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Get some cheap Avios with the Amex & Mr Porter ‘bonus Membership Rewards’ promo

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American Express has been emailing selected cardholders this week with an offer from online male fashion website

This is what I got as a Platinum cardholder:

And here’s one more reason to shop: as an American Express Platinum Cardmember you can earn 1,000 Membership Rewards points at on your first purchase between 15 October and 20 November 2012 whilst also enjoying complementary shipping. Simply enter the promotional code AMEXMRPUK at checkout to redeem.

(If you are a Gold card holder, you may have had a similar deal offering 750 points.)

Now, to a points hunter like me, I want to know if I can exploit this promo to get myself some cheap Avios. And, it seems, I can!

The cheapest thing I can find on are some socks, eg these socks for £8. is on the British Airways e-store paying 4 Avios per £1, which is currently doubled to 8 Avios per £1. So, for £8 including free postage I will receive 1,008 Membership Rewards points, 64 Avios from the e-store and a pair of loafer socks!

My guide to Membership Rewards shows that 1,008 is good for 1,008 Avios points or Virgin miles, or a range of hotel points – plus 64 e-store Avios.

It seems a decent deal for £8 to me, and my socks are already somewhere with DHL on their way to me! Note that Mr Porter sends everything by DHL, so – even for a pair of socks – they need an address where someone can sign for the package.

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  1. pazza2000 says:

    I received a lesser offer for double avios on card spend with the BA Premium Plus.

    • Hi Pazza,
      I never received this. Do you know if have activated an email box somewhere on the Amex siteI dont seem to get these offers.

      • Log in at

        Click ‘Profile and Preferences’ and look under ‘Marketing Preferences’. For my Plat, I see this:

        You are currently receiving 6 of 8 marketing communications:
        Improvements to your Card
        Restaurant offers
        Cardmember events
        Shopping offers
        Travel offers

        There are also boxes to accept email, postal and phone offers (I have phone set to No).

        The key is – YOU MUST SET THIS UP FOR EACH CARD SEPARATELY. If you get BA Amex offers, you still don’t get Plat offers unless you opt in.

  2. Thanks for this, Raffles. Suddenly two orders are on their way to us.

    Interesting that the AmEx promo knocks off the £5 post & packing fee otherwise chargeable.

  3. Richard says:

    Any idea what the Gold Amex promo code is?

  4. Mummy55 says:

    Thanks Raffels, ordered socks, clicked named day delivery(£8) and it still was taken off with code. Now know that my socks will arrive friday so can make sure someone is in to sign for them!

  5. There’s a lot of variations of this mentioned on FT. Annoyingly I didn’t get anything for my gold!

  6. Mummy55 says:

    Have checked my invoice, “nominated day delivery £0”.

  7. Seems Mr Porter is aptly named to carry off your money! The prices are silly and anyone who normally shops here certainly has more money than sense and clearly has no need for points anyway. As it is, this “offer” nets you 1,072 Avios at a cost of around 0.75p/point, so hardly a bargain since that’s their value anyway. Seems it’s just needlessly swapping money for points. Enjoy your (half) socks 🙂

    • Value of an Avios point (or any other) is something personal. You should always know your own value.

      As far as I am aware, 0.75p is what Raffles uses for his minimum value – as he knows he can get that value or more out of them. (also Vs. the quantity held, etc ractoring in devaulation risk, etc).

      Personally, I know I can easily get 0.8p or 0.9p minimum value out of them without stress, in fact often 1p or much more.

      As such, I will happily buy them at this price – the socks are a side benefit (well, wait an see if they are any benefit at all).

      While I agree with you about Mr Porter – it is certainly not for me, I would howver say if you are puting a MAXIMUM value on them of 0.75p (rather than it being a minimum – at which it makes sense to buy), then I don’t think you should be going out of your way to collect them!

      Know your personal value of an Avios point.

      • Thanks, David and Raffles, for your good advice and feedback. Even though not taking part in the offer, I am glad I got involved in this post with a possibly controversial comment, opening the door to some out-the-box thinking with some different perspectives.

