts and went on dream five star vacations the following day or two (out of fear that BA would close their accounts). How many miles did you churn out of this awesome loopwhole?

        • Personally, none. As I wrote on The Avios Habit page above, I play this game for the long haul. I have been doing it for over a decade and should manage another 25 years! Why would I put my long term relationship with BA at risk? I would have done 1 account for any family member without one, but they all had one already.

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