30,000 Membership Rewards points with Amex Gold – 5 days only!

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I have spent the last few days with some friends of ours in Stuttgart.  Had I not been there, I would have tried to get across to the Hyatt Churchill Hotel in London, where a group of 40 or so members of the Flyertalk community were having a get-together.

The event was sponsored by Hyatt, Virgin Atlantic and American Express who arranged some impressive events for attendees.  Miles from Blighty has Part 1 of his report here.  I was across there on Thursday afternoon and met a couple of the attendees for a drink.

Amex Gold

During the event, Amex launched a special deal for attendees – 30,000 Membership Rewards points if they signed up for the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold charge card!

Now, this is a fantastic deal.  In fact, it is possibly the best sign-up deal ever offered for a free UK credit card.

The card is FREE for the first year, but if you keep it any longer you will be charged £125 annually.  To qualify for the bonus, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Have a household income of £20,000
  • Spend £2,000 on the card within 90 days of your account being opened
  • You must not have a Green or Platinum Amex charge card (any other Amex is OK)

To see what you can get with 30,000 Membership Rewards points, look at this post here.

How do I sign up?

The link to sign-up is and the code you need to enter is FLYER.

Please note that the Amex representative at the event was happy for this offer to be circulated outside of the small group who attended the Hyatt function.  The leaflet also implies in the headline that they are happy for it to be shared (“Amex is offering you and your followers ….”).

The deadline to sign-up is November 4th, so don’t delay if you are interested.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Dan Harris says:

    I’ve had one, and closed it, must be 18 months since i closed it, do you think i’m eligable?

    • Yes, should be OK. Rules seem quite clear about only people who have had an MR-earning card in the last 6 months are blocked.

  2. Dan Harris says:

    Wife applied just to be sure. Decision pending…. :o/

  3. This would have to appear they day *after* I was accepted for the card, wouldn’t it?
    I’ll just console myself with the fact that I got 30,000 destination miles when I originally signed up for the bmi Amex.

    • In general, things work out in your favour in the end in this game! Purely because you often get too much and you don’t report it, and when you get too little you move heaven and earth to ensure you get your due!

    • Shout at them about it. They coughed up the extra MR for a family member of mine on a promotion he missed by a day.

  4. ETA, after clicking through to the application site, the T and C’s here do mention that existing MR members are excluded.

  5. My partner has a plat supplementary card – since I get the MRs for that card does she still get excluded on the existing MR points basis?

    • No, having a supplementary card does not stop you getting a card in your own right and getting the bonus. She is OK.

  6. pianoamit says:

    If you make a payment using PayPal, does that count as normal spend for these purposes? Notwithstanding the 3.4%+20p commission they charge, you could be effectively buying 30,000 Avios for £68.20 (works out at ~22p/Avios)…

    • Yes it does, but be VERY careful with Paypal. They will shut down your PP account and frieze your cash if they believe a payment is not legitimate.

      • pianoamit says:

        But if I pay someone £2,000, and they then give me £1932 in cash in person, there is no reason for PP to suspect anything, is there?

        • Yes, because Paypal is under a legal obligation to monitor your account for suspicious transactions due to terrorism / money laundering regulations. If you do not normally make large payments from Paypal, and your friend does not normally receive them, then that is suspicious.

          If you are ‘trusted’ by Paypal (eg you have a ‘verified’ account, they have your bank current account details, you have a number of credit cards on file with them) then you are more likely to get away with it.

          Flyertalker Pangalactic, who supplied the PDF file for this post and so may read this, may post his own story of what happened when he tried this.

          Trust me, if this was a foolproof way of moving money around to earn cheap miles then we would all be doing it. The fact that we are not should tell you something!

          Why not buy a refundable BA flight ticket, let the bonus post, move the points into Avios and then cancel the flight ticket before the card bill arrives? Only cost is the £15 cancellation fee BA will charge.

        • Hi Raffles,
          You wouldn’t get the Avios you’d get through BA though right? As the points arent credited until after you fly… Presume you pointing to the credited card related bonus..

        • Yes, I meant that Amex will give you the bonus after spending £2k and will not take it away if you later refund the BA flight you booked to get over £2k.

    • Mariusz says:

      Can you actually link any CC to paypal account and spend money towards your required amount to get bonuses?

  7. Does anyone know if the £20,000 household income can include tax credits, or is it purely wages?

    • In reality, they can’t verify it as they have no access to your payslips or bank account anyway. As long as you are not making a false statement on the form (and if you believe that tax credits count as income, you are not making a false declaration) then that is not an issue. Knowingly making a false statement to obtain credit would be an offence.

