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An Amex / Foursquare update

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(EDIT, February 2013 – see this post for details of the Spring 2013 Amex / Foursquare offers)

Two days ago I ran this long introductory post to the Amex / Foursquare offers.  It attracted a lot of interest – read the comments as well as the main post.

This was the list of deals we knew about on Thursday:

  • Harvey Nichols – spend £25, get £25 back (ends 31/12)
  • Starbucks – spend £10, get £5 back (ends 13/2/13)
  • Tesco – spend £50, get £10 back (ends 31/12)
  • Argos – spend £20, get £5 back (ends 31/12)
  • Fenwick / Bentalls – spend £50, get £10 back (ends 24/12)
  • HMV – spend £20, get £5 back (ends 31/12)
  • House of Fraser – spend £50, get £10 back (ends 31/12)

Amex sent me an email yesterday which added some new ones.  At the time of writing (yesterday), none of these offers were available on the Foursquare site – hopefully they will appear this morning.

  • Urban Outfitters – spend £50, get £25 back (ends 31/12)
  • Liberty – spend £50, get £25 back (ends 31/12)
  • Nike – spend £50, get £25 back (ends 31/12)


The Amex email also mentioned the Gap deal (spend £10, get £10 back) again.  However, this has been pulled from Foursquare so unless you have already checked in there you won’t be able to get it.  Perhaps it will be back this morning.

Remember that you need to ‘check in’ to each shop via Foursquare before the discount will work!  And you need to repeat this with a new FS account for every Amex card you intend to use.

Liberty is especially interesting.  This weeked they have a massive discount promotion instore with up to 20% off.  This will combine with the Foursquare deal.

I was in Harvey Nichols yesterday, picking up a £27 bottle of wine.  This is by far the most I have ever spent in a shop on a bottle of wine, but as the net cost will only be £2 I thought it was OK!

It is also worth remembering that the Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols contains a food market, so you could even get £25 of groceries for free.  There is also a lot of cookery books up there, plus (oddly) some Time Out guidebooks to New York, London and Paris.  Do NOT try to spend your £25 in Yo Sushi, Wagamama or the bar as it may not qualify – it may be possible to buy a £25 HN giftcard at a normal till and use that in the restaurants, though.

Comments (42)

  • Boddingtons says:

    I’m planning a run on Harvey Nichols in Manchester this afternoon equipped with 11 Amex cards, no less.

    Can I ‘check-in’ to Harvey Nichols on FourSquare whilst at home or do I have to do it in store?

    I’m assuming if I ‘check-in’ for all accounts whilst I’m setting them up i won’t have to mess about with the phone again?

    • Flyoff says:

      You can check in at home.

      • Raffles says:

        You should be fine, if not just jump in a nearby (ie within a mile or so) Starbucks for 10 minutes. As long as the accounts are set up and the cards synced, you can log-in, check-in, load to card and log out in about 60 seconds.

        • Raffles says:

          The Liberty voucher is working now

          • Gus says:

            Raffles, I tried to get the Liberty voucher with two separate accounts but it isn’t showing. I checked in at ‘Liberty London Department Store’ but saw nothing. What am I doing wrong?

          • Dominic says:

            I can’t find the Liberty voucher and will be there in an hour. What am I doing wrong?

          • Raffles says:

            Nothing! It has disappeared for some random reason.

    • One benefit of doing it one at a time on the phone is that you’ll receive confirmation of each rebate.

  • Flyoff says:

    Raffles, Amex have confirmed that the restaurant concessions, Yo Sushi and Wagamama do NOT provide the our square rebate

  • Boddingtons says:

    Aside from checking in, it seems you have to go onto ‘unlock the deal’. Is that correct?

  • James says:

    Just recently discovered the blog and would like to say thanks to raffles, and also the other frequent contributors, for all tjhe invaluable info over and above that I already knew. I have started using 4SQ this week and so far so good excepting Harvey Nics. My nearest store is Edinburgh about 55 miles away. I cannot even find it within 4SQ nevermind check-in.At first I thought that this was simply because it was too far away but this cannot be the case as many other stores in edinburgh can be found. Would be grateful if somebody could advise what might be going on or where I might be going wrong. Thanks.

  • Belsize77 says:

    No Liberty special showing for me on any account either. Bizarre as everything else has worked perfectly.

  • Trevor says:

    I don’t think Liberty is loaded yet, and Nike only partially so.

    Liberty shows no special in map view or when the item is opened in 4S.

    In the map view I can see a couple of Nike stores in London and see that they have specials, but when I click on a listed store to view the item and save it, no special shows, when viewed on computer or phone.

    Saved Liberty, Nike and Urban Outfitters (which does show special) to a list though so easy find once correctly loaded and I visit.

    4S looking rather void of specials now that November is over 🙁 and I took good advantage yesterday performing 20 transactions of just over £5! In my final store, the assistant saw my Lloyds duo Amex and remarked it was odd cos she’d seen a lot of those cards that day lol Lucky her, I guess that meant business did pick up as a result of the offer!

  • Roger says:

    I just tried online to sync my BA Amex for the first time using a new e-mail address and got ‘Good news! Your account is already synced …’. The giveaway was the word ‘Sorry’ in the URL.

    Presumably my name has been remembered by cookies. I’m unsure whether I can check in multiple times using different cards.

    The answer would seem to be to use Private Browsing or similar to avoid info being retained.

    Or can I use different cards with different e-mail addresses after all, I wonder.

    • Raffles says:

      I would register on a PC, and either clear cookies inbetween registrations or use a different browser.

  • James says:

    Thanks Trevor, I’m all sorted on Harvey Nics and getting hang of things now 🙂

    Have just used three separate accounts and so far none of the issues reported by Roger but remails to be seen once I put my cards to use.