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A new Amex / Foursquare deal!

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A new Foursquare offer has been launched, in conjunction with Amex.  This is not as good as some of the older ones, but may well benefit you.

Check in at a Shell garage via Foursquare, and you will be shown a ‘Check-In Special’.  This gets you £15 back when you spend £50 at Shell on your Amex card.

The deal runs until 18th April.

You can do it once per Amex card you have.  Supplementary cards, MBNA Amex cards and Lloyds TSB Amex cards also count, although you need to create a new Foursquare account (with a different email address) for each card.

I would imagine – if you don’t have a car – that you would also get £15 back if you spent £50 on food and drink in a Shell garage mini-mart!

If you are new to Foursquare, there are some more details on how to sign up and use the promos in this old post.

Comments (18)

  • Johnny5a says:

    Thanks for this is great! we use Shell all the time. Represents 30% off your fuel!

    Note also they have a small selection of giftcards you could use to top up your spend if you can’t reach £50.

    • James says:

      What giftcards do they sell at Shell? Thx.

      • Johnny5a says:

        Last time I looked it was something like Next £10, Debenhams £10, they were fixed amounts not like the topup type you can get. Didn’t see any of the useful type cards such as supermarkets. I’ve asked my wife to take a look next time she’s in.

        • flyoff says:

          I noticed Debenhams, Next, Boots, B&Q, New Look and Itunes. There were others I can’t remember.

          I bought 2*£25 Argos vouchers twice (£100 total) so that I can spend them with the 2 * £10 non Argos giftcards for £15 or 2*£20 non Argos giftcards for £30 instore promotion.

          £45 for £100 of giftcards by combining the two offers.

          • James says:

            Thx Johnny and Flyoff. Boots giftcards provide interesting possibilities if these were used in 10x points weekend in conjunction with other offers like 3 for 2 or personal boots cards offers.

  • Also worth remembering that the “Spend £10 get £5 back” deal at Starbucks is also still running (finishes 13th Feb)

  • Mike Turnbull says:

    Not sure if this applies to all Shell garages, but my local one here in Birdham, Chichester doesn’t seem to be in the list although I can see two others further away that are.

    • If I search on the Foursquare website my local garage doesn’t show up, however if I check in on the mobile app, and search for “Shell” it DOES show up, so try the mobile app.

      • flyoff says:

        My local Shell only appears if I zoom in to a certain level on the map. Zoom too far in or out and it doesn’t show. I did wonder initially if it depended on whether they have franchisees who could opt out but I am now less sure this is the case.

  • JP says:

    I have noticed that my local Shell stations don’t appear when searched for in the app. Shop at Shell anyway so will try in-store when I am next in.

  • Will says:

    Even if your local is not on the list it *may* work checking in at another. I got paid from both Tesco and Starbucks after checking in at one store and spending in a different one (in the case of tesco the different store was not showing as a special in foursquare)

  • trickster says:

    Fantastic – I’ve got 7 shots at this, and I regularly use the Shell near home and work as they are often the cheapest.

  • Nick says:

    Does anyone know if checking in and loading to card a few days before making the actual purchase works? Or do you have to check in/ load to card literally minutes/ hours before?


    • Flyoff says:

      That is fine. With other merchants, and the same should apply to Shell, it doesn’t matter which Shell petrol station you check into either.

  • marcel says:

    Looks like there a re bunch of new offers based on an email I got from Amex earlier.

    The best seems to be Harrods, House of Fraser, Banana Republic and Gap all of which are running spend £50 get £25.