    • When you apply for credit cards, information you provide such as income is sent to National Hunter (the UK’s 4th and less known credit agency). They will compare this with other applications you have made in the past 6 months (or 6 years if you have been the victim of fraud, or have lied in the past and this was picked up). Therefore you may be accepted instantly and then declined later as this extra check takes about 1 business day.

      Amex is the only company which asks for household income rather than personal, I believe, which means they cannot compare this directly to information you have previously given to other credit card companies. They can probably work out who else is in your household, though this might be a DPA breach.

  8. pazza2000 says:

    I would also like to know if I would be eligible for this, having cancelled my previos Gold MR card 1year ago. I was under the assumption that one should not have held a MR card in the past 6 months, although perhaps the T&C via this route say otherwise

    • As long as you stick by the rules (which say no MR card for 6 months) then you have a strong case for Amex giving you the points, if they accept you again.

  9. I really would like to do this, but just can’t see us managing the £2,000 spend in 90 days. Any tricks I should know about? I can’t get that many gift cards!!!

    • Book a refundable BA flight, move the points to Avios as soon as the bonus is credited, cancel the refundable flight. £15 BA fee to cover the cancellation. You need to time it right so the whole thing is done within 1 statement period.

      • craigmshaw says:

        Hi, can you go into more detail about this ‘trick’, precise timings etc. I would’ve thought the refunded amount would see the relevant # of points deducted, or is it that the t&c refers to money charged? Thanks.

        • The refund does remove the base points for the transaction. However, Amex will not take away the 20,000 point bonus which will have gone on your account by then, in most cases. (90 per cent of people get the bonus as soon as they hit £2k of spend, on the same day. The other 10 per cent have problems and end up chasing Amex for it. If you are in the latter camp, then obviously this won’t work as you won’t have got the bonus by the time your refund is processed.)

        • trickster says:

          Of course it doesn’t need to be BA. Are there any airlines that you can buy a refundable flight on that won’t charge a cancellation fee, and the holly grail, won’t charge a CC booking fee?

          I may have to do this too, now that I’ve realised I am shooting for three targets by Feb – BA Amex 2for1, Amex Gold bonus and PC Black Visa free night!

        • Jonathan says:

          Amex have got wise – I refunded a purchase which took me under the £2k spend limit, and my bonus MR were removed as well. I dont know what would happen if you had spent them already…

        • Interesting. However, nothing would stop you buying something refundable to take you over the limit and then refunding it AFTER you have spent the right amount next month. Eg if you spend £500 per month, you could buy a £500 refundable flight in Month 3 to ensure you hit £2k in 3 months, and then refund it at the end of Month 4 when you would have a £500 balance to pay anyway from Month 4’s spend.

  10. I have a green corporate amex (doesn’t earn MR). Am I still eligible for the promotion?

  11. Any idea what the redemption rate is on Tripflex?

    • Click and it shows you, as long as you have some travel on your statement. It is under 0.5p I seem to remember, nearer 0.4p per point – I had a look a few weeks ago.

  12. cardman says:

    thanks for posting raffles, my application is pending a decision

  13. Thanks for posting this, I’m waiting for my card to come. It sounds like my husband would be able to apply for a separate account too? How does the referral work, is this something I can do as soon as my card comes or am I better getting him to apply now with thhe 30,000 point offer?

  14. Thanks for passing this on Raffles, great offer

  15. Thanks too, just signed up in time.

  16. rossmacd says:

    Thank you Raffles – I have just signed up and been approved. Now to get spending the £2k….. I see someone upthread (Jonathan) used the book a BA flexible ticket and have it refunded trick, but does anyone else have any more evidence of Amex being smart in terms of removing the bonus MR points.

    Also, what does one do in the situation when your BAEC account is registered at an address in the EU, and my new Amex Gold is registered in the UK?

    • There is no problem sending UK MR points to a BA EU account, I have done it numerous times in the past.

      The obvious way to get around Amex taking the bonus back is to move it to BA as soon as it posts! However, it is easier all round if you do try to get the money out of the door within the 90 days even it means buying a few hundred pounds of supermarket gift cards. If you do need to book a refundable flight, try to delay refunding it as long as possible, even if it means having to settle your card bill with Amex and end up going into credit when you do eventually refund.

  17. pazza2000 says:

    Just applied this evening at the very last minute. As per usual, they were unable to make an immediate decision which has always been the case for me when applying for AMEX products, although I am always excepted, the first I hear about it usually when I receive the card or pin through the door.

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