        As you rightly say, the value of points are a personal thing (more so than I originally thought), and I’ve worked out the value for Reward Flight Savers to be 1p/point while long haul value sinks to about 0.6p/point, hence a 0.75p/point average seems fair, certainly for any average points spender.

        Therefore in my case, without 241’s or other (known) benefits, I can’t get much more value currently and hence swapping cash for points at the same value doesn’t seem worthwhile (or even for a meagre increase considering I recently applied for Amex Platinum, valuing the card charge at about 0.18p/point, hence a great investment).

        What I didn’t consider in this instance is the possible future value of the points as pointed out by Raffles, if/when MR have a transfer bonus, or if I do get a 241 (though that won’t be for at least a year).

        I’m new to playing this game seriously, so I am certainly eager to learn all the tricks and grateful for the education I am already receiving here.

        My questions now are, how often does MR do transfer bonuses, and when I cancel the Amex Platinum after initial spend and referral bonuses have posted, do I have to close my MR a/c as well, i.e. most likely transferring the points out at a standard 1:1? In a previous post, Raffles replied to my comment with “…wait 6 months from closing your Membership Rewards account from the Plat before you can apply for Gold.” Does that therefore mean that both the card and MR a/c must be closed simultaneously, or can the MR a/c be kept indefinitely, but it will prevent you from gaining the next card’s bonus?

        • The rules about closing MR accounts are complex and I have been guilty of misstating the policy before. As I understand it, this is the deal. If you have NO other Amex-issued Amex cards, you need to empty your MR account when you close the card. However, if you have another Amex-issued Amex which does NOT give MR points (eg BA Amex), they will let you keep your MR account open for 6 months, during which time you need to get another MR points issuing card (eg Gold, Green) or spend them.

          Plat and Gold Avios conversion bonuses seem to come along once a year, but are targetted – there is no guarantee you will be given the chance to take part every time. I didn’t get the one that just finished.

          • I appreciate your response and honesty – even if it is possibly misstated, at least I have a much better idea of where I stand:

            – Will have to transfer points out as I have no other card, and getting one would mean no joining bonus as no 6 month gap. And even if I did…

            – Will very likely not get a transfer bonus – specially in the next 4 months if they’re generally annual and one has just been.

  8. Mummy55 says:

    Collecting points is maybe the way we save money on travel in order to shop on net-a-porter for handbags and maybe buy Mr Mummy55 some socks?(it is almost Christmas!)

  9. I have always ticked yes for all marketing preferences from Amex but I still do not get any offers. I currently have an Amex Preferred Rewards Gold – should i have received this offer? Thanks

    • Have you looked online to see what is showing as Marketing Preferences? Amex also does not send everything to everyone, Mr Porter will have gone to men primarily, I guess, and they may have looked for people who have spent over £x in clothing store for eg.

  10. I mentioned that Mrs Roger and I had spent £8 each at Mr Porter.

    Very suspicious behaviour! When I got in this evening, there were two messages asking me to call AmEx at an 01273 number. When I called, they professed to know nothing about me and asked me to tell them my card number. Which card number? Any AmEx card number.

    With phishing in mind, I declined and went through the regular 01293 CS number. Sure enough, they asked if I knew Mr Porter.

    Gosh, 2x £8 transactions looks like fraud!

    • I forgot to mention that the messages left by AmEx were for Richard …, not Roger. Not a confidence booster.

    • Mummy55 says:

      I also had a call from Amex to confirm that I had spent £8.
      It seems not to fit my spending pattern! (well you would have to add at least two zeros to buy a handbag.)

      • Well, I have got my socks! Easily the most overpackaged thing I have ever received, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise …!

        • yeah….I looked at the box…ummm can this REALLY be for 1 pair of half-socks…my gawd even at £8 they didnt make a single penny on my order, when you consider the DHL next day delivery to Northern Ireland.

        • Free hanky. Yay!

  11. Jonathan says:

    Sure you are not tempted by these £135 pair of socks instead?

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