British Airways Executive Club launches ‘birthday bonus’ – up to 30,000 Avios!

British Airways Executive Club has launched a ‘birthday bonus’ promotion – although if your birthday isn’t in February you won’t have heard about it!

This is actually quite a clever one, I think.

Reader Kevin, who sent me this, has his birthday in February.  On Monday he received an email offering him a big Avios bonus if he booked a flight before 31st December to take in the month of his birthday.

The bonuses are:

  • European economy return – 4,000 Avios
  • European Club Europe return – 8,000 Avios
  • Long-haul economy or World Traveller Plus return – 15,000 Avios
  • Long-haul Club World return – 30,000 Avios

Avios birthday deal

Here is another interesting one – the bonus is valid on cash, Avios and ‘Avios and money’ bookings.

This represents an excellent deal, especially for the solo traveller.  (The bonus is per booking, not per person, so it is worth more to a single traveller.)  On a short European flight, you would be getting 4,000 Avios back after spending just 9,000.

And on a long-haul economy flight to the Middle East or New York, you would be getting 15,000 Avios back after spending just 40,000.

If buying a ticket for cash, the ‘sweet spot’ is the 15,000 Avios points for a long-haul trip.  If you could bag a cheap enough ticket, the bonus Avios – plus the Avios from the flight itself – could effectively make the flight almost free!

For those of us without a February birthday (and perhaps only a few of those were targetted) we will have to wait and see if this promo continues.

The bonus is strictly targetted, with the bonus Avios posting in arrears, presumably after BA manually works through a list of people who were invited to see where they travelled.  You only get the bonus on one flight, but if you take multiple flights during your birthday month, you get the highest bonus to which you would have been entitled.

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  1. Feb birthday here and no email

  2. This has been running for a while; I have a November birthday, and was offered it back then (frustratingly, I had need of several flights in Oct/Dec, but none for Nov!)

  3. martindeutsch says:

    My birthday’s in February, but this is the first I’ve heard of the offer. Very targeted, perhaps?

  4. Same here – February birthday and heard nothing – and I am flying during the month. As mentioned above, it is indeed targeted!

  5. I was offered the same thing last month – my birthday is in January. And I went for the first option – spend 9k [MAN-LHR-LIN rtn] to get 4k back.

    Maybe it is targeted to those with low balances or those who don’t fly BA very much?

  6. Definitely select-targeted as my birthday is in February and no email/invite here… 🙁

  7. This feels like another non offer from BA. There are so mnay terms and conditions from being targetted to being born with the moon and the sun in Libra with Mars Pluto and Uranus all in perfect alignment….argghhh why can’t BA just offer straightforward deals and not require degrees in astro physics to work them out……….

  8. BruceBruce says:

    I got the birthday offer earlier this month but only the European economy return – 4,000 Avios was part of my offer.

  9. I got the same offer last Sep for a Nov birthday (but was unfortunately unable to use). Definitely planning a trip next Nov but I guess there is no way I can wait until Sep for my next BA birthday bonus.

  10. Grr – January birthday and a longhaul BA flight booked, but not targeted.

  11. littlefish says:

    Another datapoint!
    I got a targetted BAEC special birthday offer e-mail, at t – 2 months. Mine was for 25% off CE short haul.

  12. onlysuites says:

    I got this too.

  13. Have any of these offers covered one-ways? My birthday is in March and I want to book for March!