5,000 bonus Avios and discounted Club Europe prices via BA Holidays

For a few years now, British Airways has been playing ‘catch up’ with the Expedia‘s of this world by trying to sell discounted ‘flight and hotel’ packages.  These are very lucrative because of the healthy commission on the hotel room and the ability to sneak out flight tickets at a discount without damaging the ‘headline’ ticket price paid by corporates.

This occasionally means that you can book a Club Europe flight plus a hotel via BA Holidays for less than a weekend-away Club Europe flight on its own.

There is a decent combination of deals available at the moment which makes this option even more interesting.

If you click here, you will see the bonus Avios you earn as a British Airways Executive Club member when you book via BA Holidays.  1,000 Avios for a short-haul Economy flight holiday is not exciting.  5,000 Avios for a short-haul Club Europe holiday is better!

BA Holidays

Amusingly, BA has also launched ‘book now and pay later’!  As long as your travel dates are more than 10 weeks away, you can pay a £150 deposit and settle the rest later.

Let’s look at Dubrovnik, the lovely walled Croatian city, as an example.  From the 15-17 March, using the ‘flight and hotels’ booking option at ba.com, I can get 2 nights at the Hilton Dubrovnik (a very smart restored historic property) for 2 people for £555.  This is with Club Europe flights.

The price is competitive – the flights on their own, via ba.com, come out at £424 so you are getting the Hilton – which is a five-star property – for £65 per night.

BA Holidays is definitely worth a look if planning a weekend away in Europe.

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  1. With these you should be looking at the more boutique hotels rather than chains, as there is no guarantee that any benefits will be applied by the hotel if you hold status with them. Using the example of the Hilton DBV, you could potential face a charge for Internet and breakfast, which you would get comped as a Hilton Gold.

    I also assume that the flights would earn the same cabin and tier bonuses on BA as standard flights.

    There are definitely some good bargains in there but you do have to look closely at the flight prices and compare them more to the sale levels (or for that mater to a redemption)

    • This is certainly true with flight and hotel deals on Expedia. However, BA seems to book into public rates and I saw one report of a Hilton stay via BA which got benefits. Wirh DBV, the Hilton rate I was shown was their Anyweekend package for eg.

  2. ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

    do we know when this started / ends? im on my mobile at the minute and cant see t &cs. Last week i booked a ba holiday to barca for end of march. outboundCE inbound ET…wondered if i am entitled to this and what i would get given the split in class

  3. The steepest discount I’ve seen is LHR-LCA from ~£260 rtn in CE. Not sure how appealing Cyprus is in the off season (March), but that’s not too bad for a weekend TP run, especially with 5k base Avios (before status bonus) and 5k on top.

    • (160 tp)

      • Dominic says:

        Does this not reflect the revised timing of the LCA flights to make them very much less attractive for travellers?

        • Phillip says:

          This packaged price has been available before the revised timing and can be had for the current flight times all the way to the end of March. In fact, you can’t get this deal after the change of schedules on 31 March as that marks the beginning of the busy season for the route, as well as Easter (end of March in the UK, end of April in Greece and Cyprus) I would say it is more to reflect how empty the planes are at this time of year on this route. It is worth mentioning, that with the time change on the LCA flights, comes a move back to T5. Personally, I am much happier with the new times, as a frequent user of this route, and the move back to T5 tops it off nicely for me. Personal taste, I guess.

  4. Remember if your two nights are consecutive (even if booked separately) it will only count as one stay.

    • Sir Stamford says:

      Book 1 night under your name and 2 night under your partner’s name. Presumably this will work?

      • It would for Avios, but if they don’t have the same status as you then you’d miss out on those benefits or might have to move room. Handy if you both need a stay credit to maintain status though as would save hotel hopping 🙂

  5. Is there an easy way to use their holiday finder tool looking at CE flights? They all seem to be just ET and to search CE you need to have specific dates in mind?

    • I assume that if they have an excellent ET package for a set of dates, you’d find it was also very competitive in CE for the same dates. Hotel bit would be the same price and a cheap day in Economy is usually also a cheap day in CE.

  6. Thunderbirds says:

    Don’t forget that the discounts apply to Flight and Car bookings so you have options. I’m currently using CE + Car (group B) three days for approximately £220 giving £11k Avios. You can then book your hotel directly with your favourite loyalty program and guarantee to collect the benefits.

  7. Where are you going for that price Thunderbirds?

  8. Thunderbirds says:

    Zoe, I commute to Malaga or Gibraltar every other week so I book about 2 months in advance. The price I quoted was to Malaga from Gatwick on 8/11 February but I think it still works until the end of March. I note that the price for CE flight and Car (Group A) is now only £201. I think that 3 nights minimum stay including Saturday. Gibraltar is more like £300 for the same deal.

  9. Phillip says:

    I booked CE flights and a 4-day car hire (Group F) to LCA for £283.

  10. trickster says:

    Do these packages work with regional connections? Last time I checked that added a serious amount of extra cost.

  11. Very happy to have seen this post today. Booked 2 of us for 5 nights to Alicante with a tiny car, flying business for £389! If I’d booked the flights alone the total cost was £540. So gained a car and 5k of Avois. This is 26th May so over the Bank Holiday and into half term. Thanks so much Raffles and Thunderbirds for the heads up.

  12. Thunderbirds says:

    Zoe, glad to see you found what you were looking for. If you are not a member already join Avis Preferred as this will give some additional benefits (see Raffles posting on Avis) however I’ve never seen a free upgrade on this type of package. You will however be able to the skip the bank holiday queue for pick-up!

  13. Sorry if I’m being daft, Raffles, but if I search for holidays with business-class flights, Dubrovnik comes up around twice as expensive as you mention above. Have I misinterpreted (was it £555 was per person)? (Am searching for London to Dubrovnik, 15-17 March, with Business/Club and ‘lowest price’ options selected under the flights.)

    Many thanks for an excellent blog, by the way — it has held my hand through the introduction to Avois, AEMR and BAEC. It’s all going well so far!

    • Wow, it has gone up massively! No, it was £555 for 2 pax when I priced it up. Try 17-21 March, for example, which comes out at £382 per person (more than my example but this is for 4 nights and all midweek, not weekend).

  14. Phillip says:

    Dates in April are also nicely discounted for Dubrovnik.